House of Ashes News: Everything You Need Before Its Release

The third entry in Supermassive Games’ “Dark Pictures Anthology” series, “House of Ashes”, has a different premise than its predecessors. The series of standalone interactive horror titles began with “Man of Medan,” in which five people attempt to navigate the dark halls of a ghostship. Just over a year later, “Little Hope,” transports players to a haunted village rooted in witchcraft. “Houses of Ashes,” which explores the Akkadian Empire’s influences, takes place in the subterranean ruins of the Akkadian Empire that date back more than 2,000 years.

Although the “House of Ashes“, the central threat, is rooted in ancient history with a mythological curse, it also examines a recent conflict: The 2003 Iraq War. Eurogamer interviewed Will Doyle about the new “Dark Pictures” movie. He said that it is part “war story” part supernatural thriller. Doyle stated that Doyle wanted to highlight human aspects of their personalities and put them under strain. Doyle spoke about the cast which includes a CIA operative and members of the U.S military as well as an Iraqi soldier. It naturally brings out the humanity of the characters when they are confronted with an implacable, hostile foe.

Are you eager to discover the evil lurking in the ruins of a fallen civilization’s past? Here are the facts about “The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes”.

When is The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes due out?

Supermassive Games released “House of Ashes,” and the 2021 launch window, via a teaser video hidden in “Little Hope,” although the developer may have planted the first hint about the third title to join “Dark Pictures” in “Man of Medan.” The ship is mentioned in a 1947 newspaper clip. It also mentions the disappearance of 24 British archaeologists from an Iraqi mountain range. This headline matches the setting of “House of Ashes.” Players noticed a second clue in “Little Hope” during its thirteenth Premonition. It featured a scene that featured a never-before-seen woman climbing down a cavern. Although the trailer was intriguing, it provided more questions than answers.

Bandai Namco, the publisher of “Dark Pictures”, left fans to speculate for months before revealing the first gameplay footage from “House of Ashes” on May 27. While the launch date of 2021 was not extended, there were key details about the setting and characters. Bandai Namco announced the official release date for the Summer Game Fest two weeks later: October 22, 2021.

S, Xbox One, and PC.

Do you have a trailer for The Dark Pictures House of Ashes?

Three trailers for “House of Ashes”, the Announcement Teaser and a May 2021 Teaser have been released. The Story Trailer & Release Date Announcement has also been released.

The Announcement Teaser, which is 49 seconds long, gives a glimpse of the game’s underground setting. It also features the first glimpse at Ashely Tisdale (of “High School Musical”) fame as CIA officer Rachel King. Although Tisdale was not confirmed by Bandai Namco until much later, viewers immediately noticed the similarity between the actress and the woman in the trailer.

The May teaser is longer and offers a better look at the Akkadian ruin King and her crew find themselves in. The darkened lighting and shifts in perspective that indicate the presence of a malevolent being who has taken over the caverns for its hunting grounds strike a disturbing note, especially when more than one soldier is killed.

The Story Trailer, which runs for nearly two-and-half minutes, contains the most detailed of the three “House of Ashes” clips. The trailer opens strong with the appearance by “Dark Pictures” fan: the Curator. This mysterious being ties together the separate entries in the anthology. The following video shows a small group from the United States that set out to find a hidden cache of chemical weapons. When the ground cracks in the encounter that follows, the mission quickly turns south leaving both sides of conflict deep below the ground.

How is the gameplay in The Dark Pictures House of Ashes?

Supermassive Games provided the first glimpse at “House of Ashes’ gameplay on May 27. The reveal lasts just 20 minutes and includes lots of information about the series, its latest addition, and Will Doyle, game director, guiding viewers through the footage.

Like previous installments, “House of Ashes,” puts the fate of five characters, CIA officer Rachel King and her husband Colonel Eric King as well as Marines Jason Kolchek, Nick Kay and Salim Othman, in the hands of the players. Your choices have a significant impact on the title’s branching storyline, which culminates in one of many endings. This greatly enhances its replayability. Like “Man of Medan”, “Little Hope” and “Little Hope”, “House of Ashes”, too, incorporates elements from real-world myths and events. However, its premise is based on an older story that originated within the ancient kingdom of Akkad.

“House of Ashes,” which Doyle called “some of our most complex and difficult games ever made,” also stands out from the earlier “Dark Pictures”, by its inhuman monsters. These creatures were brought to life by Supermassive’s team using a combination mo-cap and hand-animation. Doyle promised many improvements to “House of Ashes”, while the series’ core mechanics will remain. The fixed camera system has been replaced by a 360-degree camera that can be controlled by players. A flashlight button is also available to help you better explore the surrounding area. You can also choose from three difficulty levels: easy, medium and difficult.

House of Ashes Uses Rivalries and Grudges to Deliver a Compelling Horror Story

Let’s start by going back to the beginning. House of Ashes is set near the end of 2003’s war in Iraq. A military elite searching for weapons of destruction enters into a battle with the Iraqi holdout forces. During the battle, an earthquake causes both sides to fall into the ruins a Sumerian temple. They soon realize that they are not the only ones who have survived — there is a whole swarm of unnatural creatures looking for blood!

Although our soldiers are well-trained and equipped, nothing can prepare them for the challenges they will face in the dark. These inhuman killing machines are relentless and soldiers will soon be outnumbered and outmatched by them. They must learn how to avoid, adapt, and fight back against the inhuman creatures that hunt them. The only way to do this is to join forces with human foes.

But old rivalries run deep. The opposing forces wage war underground against one another, while in the shadows, they are hunted down by an entirely different enemy. Our characters developed strong rivalries, prejudices, and distrustful opinions when we set our game during the Iraq War. Even though they know that survival depends on working together, their animosities against one another persist. 

You, the player, are responsible for how you develop and maintain relationships within the game. You will be tougher and have to make hard decisions when your group members crack or slow down. Do you want to help a friend who is in trouble? Your injured team members should be abandoned. Your captured enemies must be disarmed. Every cold decision you make is one step closer to your humanity. What point can you be as ruthless and cruel as your enemy? What price?

The victors often write war stories and dehumanize the enemy. House of Ashes aims to portray both sides of conflict in a realistic way. We wanted them to be human beings with common values. Faced with an inexorable, inhuman threat, all rivalries are lost and survival is what is left. As you play the game, you will discover that working with your enemy can be more than survival. It could even be the only thing that keeps you human. You may need to form a brotherhood of enemies with the world above in order to survive the night below.

The outcome of the underworld will depend on how you manage relationships between different factions. It all comes down to you. In this story, anyone can live or die.

We are eager to see you play it!

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