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Ash is returning, along with numerous other characters, in the newly revealed Evil Dead: The Game. We’ve got the details on the release date as well as the gameplay and story.

The Game Awards were filled with surprise and new game announcements among the most exciting events of the evening was the debut to the world premiere of Evil Dead: The Game. Based on the smash horror series, Evil Dead: The Game will follow a story like director Sam Raimi’s film, and will feature characters and creatures from the whole series. But, most importantly, Bruce Campbell will be strapped to his chainsaw for the second time and will reprise his iconic role as Ashley J. Williams. Here’s all the information you need regarding Evil Dead: The Game’s release date as well as gameplay and the story.

The very first Evil Dead film follows five college students on a trip to a cabin hidden in the woods for a relaxing and quiet getaway. In the cabin’s basement, they discover a cryptic book and tape recordings. The tape contains an incantation of curses from the book. as the group plays it they are able to summon the spirit of the devil. The spirit is then able to take over and kill the members of the group. They attempt to escape but a fallen tree destroyed their bridge from the forest. Then, their main character Ash becomes the sole person left alive.

The sequel of Evil Dead film picks up from where the previous film ended The film begins with Ash isolated in the cabin, attempting to fight the demon. In one scene the demon gains control of the hand, which he removes and replaces it with the chainsaw. Evil Dead 2 ends with an opening of a wormhole and sends Ash back to the dark ages. This is the beginning of the Army of Darkness, where Ash is forced to fight the evil forces in the medieval era. The universe is a wild one with a myriad of characters as well. Evil Dead: The Game appears to take advantage of everything in the universe.

Evil Dead: The Game’s Story Details So Far

Evil Dead: The Game takes place in the log cabin in the first two Evil Dead films. There’s an open door through the woods that allows monsters and demons to move into the world. Therefore, players must team up to explore the forest and find artifacts in order to heal the gap. The players take on the role of 4 characters of the movies and television series, which include Scott in Evil Dead, Kelly Maxwell from Ash Vs Evil Dead, Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness, and the Mr. Boomstick himself, Ash Williams. Players also be able to being the Kandarian Demon to hunt down other characters in the game. They can also summon other monsters and demons to take on.

Evil Dead: The Game’s Gameplay Has Dead By Daylight Vibes

There’s been no details about the game’s gameplay, Evil Dead: The Game seems to be a bit like other recent survival horror releases such as Dead by Daylight or Friday 13th The Game. Similar to those games, players must collect the right resources scattered across the map (in this instance, “key artifacts”) in order to get away or stop the threat that is coming towards them. One player is able to manage the Demon and control the Demon’s possessions, including Deadites as well the surrounding environment as well as the survivors in order to prevent them from fleeing. What appears to be an important difference between other horror movies that are popular in the genre and Evil Dead: The Game is that it appears players will be capable of defending themselves.

Of course, games such as Dead by Daylight do allow players to fight back however, they’re essentially unarmed compared to the monster is in pursuit of them. Evil Dead: The Game is a lot more action-oriented. The game lets players have an option of 25 different weapons which include Ash’s Boomstick and a chainsaw for fighting the undead. They will also be required to defeat the creatures such as the Kandarian Demon sends at them instead of just one powerful force. In addition, the characters will be able to build their own skill tree to help them become stronger and give them more customization.

Evil Dead: The Game’s Release Date

The Game Awards trailer for Evil Dead: The Game might not have shown many details, but it’s still an extremely promising first glimpse into the title. It appears that the creators of Saber Interactive, as well as Boss Team Games, are making this game with lots in respect to the original material. Even though it’s not set with any specific release date as of yet, Evil Dead: The Game will be available to all major consoles – both past generation and present – and PC around 2021.

Game Developer

It is believed that the Evil Dead game is a collaboration between a variety of companies and developers. Since the game is rooted in a popular film franchise, it is essential to have coordination between the game and the film world. The two companies that are leading in the creation of Evil Dead: The Game are Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive. The latter is a young game developer, gamers might be familiar with the latter through its involvement in The World War Z game.

But, they won’t be working on their own. Alongside the movie industry’s giants Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Lionsgate and Lionsgate, they will work to shape this Evil Dead game into the finalization of the entire Evil Dead franchise so far. This is not including an upcoming soft revival by Sony that is scheduled for 2013, however.

Release Date

An announcement for Evil Dead: The Game came as a shock to those who attended The 2020 Game Awards. But, fans of the show might not be as shocked, particularly since Bruce Campbell has been teasing an appearance in the series for quite a while.

In addition to its appearance at The 2020 Game Awards, there isn’t much information regarding The Evil Dead game of 2021. The release date has not yet been announced. Gamers, gamers, and casual gamers can anticipate seeing the game across a variety of platforms. The public is aware of.


Evil Dead: The Game will be as widely played as it can get. Players of older and next-generation consoles will be able to play a game of the game at the time it’s launched.

Evil Dead: The Game will be accessible to all who play on PC, PlayStation consoles (5 and 4) as well as Xbox consoles (Series X, S, and One). It doesn’t stop there, however: Nintendo Switch players can join in The Evil Dead game horror.

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