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It is logical to understand that Ember Lab, the developer of Kena: Bridge of Spirits was founded with an animated studio. Simply looking at the stunning environment and character designs that resemble Pixar show that Ember Lab is a team that has plenty of experience creating amazing digital pieces, like its Majora’s Mask fan film, Terrible Fate. Although Bridge of Spirits’ gameplay does not quite meet the stunning images for a variety different reasons. These include boring storytelling and a lack of development however, this 3D open-world adventure is nevertheless a remarkable achievement due to its thrilling and deceivingly easy combat, and its excellent blend of puzzle-solving, action and platforming.

Kena is an angelic guide that assists spirits who are unable proceed into the next phase of life due to some unfinished business or guilt. This story is about her journey as she travels her journey through a gorgeous but dying country to find its holy mountain shrine, helping the spirits who are struggling on her way. A lot of positive things can be stated about the design of the characters facial expressions, facial expressions, as well as the animation of Bridge of Spirits, which are awe-inspiring in making every person you meet adorable – particularly Kena herself.

She’s so relatable In fact, it’s actually somewhat disappointing that we don’t get to know many things about her. We get glimpses of her history and background however nothing that allows you to get to know her the as you do the other characters and spirits who she interacts with. This is unfortunate because she’s the person we have the greatest time spending with and all of her other attributes are fantastic and has inspired me to learn more.

It’s extremely simple and formulaic, yet it functions beautifully.

It’s a lot of things, Bridge of Spirits is an homage to the original 3D Zelda style of games with a huge overworld divided into main zones and then leading players through them in a linear way. Each zone requires players to gather the X amount of the Y item and fight off a boss and then get an upgrade that allows you to go to the next area. It’s a simple and straightforward however it’s very effective every zone is home to a sinister spirit which Kena has to rescue in order to save the world. As you explore the area you meet characters who are close to the spirit, discover the background of what were not going as planned for them, look up their personal items, view flashbacks, and finally the whole thing culminates in the final boss battle, which puts the bow in a neat way to the story’s of the arc.

Combat however is completely different from Zelda’s. It’s fast-pacedand deceivingly easy, and quite challenging at the standard difficulty level because of its cute and colourful appearance. There are light and strong attacks, and the option of using your staff as bows to launch attacks from a distance, as well… it’s all there is to it as far as the primary weapons you use to attack from beginning to the end. The options for combat were so limited in fact, I felt quite disappointed at the beginning since most adversaries could easily be defeated using only a couple of light attack combinations which was not an incentive to take on any other task over the course of a longer time than I’d like in a game that runs about 9 hours.

It’s exactly what you want to see in a game of this type.

The thing that really makes Bridge of Spirits’ combat is that , after a time, it starts to introduce new enemies that inspire you to alter your strategies and learn more of the nuanced aspects of its tools. You can use your bow’s time-slowing feature by jumping up into the air and targeting difficult-to-hit points, or employing a parry against an attack that is difficult to block or making use of your Rot to block an opponent so that you can strike them from behind. There’s a huge amount of enemies to choose from that once they started arriving at the party, I felt as though I was constantly confronted by fresh and exciting situations. This is exactly how it ought to be in a game such as this.

It is also essential to handle your resources cautiously in battle when the difficulty begins to ramp up considerably later during the campaign. You can utilize Courage to stop enemies from attacking you with the Rot and also to make use of it to heal yourself by cleaning particular areas during a fight. There’s usually just two healing points in any particular fight in use, which makes every amount of damage you suffer extremely significant. Often, you must decide whether you’d prefer to use your bravery to take another blow or make a lot of damage against an inactive opponent or boss.

However, it was good to have more to accomplish during a battle. Bridge of Spirts’ progression system doesn’t give you numerous options for you to develop your combat style. It also caused me to feel like I was confined in my combat style – especially since there’s just one melee weapon and it never changed or improved as I played. There are a variety of upgrades to your melee moves, but the effect of these upgrades is depressing to be honest. The three melee upgrade are capabilities that you feel Kena should start with (two dashing attacks as well as an overhead slam suspended in air) the counterattacks after parry don’t seem to be any more powerful than attacking when the opponent is restraining while restraining. Other upgrades are only tiny and barely noticeable improvement. I’ve never even ever thought “It would be nice if I could fire five arrows instead of just four,” particularly when you consider how quickly the arrows’ regeneration rate is.

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