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One of the racing games we at OverTake are most eager to play will be Hot Wheels Unleashed. It’s an exciting sport that brings back fond memories as well as the reminiscence from the past of many generations. With its release right close to the mark We thought we’d put together the most vital details we know about Hot Wheels Unleashed.

There’s not much more enjoyable than covering your home in plastic tracks and watching miniature models take on turns and climbs using the ease of a car that is driverless. The main drawback is the need to take down those tracks when your spouse is ready to “have dinner” or “not look like a child in front of guests.” If you’d like to feel the fun having fun with the favorite toys with no mess it’s going to be necessary take these vehicles to the virtual racetrack and none has been more impressive than the forthcoming Hot Wheels Unleashed.

The latest entry in a long collection of games for video, Hot Wheels Unleashed will precisely what you’d are used to that is to Let you play as a driver of Hot Wheels cars, digitally.


If you’re among those around the globe who do not know the meaning of Hot Wheels is, it’s a toy car brand and race tracks that are bright orange. They typically feature ramps, loops and other high-octane challenges. Hot Wheels Unleashed is a new game created in collaboration with MotoGP creator Milestone Italy, which aims to incorporate the universe of Hot Wheels into a modern gaming experience that is modern.

In terms of the genre, Hot Wheels Unleashed fits into the same genre similar to games like Mario Kart – family-friendly games for racing that are not anchored in the real world. Drifting, boosting, and performing amazing actions will all be key elements of the game’s gameplay. In addition to single-player game modes, there will be offline and online multiplayer options.


When it comes to toys available for players to drive around in games there’s a diverse selection. On the first day, the game will have 66 cars to pick from. Of these, most will be well-known Hot Wheels classics, but there will be models from popular culture like the Batmobile and real-world cars that are rendered in-game. These authentic cars range from the old Ford 32 to the hyper-modern Koeingsegg Jesko. There’s a rarity system for these vehicles in addition to the possibility of locating an item that is part of the “super treasure hunt”, whatever that might be.

Alongside the basic game tracks, Hot Wheels Unleashed also comes with a vast custom track maker. The tracks created by users will be available within one of the six modes each of which comes with a distinct style and design and unique obstacles and interactive features that track designers can use. This track creator mode is expected to provide the game with a lot of replayability as well as community involvement.


The players will be able to have a go at Hot Wheels Unleashed on 30 September. However, those who wish to invest an extra amount can begin three days before. There are a variety of versions available, each of which is available to pre-order.

The first is the standard edition, which is essentially the entire game. The next step can be that of the Challenge Accepted edition, which is available only in physical form and includes a selection of Hot Wheels toys. Outside of that of the United States, it also gives access to the initial DLC expansion that was released for the game , which is available via Hot Wheels Pass Vol. 1.

If you’re buying it digitally it will include the first expansion, as well as Hot Wheels Pass Vol 1. For those looking to get all-out you can also purchase an Ultimate Stunt edition, which gives you three days of early access prior to release, and also both volumes one and the second volume of Hot Wheels Pass.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Livery Editor Revealed

Milestone has released a brand new trailer trailer to Hot Wheels Unleashed, which will be released this month to reveal a different feature of the racing game The livery editor.

As we’ve seen before, HWU does a pretty impressive job at re-creating the tracks and cars in a way that is authentic however, it does cause an issue for multiplayer game.

Visit your local toy store and grab some Hot Wheels off the shelf and you’ll be able to see the issue throughout the collection; few of them are available in more than one design or color and there are none that come with more than one. So, everyone’s going to look alike on a multi-player grid.

If you have a Livery Editor however it’s not a problem at any time. Although we’ve not seen the editor in action but it’s clear in the video that there are at the very least a variety of color and design that you can customize your machine.

Official press releases of the editor states that users are able to use “colors and shapes”, to both Hot Wheels Originals and Real Manufacturer cars that are included in the game. It suggests that it’s a fairly extensive editor with complete control over your designs not pre-determined patterns, however we’ll have to investigate further before making any firm conclusions.

But your car isn’t the only thing you can modify. The players can also alter the look and feel of an unexplored area of the game, dubbed “Basement”, with different colours and decorations that are available.

We’re not quite sure what role the Basement serves, but given the trophy cabinets, it’s likely to be component of the multiplayerperhaps a hub where other players can view your achievements as well as race on your own tracks.

Hot Wheels Unleashed launches on September 30 for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic.

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