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As the game from Square Enix Bravely Default 2 is quite challenging for an old-school JRPG These tips are crucial to take on it on the Nintendo Switch game.

If you’ve been anticipating an official successor to 2014’s Bravely Default on the 3DS This is it. It’s got a number and everything that suggests Square Enix forgot about 2016’s Bravely Second. However, Bravely Default II does not do much in the Bravely Second series, however, those who love the series will definitely appreciate this classic RPG for the Nintendo Switch.

It’s nearly perfect with the game. In the realm of systems, such as mechanics in Bravely Default II, there is plenty to be aware of as you begin your journey. The initial minutes of the game can be difficult however, a few helpful suggestions can help ease the load.

To Brave Or To Default?

If you’ve had never played the series previously, the name might seem jarring, similar to many of the titles from Square Enix. It does have a connection to the fight system of the game. To default is basically to defend during a turn. It also stores Brave points which allow for additional turns.

In normal battles, defaulting is an unnecessary waste of time, however, it is certainly helpful during fights against bosses when double exclamation marks appear. It will not only defend your character but can also give you those extra minutes to prepare for a powerful attack.

Train With Sir Sloan

The players will be assisted by Sir Sloan during the initial 2 hours. Sir Sloan can heal players indefinitely during his turn and take down things with a single strike.

Utilizing this feature for certain areas that are difficult allows you to get to a higher level early on. Be careful, however, not take on any of the difficult monsters on the map since they’re too challenging even for the formidable Sir Sloan.

The Online Component

There’s an online part of this game that functions in a similar way to how StreetPass played in the 3DS. First, the side mission that players receive is to assist an elderly lady on her boat. Then, she will be able to unlock her agency that lets players take part in adventures while the game is asleep.

This will bring you some very good benefits. Also, before you go to bed, make sure you put the game down regardless of the game.

Cutting The Grass Can Be Rewarding

On the world map, players can use swords to fight off opponents. In battle, it will award each character Brave points. The sword also cuts through grass, just as Link does when playing The Legend of Zelda series.

While rewards might appear expensive, such as the coins every now and then but there’s the chance to get excellent loot. The only drawback is that it could be lengthy and not always rewarded with a guarantee.

Freelancers And JP Up

The Freelancer Job might initially seem like an unimportant class for an RPG, but when characters are at level 9 and beyond, there’s something delicious waiting for their characters. It is here that characters begin to master JP Up, which increases their ability to earn Job Points by 1.2.

The final skills learned at level 12, JP Up and Up increase the skill by 1.7 when combined. This is a significant amount of time to invest in Freelancers, but it’s beneficial over the long haul. If someone isn’t willing to invest that much time into this profession for both abilities, at the very minimum, they should make sure that they have just one of them at the time until level 9 so that the entire party doesn’t get full of Milquetoast Freelancers.

Examine Every Enemy

Another skill that can make Freelancers valuable: they can study. The players can purchase Magnifying Glasses in shops within Bravely Default II, but they’re not worth the money as this skill is completely free.

When you meet a new opponent the stats of their opponents will be hidden beneath questions marks. Utilizing Examine once will save the data for the foreseeable future, showing HP and weapon weaknesses as well as weaknesses in the fundamentals. They can be checked using the X button. So ensure you are always scanning.

Create Sages Early On

Within the Final Fantasy series, as in other RPGs that have Job systems, the Sages are typically portrayed by combining black and white magic. There’s no Job similar to that in the game, but players can make these as a solution at a very early stage.

Keep Elvis as the Black Mage and turn Gloria a White Mage when the Job is released. The former should master Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara while the latter concentrates on Cura. Once that’s accomplished, let them swap positions and sub-classify their primary classes, and switch back when they’ve mastered the first. It will result in a strong dynamic.

How To Kill Wiki-Wikis

The majority of RPG games tend to feature the most difficult to defeat monsters. For instance, the Dragon Quest series is probably the most famous because they have many variations of Metal Slimes.

Bravely Default II has Wiki-Wikis. They are quick to escape, so the best method of killing them to earn rewards is to brave up, sometimes even to that negative area, to blast them with magic that is always hitting. I hope that it will suffice but they can be a challenge, to say the least.

Check Accessories

Sometimes, it is easy to forget about accessories when creating the characters of RPGs. It may appear like the equipment used in this game are ordinary, but they are actually more than just what you see on the stats screen in the shops.

The left stick that you click in the Switch will display the properties. Sometimes, they may hide other stat boosts, such as HP and MP boosts, which are extremely valuable for Black and White Magi.

Baiting And Consecutive Battles

The first time you play Bravely Default II, it will introduce the concept of fighting in consecutive battles. If two monsters happen to be in close proximity on the map and one of them follows the opposite during combat. This means that the rewards will be multiplied. It can be difficult to get monsters to cooperate therefore the better option is to bait close to an animal of this type.

For instance, there are plenty of Minotaurs within Bernard’s basement. Utilize Beast Flesh around them and train in this area until level 20 because the two bosses that follow are extremely difficult regardless of the difficulty level.

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