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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk perked the ears of a lot of Dreamcast players as it was announced this summer. The game is a clear tribute towards Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio for westerners) and features a graffiti-saturated design, skate-based gameplay, and a unique soundtrack composed by the composer of the series, Hideki Naganuma. After dropping a short video teaser in the past, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has come back with a more lengthy (but nevertheless enticing) review of the game’s action.

The game is a product of the team of Team Reptile, the team behind Lethal League, and looks to capture everything Jet Set Radio fans love. This includes its cel-shaded art and neo-future style; its outrageous skaters, parkour-style; and strange-looking characters. It’s so faithful to the original that you might want to put an image on it that says ” Jet Set Radio 3″.

In terms of the game’s gameplay, the description states that players play as a member of a street team that must mark various graffiti sites to improve their standing. Earn a good reputation and you’ll be able to take on local teams in territorial fights. Players are able to freely move around through the 3D open world and perform amazing skating moves with tricks. This includes gliding across and up wall surfaces, grinding the surface, and performing aerial moves. When you’re doing things from the air You can also utilize an increased pack to get into the hard-to-access places.

The game’s Steam page mentions the release date for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk to be “future”, Team Reptile has announced that it will launch in 2022 rather than the latter part of the year (there’s yet to be a confirmation on the launch date for consoles). It’s unfortunate but we’re looking forward to seeing what happens in the extra year of polish means for this interesting polish.

What brought you in the direction of developing video games?

I experienced a lot of duality in my life. Most of the time, I was in my hometown and sleeping or doing my personal things in my room. In the other half, I’d head out to Amsterdam for an event, train, or other exciting things. Amsterdam was so vibrant, however at home, that definitely not the case. So like every kid I was playing video games.

While playing, I’d consider something like “I wanna make my own game!” Or I’d be playing a game and find myself in disagreement with something and want to create something a bit different. For example, in the scenario of Sonic the Hedgehog, I’d sketch my own levels and then get my younger brother to play by moving his fingers over the levels as my “dungeon mastered” him through the level.

What is your approach to game development evolved to the type of gameplay you can see in games such as Lethal League and Bomb Rush Cyberpunk?

Through the years The games have begun to evolve into what I believe is my true expression. The first games we created were “game games,” like our very first game, Megabyte Punch. Mixing some Smash Brothers with a Medabots thing. Then came Lethal League where I admit that I’m not the greatest artist, but I’ve got something no one else does and I incorporate my personal style. Today, Bomb Rush seems to be the best of it all. I’m not certain if I can get any further than this [he laughs[he laughs].

Sometimes I like to compare it with other films by directors in which you can feel their youthfulness in the films they make. Miyamoto claims that he used to always go to caves, as well. In Zelda, you are only able to see caves and dungeons. In the meantime, you’re collecting bugs and other things that relate to the fact that he spent time out in the open a lot. It’s his love and something that will stay throughout his entire life.

What was the inspiration behind the creation that was Bomb Rush? What elements do you believe were significant influencers?

The authenticity of images is very important to me. Unfortunately, a lot of creators make mistakes. It’s important that something feels authentic. It’s apparent in fashion with regards to clothing and instantly noticing something to be too much. When playing games, you’ll find plenty that’s excessive because, in reality, you’re expected to walk wearing it. This is why we have absurdly ugly characters, despite that they’re fantasy characters, so it’s just working. I don’t think that will suffice. Every character I would like to believe they’re believable and there’s no gap.

What kind of problems were you faced while making this game?

The possibilities are endless. Things can go out of hand in an open 3D world. I always advise people to never add new features because of it. Sure, adding that small detail can improve the game but you need to be aware of the implications of each tiny thing you include.

The game is based on exploration. You have to locate the graffiti spots on the stage and then paint them, and after that you’ll be able to explore further within the stage, meet with other characters, and face challenges. The whole thing has to fit against the one. There is no other method of conflict than the one you can have to explore. What you must do best is be enjoyable and be the tool you employ to interact with all the world. In this instance is performing tricks while moving. You shouldn’t be able to run into the fight and say, “And then you pull out your gun.” [Laughs] The exact method (tricks as well as graffiti) must be used to interact with police officers also.

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