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Far Cry 6 — scheduled for release on October 7, all over the world – is set in the fictional Caribbean island of Yara which is ruled by an iron grip by the dictator Anton Castillo (Giancarlo Esposito). It’s a tough life and many Yarans are fleeing to seek a better life. Yara is a country that is that has been frozen in time due to the policies of President Castillo, which isolate it from the world. With the loss of his father during the 1960 revolution, Castillo grew up believing that his country was taken away from him. When he grew up He led a populist revolution to power, focusing on the pre-revolutionary Yara. Do you recognize the name? The headline is in the newspaper.

“It’s heavily based in Cuba,” Far Cry 6 actor Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz told the press this week. “In regards to the cultural aspect, like the music as well as the way they speak and the games dominoes and baseball and palm trees. That’s obviously the case for being an island located in the Caribbean preserved to the present, that’s why it’s filled the old automobiles dating back to the 1950s. There’s only one of them, isn’t there? There aren’t many examples we could utilize.”

The tone of Ubisoft Toronto’s Far Cry 6 are again heavily influenced by Cuba as well as variations depending on the socio-economic region depending on whether it’s a rural region, or the capital city Esperanza which is a little after Havana. Even within the capital city an average Yaran is different than those of the upper middle classes Rodriguez-Saenz said.

Far Cry 6 is more than Cuba

“Cuba was a huge inspiration, right from the beginning and I think it evolved over time,” Far Cry 6 director of the narrative Navid Khavari stated. “We were spending much of our time looking up revolutions from all over the world. We weren’t restricted to Cuban Revolution. Cuban Revolution. We also looked at what’s going on in Venezuela in the present, Colombia, the Arab Spring.”

“Tonally, we looked at a lot of documentaries about revolution,” Khavari said later. “Style-wise we wanted it sometimes to appear like a newsreel. You’re thrown your body right to the scene. In other areas, I draw inspiration from Quentin Tarantino and people who like it to maintain some of fun. Far Cry fun as well.”

“It’s heavily based on Cuba, but it’s not Cuba,” Rodriguez-Saenz said. “You will notice different things in relation to like but there’s no flamingos like in Cuba. In Far Cry 6. People are who look like alligators in a swimming pool. It’s not true that people like that in Cuba. That’s why I believe we must ensure that we make it obvious to everyone, this isn’t Cuba.”

The same is true of the elements of religion that are present in Far Cry 6. Rodriguez-Saenz pointed out that the team drew symbols and gods in the form of gods and symbols from African and Caribbean origins, but it’s an entirely fiction-based religion. Ubisoft Toronto took a similar mixed approach to constructing the Yara’s history, and focusing on its roots in the Caribbean, Latin America and South America, world director Benjamin Hall said.

“Working with the narrative team, we created an entire timeline looking backwards to sort of like the 1400s,” Hall said. “To create the island right from its inception before tapping into the historical elements which were present in that region of the world. We later on, we crafted our own narratives into Yara. As we went on to creating a world and world-building, we were able use those layers of history for the stories we wrote.”

Far Cry 6 bakes the Cuban resolver philosophy

The Cuban influences are also incorporated into Far Cry 6 gameplay. In particular, you will encounter the Cuban notion is “resolver” — pronounced “rreh-sohl-BEHR” — that is to live with the things you have. In Cuba the situation came by trade embargoes and also the fall of the Soviet Union, forcing Cubans to live in a world of scarcity. Resolver can be described as a little like DIY, but it is a step up the same tenacity, creativity and a sense of resourcefulness.

“Resolver is really a tradition of approaching life in Cuba, which is what my background is,” Far Cry 6 actor Alex Fernandez, who plays the role of guerrilla instructor Juan Cortez. “There’s instances, everywhere in Cuba of people saying, for example”I have this car, it’s old, and I don’t have any gasoline , so I’m trying to figure out how to convert the paint thinner in to fuel.’ On Cuba, the island of Cuba and also in the game Far Cry 6 on Yara resolver actually means an accomplishment of the imagination.”

In Far Cry 6, resolver weapons are like nothing you’ve ever seenbefore, crafted from various sources like drills, paint cans bicycle grips, turbochargers, motorbike engines, car batteries and petrol pump handles and — and this is my personal favorite CD players.

“I think the real difference maker is, you see all the mechanics and the pieces working together, and it feels just so grounded and real,” Khavari stated. “It feels handcrafted and organic.”

There are also resolver backpacks, dubbed Supremos. Some of them are similar to a flamethrower. Some come with a fire extinguisher that is filled with jet fuel, your own mini-jetpack. Some have a plethora of stainless steel tubes that auto-target missiles. These powerful Supremos are time-limited , and come with a cooling period to ensure that you don’t use the Supremos for a few seconds at a time.

“In Far Cry 6, resolver is all about turning the player into a one-guerrilla army, and inflicting the maximum amount of chaos with what they have,” Far Cry 6 lead game designer David Grivel said.

Guerrilla revolution in Far Cry 6

In the context of guerrillas, Far Cry 6 finds you in the character of Dani Rajos (Sean Rey/ Nisa Gunduz, who spent two years playing the character) A local Yaran who is just looking to escape. However, after witnessing an egregious incident, Dani is driven into combating guerrillas against Castillo.

“With Far Cry, it’s always a story about rebellion, it’s sort of part of the brand,” Khavari said. “But what really got us thrilled was moving from rebellion into the idea of revolution, because it’s broad and massive. It’s about liberating a whole country, but at simultaneously, it’s some sort of an ideology that underlies the guerrillas that fight an armed revolution. It’s a philosophy that’s specific, and personal. The creation of a narrative based on character that furthers those ideas and the ferocity of witnessing an uprising felt very powerful for us.”

Ubisoft Toronto went to Cuba to learn about the culture and also to meet the former guerrillas as well as their descendants. The father of Fernandez fought Fidel Castro’s government in Cuba and was imprisoned in prison. The Far Cry 6 actor noted: “When I was first selected, I told Navid that I was going to play my dad.’ My father was a fiery earth policy in regards to many things. Therefore I believed this was a good fit for Juan Cortez. Cortez actually wrote the entire book that explains how to become an effective Guerrilla. If you stumble across the item in Far Cry 6], there are a set of guidelines.”

Being a guerrilla soldier You can’t freely roam through the streets of Far Cry 6. Castillo does not just have military checkpoints on the important roads but also has control over his skies (with Anti-aircraft guns) as well as the oceans (with Navy patrols). If you want to stay clear of the constant threat of conflict, you’d be better off staying clear of the track.

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