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Chivalry 2 is extremely brutal melee combat. Each time you play you’ll be fighting with dozens of opponents using swords, and dodge-firing arrows. Your life could be over in a flash, therefore staying alive during this game is crucial.

Polygon’s Chivalry 2 beginner’s guide will guide you in choosing the best level, defending your self and beating opponents by playing the game’s objectives.


Four classes are available within Chivalry 2. Each has distinct advantages that can change the battle’s momentum. The class you pick will determine the weapons you can use and the best way to combat the adversaries.

Each class has three sub-classes that change their style of combat. The additional types of combat have new weapons and capabilities which maintain their combat goals but employ different strategies. You can acquire sub-classes by playing as the main character and then leveling them up. Additional roles become available between Lv. 4 and Lv. 7.

The Archer is an expert in long-range shooting with the lowest health available in the game. The weaknesses they have in defense they make up with their ability to shoot archers at opponents from an extended distance. Their ability to shoot from a distance lets them set a flaming brazier in the field. When arrows are drawn between these flames, the tips are caught in the fire, and flaming arrows cause damage over time and also obscure vision.

Vanguard is a brute that can hit hard. They have the most powerful weapons available such as massive maces and swords, but without sacrificing their speed. Their unique weapon is a throwable oil pan that is capable of setting the area on fire. This weapon is perfect to slash groups of enemies and also prevent access to crucial areas like staircases and hallways.

A Footman class is a supporting class that has the ability to race into the battle. As they race into battle they will be able to take on and knockdown enemies or attack them with a stabbing strike. Their unique weapon is a bandage kit that is thrown at their allies to get them healed. It is also the sole class within Chivalry 2 that can heal other characters, however, it doesn’t mean they have to not be active or rest. Their ability to carry longer weapons, such as spears, allows them to be as deadly and effective as their comrades.

Knights are a class that is Knight is a well-balanced, all-around type. They are a master of combat using weapons such as swords, and also can take on enemies in a flash. Their most sought-after weapon includes a war horn which increases the health of their allies around them who listen to its tune. It is the Knight is a great class, to begin with and get the foundations in the field.


Fighting with Chivalry 2 is so fast-paced that you could get lost with just one swing. The art of defense is just as important as being a skilled combatant. But, protecting yourself isn’t just as simple as pressing an option to block any incoming harm.

To effectively block attacks, you need to point your crosshair towards the weapon in the attack while you block. Like in real-life blocking attacks, you bring your weapon towards an attack and aim it to hit. You can block a sequence of attacks by holding the block button, and then shifting the cursor to align with the angles of each strike.

But, every moment you’re blocking, you’ll reduce your stamina. When all stamina has gone, you’re vulnerable to attack. Parrying is the best method to defend yourself without losing much stamina.

You can counterattack attacks by pressing block at the moment before hitting. If you’re timing it right and aim correctly, you’ll be able to block faster and without having to sacrifice stamina and gain an attack advantage. After pressing the attack button, the parry is successful allows you to make a riposte strike. These strikes make use of your timing and block, giving the best chance to strike back at an opponent who is attacking.

In the game Chivalry 2, parrying is one of the most important skills to learn when you’re fighting off several opponents. If you parry a single attack, the range of which you defend is extended. In other words, if two enemies strike simultaneously and you block one attack then you immediately block the second attack. You could as well hold a block to protect two attacks at the same time however, you won’t only be required to target each attack, you’ll suffer a loss of endurance.

If you’re facing an opponent who blocks excessively, you can kick them in order to cause them to stagger. Kicking is a quick melee strike that anyone can execute to disorient blockers. A physical strike is an effective tool that will not hinder players that are skilled in blocking attacks. When an opponent is kicked the opponent will lose balance, which makes it more difficult to direct at their targets.


Two game types are available to play in Chivalry 2. The first is a deathmatch game mode with the primary objective of defeating opponents. While you kill opponents, their numbers decrease when players return. It is imperative to fight until there is no one left on the team that is fighting you.

Another game mode demands pressing multiple goals within a time limit.

In this mode, it is possible to see an objective constantly be displayed on the screen. The two teams that are competing are divided into two sections: attackers and defensors. The offensive team has to push targets by standing close to the yellow markers on the field. If the team is able to occupy the space of the objective without enemies in it the bar will be filled up. When it’s filled, the team will be moved to a different goal within the area. The team that is attacking wins by pushing to the ultimate goal.

The defense must prevent attackers from fulfilling goals. Being defenders can be difficult and it’s not uncommon for a team to lose multiple objectives in the course of a game. Defenders lose only in the event that they don’t protect the ultimate goal. The defense team is successful by stopping the attackers from finishing any goals before the timer for that goal expires.

In this type of game, combat is essential however it is essential that players focus on pressing or defending their goals. If attackers do not focus on capturing targets, defense players can gain a swift victory. If the defenders fail to protect their objectives, attackers can move towards victory, without the opposition.

Teams that attack must eliminate the targets of their adversaries and at least have one member of their team standing at the target. If an attacker on the side of the attacker is standing at the target with no enemies in the vicinity the bar on the objective will begin to fill up. Once the bar is fully filled the attackers are able to move further towards the next goal. They must continue to apply this pressure until they have captured the last objective and take the victory.

The defense team must eliminate opponents and ensure that they do not have any players in their objectives. If an opponent is on an objective, defense teams may contest the area by occupying the area while simultaneously being an attacking team player. If an object is challenged the progress meter of the object will stop. If the defense team can stop at least one player from their side who is attempting to contest points, they are able to end the timer for the goal. If the timer expires at any point, the defense team will win.

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