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Neo”The World Ends with You has an intriguing, complex background story.

Neo: The World Ends with You will be available soon, and that will cause fans of the series to rejoice. If you didn’t get to play the first The World Ends with You 2007 in the year 2007, this original action/RPG on Nintendo DS quickly won a fan base for its unique story and innovative gameplay.

The game was not popular, players believed that TWEWY would be a single-minded experiment. After 14 years, however, we’re having a sequel, titled Neo The World Ended with You.

The gameplay is like the one you’ll be playing, taking the control of a senior high school student from the fashionable Tokyo area of Shibuya and battling to save his life during the bloody Reaper Games.

It’s been more than 10 years since the first game was released and we’re expecting to see Neo: TWEWY will have or have a separate story or lots of information to help those who are new. However, Tom’s Guide decided to offer an outline of the main events in this beloved series that is short but incredibly popular. In this way, novices can get going and veteran readers can remember what transpired in the lengthy story.

It’s the World Comes to an End with You Playing the game

In the first place, you don’t need to read our review of the initial The ` game. If you’d like to play the game yourself you can easily access it and isn’t too long because Japanese RPGs take approximately 25 hours to play the main storyline, plus another 25 for the various postgame features that are optional.

If you have a Nintendo DS (or a backward-compatible 3DS) lying around there’s a chance to purchase an item for between $15 and $30, if you’re very picky about purchasing the case, or an instruction manual. Some people believe this is the most popular edition of the game however, combat can be challenging since it requires you to view the action in real-time on two screens simultaneously.

If you own an Android or iOS device with a big screen, you could purchase The World Ends with You: Solo Remix for $18 on Google Play and Apple App Store. Its compatibility may be odd, based on your version of iOS or Android but, make certain to read the description before purchasing.

There’s The World Ends with You: Final Remix on Nintendo Switch for just $50 which is, in my opinion, the most straightforward method for you to experience the game on a contemporary platform. Final Remix comes with a new storyline and whether or not it will have a direct impact on Neo the World Ends with You we’ll have to wait to check.

Another option, in case you’re not able to find the time or desire to spend hours playing a full JRPG, is to play the TWEWY anime that is being streamed through Hulu or Funimation. It’s an extremely faithful adaptation of the title, however, it naturally cuts important subplots and details to save time.

“The World Comes to an End with You Summary of the story

The World Ends With You starts by introducing Neku Sakuraba, a quiet high school student who finds out that he’s been killed in mysterious circumstances. There’s one chance at getting back to life by taking part in the mysterious Reaper Games. A group of villains known as the Reapers as well as monsters known as the Noise are battling the players of the Reaper Games and are reducing their number over the course of an entire week. The entire Reaper Games take place in Shibuya the real-life fashion district. Neku and co. explore numerous actual landmarks (and take in a lot from authentic Japanese Fast food) as they attempt to get back to their former selves.

Neku is participant as a participant in The Reaper Games for three grueling weeks, teaming up with an alternate teammate each time. In the initial week, Neku teams up with Shiki Misaki, a charming girl who creates an uneasy connection with the atypical Neku. After a second episode, Neku becomes friends with Joshua, the blond, sexy boy with greater power than he is willing to admit. In the last week, Neku teams up with Beat who was a former employee of the Reapers and who is willing to do anything for the sake of his sibling Rhyme.

The story is characterized by many twists and turns throughout the course and, more so because every week, there is a new Reaper who is the primary antagonist. Through the course of the series, Neku and his allies encounter the tough Yodai Higashizawa as well as the edgy Mitsuki Konishi, all of whom are responsible for an entire week in Reaper Games. Reaper Games as a “Game Master.”

The three main villains to be aware of should be Megumi Kitaniji Sho Minamimoto as well as the Conductor. Kitaniji is the game’s principal antagonist, who stands within Neku and Beat’s path in the final week of the Reaper Games.

But, Minamimoto (and his terrible math puns) is perhaps a more significant character. Apart from bringing terror to the main characters even after losing at the end of the week, Minamimoto will be back as a character in Neo: TWEWY as an all-time ally. Any business he was involved in the TWEWY series, in the beginning, has not been concluded yet.

There’s also the Conductor who runs for the Reaper Games. At the end of the day, Neku discovers that this mysterious overseer is actually Joshua who is his acquaintance who was in his second week. Joshua says that a place such as Shibuya is a sign of how superficial and vapid a lot of people are. Joshua also believes that the violence that is Shibuya’s Reaper Games is simply a reflection of human nature. However, Joshua seems to have a genuine affection in his heart for Neku, Shiki, and Beat.

In the conclusion, Neku and his friends defeated Kitaniji and re-enter the world as Joshua stands in the distance looking content with how they ended the Reaper Games ended.

Neo TWEWY comes out of the game a couple of years later and shares a similar layout. A high-school student known as Rindo Kanade is a participant in The Reaper Games. This time, however, the Reapers have been divided into two distinct groups that are The Shibuya Reapers as well as Shinjuku Reapers. Shinjuku Reapers. Rindo along with his friends will face off against the two groups that are antagonistic in an attempt at winning the bloody battle.

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