Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis News

Gaming enthusiasts are excited over the prospect of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, however, they do have reservations about certain aspects.

The most recent Sony State of Play saw Square Enix take center stage as the show’s stinger, as they revealed the details of Final Fantasy VII Remake – Intergrade. Alongside this, Square also announced some additional Final Fantasy games coming down the road, one of the games being the mobile version of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

In addition, it is an adaptation of 1997 classic and not the 1:1 version that many viewers expected from the triple-A blockbuster of last year. It’s a less-familiar remake that takes the original literally and brings back the classic gameplay mechanics too. It’s an intriguing alternative to the sport in the present day that can be exciting. However, there are bound to be some concerns.

Excited: The Best Of Both Worlds

One positive aspect of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is that it will give players an opportunity to enjoy both sides of remaking the original PlayStation game. The present Final Fantasy VII Remake and its soon-to-be sequel(s) is going to be “remaking” the game and certain aspects from the story to expand the plot in different directions that aren’t part of the characters and worlds that have been expanded.

It appears that it has derived inspiration from the concept of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition with regards to alternate versions. Naturally, it won’t satisfy those who wanted an original, triple-A 1:1 version However, this game is a different possibility.

Worried: Forever Stuck On Mobile

Naturally, the primary issue–along with all the “sub-concerns” that stem from it is that the game at the very most for now is an entirely mobile-based game. The trailer looked visually/aesthetically appealing in its presentation of a more straightforward artistic remake of Final Fantasy VII, though many are wondering if the mobile platforms will hold it back.

Not only visually, but with regard to content. The power of, for instance, PS4 and Nintendo Switch available could help boost its capabilities. It also is a great game for Nintendo Switch with regard to accessibility and handheld appeal.

Excited: Eventual Ports

The other reason that makes us eager for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will, of course, be Square Enix to release eventual porting to other gaming platforms. If this happens it’s likely to be a bit far off as the mobile version of the game won’t be launched until 2022. However, it is likely to result in a profit in the long run. As previously mentioned, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X aren’t required to fret about it as an upgrade from PS4 and Switch PS4 and Switch is sufficient.

PCs are also great because the components that are available on gaming laptops and PCs can be varied which means that Ever Crisis won’t be demanding. Ports could also provide players an alternative to Remake, and also give players who couldn’t play last year’s game on better platforms the chance to play a re-release of FFVII (PS4/PS5).

Worried: Gacha Mechanics

Mobile games are notorious for this, and it was recently announced that Ever Crisis will undoubtedly feature “gacha” mechanics. Tetsuya Nomura has revealed she believes that Ever Crisis will be “free-to-play” according to the plot, however, the microtransaction system will be necessary to unlock weapons.

MTX is evidently and its been a major component in various triple-A consoles as well as PC games and, while it’s not a surprise for a mobile game it’s still disappointing to witness an FFVII remake be a victim of this. Gacha mechanics may be the reason that fans aren’t seeing the game coming to PC or consoles. If gacha is as bad as one would imagine and expect, it will not be played regardless on these platforms.

Excited: New Avenue For Remakes

While the last thing that fans would like is for future games to be recreated on mobile platforms that include excessive microtransactions, this might at the very least provide a fresh creative avenue for certain Final Fantasy games. Although it’s not ideal for any remake to be able to achieve the production and budget that Remake has an excellent example, this could be the ideal scenario in other game genres.

One game that comes to the mind one that comes to mind is Final Fantasy VI, as it was originally a sprite-based title that was released on Nintendo’s Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance. The game’s popularity earned it a lot of players to praise it as the most enjoyable game in the series . The more literal, more minimalist style that Ever Crisis is taking could be a perfect glove.

Worried: Episodic Rollout

It’s been confirmed that the chapters of the game will be free however, it’s expected to be released in an episodic manner. Although it’s not a fundamental problemsince adventure games as well as Hitman have used this strategy with mixed results and failure, it’s a little disappointing for an RPG.

Particularly so in the case of the revision of an RPG which is more than 20 years old, and is currently getting a triple-A remake. This appears to be one of the conditions to make it “free-to-play.” Gacha mechanics that are included on top of that makes this a lot more difficult to consider.

Excited: Crisis Core Remake (Sort Of)

Absolutely the most ambitious and intriguing aspect of Ever Crisis was exactly how many stories it would have. The trailer showed that it’s not just the tale of the original modified in a simpler way, but also all Compilation projects. This project used a variety of different ways to enhance the stories, world, lore and characters from FFVII as well as the adored PSP Game Crisis Core.

The game is crying out for to be a more modern, accessible remake (or perhaps the possibility of a remaster) and players seem to be (sort of) accepting it. Sometime in the chapters, Crisis Core will be modified as part of Ever Crisis.

Worried: Final Fantasy I/II/VI Etc. With Gacha Microtransactions

Naturally, one of the fears that fans might face should other games from the series receive the remake is if it has strings attached. It would be disappointing for something similar to Diablo Immortal if Square Enix announced an FFVI remake, only to be a mobile-based each game.

It’s evident that the game is in the right place to be an Ever Crisis-style remake. Also, older, less accessible, and outdated games like I II and I could be given new life in this new format. The addition of gacha to possible remakes of these games would take a step forward, but just two steps behind.

Excited: Advent Children Remake (Sort Of)

A different Compilation Project, CGI animation feature Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is scheduled to be recreated (also kind of) to be used in Ever Crisis. The original film received a mixed reaction for its complicated plot that required little effort to attract audiences unfamiliar with the series. The fact that it was a game, or in this instance as a an integral part of a larger game can create a more seamless experience.

Together with the other stories in the compilation It is a fantastic method of combining the entire FFVII timeline into one single game. If required, the plot of Advent Children can be altered to fit in with the game’s irregular nature.

Worried: Dashed Hopes For A Proper Crisis Core Remake/Remaster

Reverting back in time to Crisis Core could also potentially be a disaster in the event that Ever Crisis is received poorly. Since the release the Final Fantasy VII Remake and, more so, after the game’s success in the past year, players have been asking for a full remake or remastering to The PSP game.

Although FFVIIR is a twist in the plot of the original and story, it’s possible that a Crisis Core remake could be made for this reason. However, the game will still be a great game to remaster on platforms like PS4, PC, and Switch to make it usable again with a some visual enhancement (e.g. FFVIII). The choice is yours, but Ever Crisis adds credence to the possibility of this hope being shattered.

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