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Death loop is the first game that makes me take a risk to get audiology.

This is the latest game from Arkane Studios, a studio that is known for keeping the history of “immersive sims” alive through first-person action titles like Dishonored and Prey. Also, Deathloop definitely falls into this tradition, thanks to its thematic exploration that is focused on stealth, its supernatural abilities as well as an open-ended game that almost always offers an array of options to deal with a challenge. In a single moment, it’s as thrilling, tense, and imaginative just like every Arkane release could be.

This is only the beginning of Deathloop but. The thing that makes the game intriguing is the structure that has players as an assassin called Colt playing the exact same day repeatedly. (Between the other two games, Twelve Minutes and Returnal I’m not quite sure what’s going on with game designers and time loops in recent years.) This idea transforms the Deathloop into a game in which investigation is just as vital as combat. The game isn’t about fighting to survive, but you’re trying to discover new knowledge that will assist you in unraveling the mysterious and complicated mystery that lies at the core of this game. That mystery can help you get across the day and scour dangerous areas for bits of vital information that could let you make the next turn slightly easier.

I’ll try to provide a summary of Deathloop’s basic premise It’s not simple. It begins with Colt finding himself on the shore of what appears to be an island known as Blackreef that looks like a supervillain’s hideout in the 1960s. He quickly learns that Blackreef is owned by a murderous woman named Julianna and that residents live their lives in loops. Some such as Julianna are able to keep their memories of the loop from one loop and have decided they would like to continue as they are. Colt is, of course, not. He decides to stop it once and all. To do this Colt must take out Julianna along with seven “visionaries” from Blackreef. The catch is that he needs to take them all down within a single day without ever dying.

The final goal of the game of Deathloop is to create a huge puzzle that you gradually piece together. Blackreef is a complex island that is divided into four areas, and each day is divided into four times morning lunch, afternoon, and even evening. Through the course of the game, you’ll explore each region at various times of the day, and gradually Blackreef will expand. Colt keeps his memories in the wake of every loop, and if you find ways to bypass or passcodes for restricted areas, the information stays with you. Then I realized that I knew zones inside and out, and was able to sneakily navigate the most efficient routes; it’s an extremely satisfying form of mastery. The end goal of all of this information-gathering is to learn as much as you can about the island and its visionaries so that you can figure out how to kill them all within the constraints of a single day. Information is power, or as they say, power.

This may sound complicated, and it’s however, the game is a masterful job at making it easy so that you don’t become overwhelmed. The main menu functions as an evidence board that allows you to keep track of all the data for each visionary, ensuring you can tackle everything in smaller steps. The game is broken down into small chunks that allow you to investigate areas during particular times of the day, such as evening or morning, usually with a certain objective with a specific goal in your mind. Sometimes, it can be as large as the death of the boss. Sometimes, it’s just trying to gain entry to a locked room seeking a key. Simply put: although the overall goal is massive and complex, however, the steps needed to achieve it are easy and easy to follow.

It’s important to understand that in spite of the idea of time loops, Deathloop isn’t a roguelike that has randomized levels such as Returnal or Hades The area you visit is different based on the timing of the day, however otherwise, it’s the same every time you go to. While initially, Colt isn’t able to bring his weapons or other skills to the next game to another, this is changed when you can gather a resource to mix items in order that they can be carried over. It’s called “residual energy” is called”residuum,” as it is known. It allows you to build up your arsenal as time passes and become more powerful through the accumulation of “slabs” from downed visionaries that grant supernatural abilities such as the ability to disappear or teleport. (The system is akin to the modern-day Mega Man, with bosses that give power-changing abilities when you defeat them.)

The game could become repetitive at times. One mission in the beginning for instance I was required to set up the same generator set on three different days so that I could divert the power to different regions on the island. The majority of the time, however, I was always doing various tasks. The missions ranged from decrypting pictograms to getting into a masquerade ball. Also, when I needed to go back over areas or situations I would usually know the shortcut to skip it, or at that point, I was more effective which made it much easier to eliminate any enemies I had to take down. It’s also an extremely accessible game. With seven visionaries to defeat and a huge area to discover, there’s almost always something else to explore when you’re stuck.

The fact that I’ve made it this far without even mentioning the shooting ought to be a sign: Deathloop’s central problem is such a thrilling and rewarding thing to take apart and unravel that it can almost eclipse the actual action. The action is breathtaking. It’s clearly an Arkane game, which implies that it’s not just an open-world shooter, but more of a strategy game where you sneak into danger and make use of stealth, imagination, and luck to take down anyone. I never even fired a gun and instead relied on my arsenal of superpowers, and most importantly machetes for calm taking downs. (Kills are a thing in Deadloop are extremely violent with a large number of heads decapitated and huge bloody splashes.)

However, in a true Arkane manner, there were always be many ways to deal with any issue that included an entirely different approach to combat or a secret passageway that eliminated violence altogether. Also, with PlayStation 5, PS5 makes excellent usage of the DualSense controller, meaning that combat feels much more realistic due to the realistic sound and different trigger tensions depending on the weapon you’re using. The speaker on the controller particularly is used to its fullest as Julianna constantly contacts players with messages on the walkie-talkie.

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