Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl News

Today’s Pokemon Presents video presentation revealed new details for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl. These video games will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch(TM). Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond will be released on November 19, 2021. Pokemon Legends: Arceus launches January 28, 2022.

The video presentation also included new information about Pokemon UNITE, the first strategic battle Pokemon game. It also includes details about special in-game events in Pokemon Masters EX and Pokemon GO. Also revealed was the revamp of Pokemon Cafe Mix into Pokemon Cafe ReMix. This includes new gameplay elements, more Pokemon, and new customization options.

Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond allow fans to relive the original storyline and gameplay features of Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond in a new way. The original games were first released in 2006. They have been faithfully remastered and vibrantly republished for Nintendo Switch.


Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond will welcome Trainers back to Sinnoh. They will meet Professor Rowan and battle Team Galactic. Super Contest Shows will be held in Sinnoh, where players can meet other Trainers around the globe in the Union Room. Capsule Decoration will allow trainers to personalize their game experience. Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond will work with Pokemon HOME in 2022.

To commemorate the launch, a special Nintendo Switch Lite Dialga & Palkia Edition will also be released. It will feature a back design featuring a silver-colored Dialga as well as a Palkia that is gold.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus leads Trainers on an adventure through Sinnoh, a region from the past that was not even known as Sinnoh. The land was once called the Hisui area, and it was not common for humans and Pokemon live in harmony many years ago.

The latest gameplay details and Pokemon are revealed:

Players will be visiting Jubilife Village as part of the Galaxy Expedition Team. This bustling settlement serves as a base for operations. After being given an assignment or a request to do so, trainers will leave the village and explore one of the Hisui regions. Trainers will return to Jubilife Village after they have completed their survey work to prepare for the next task. Trainers who leave Jubilife Village for an excursion will make their first stop at one of the base camps. This will serve as their outpost. These base camps can be used by trainers to rest their Pokemon during an excursion or to create items at the base camp’s workshop. [1]

As Trainers work towards completing the Pokedex, and increasing their rank as members of the Galaxy Team they will be able to meet interesting characters and discover unique Pokemon that live in the Hisui area.


Category: Big Horn Pokemon

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 209.7 lbs.

Type: Normal/Psychic

Stantler can become Wyrdeer in the Hisui region. This Pokemon can generate and unleash psychic energy that is powerful enough to distort the space by using the black orbs located at the base of its antlers.


Category: Big Fish Pokemon

Height: 9’10”

Weight: 242.5 lbs.

Type: Water/Ghost

Basculin of the Hisui region become Basculegion when they are possessed from the souls other Basculin who were unable to withstand the upstream journey. The souls that possess them increase their propulsive power, allowing them to swim unassisted.

Hisuian Braviary

Category: Battle Cry Pokemon

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 95.7 lbs.

Type: Flying/Psychic

Hisuian Braviary is formed when Rufflet evolves in the Hisui area. Hisuian Braviary has the ability to imbue its haunting screeches in psychic power to create powerful shock waves. It can also use its psychic powers to enhance its sixth sense and enter a trance that boosts its physical abilities.

Hisuian Growthlithe

Category: Scout Pokemon

Height: 2’7″

50 lb.

Type: Fire/Rock

This is Growlithe in its Hisui form. Hisuian Growlithe is a longer and more densely furred form of Growlithe than the earlier discovered variety. They are highly vigilant and often seen in pairs watching over their territory.

On Wednesday, August 18, 2021, preorders for Pokemon Legends Arceus will become available on Nintendo eShop. Trainers can get an in-game outfit made from Hisuian Growlithe as an early-purchase bonus.

Pokemon UNITE Mobile Launch

On September 22nd, 2021, Pokemon UNITE will be made available for mobile download. This title, which was released on Nintendo Switch last month, sees players compete against each other in five-on-5 team battles in which they work with their teammates to defeat wild Pokemon and level up and evolve their Pokemon. The goal is to defeat the opposing team. Preregistration for the mobile version has begun on both the App Store (Google Play Store) and the Google Play Store. Players who preregister more than 2,500,000 will be eligible to receive the Unite license. Players will receive a special Holowear-Festival Style: Pikachu if the total reaches 5,000,000. Trainers who reach these thresholds will be eligible to claim the Pikachu Unite license and Holowear. To do so, log in to the mobile version of Pokemon UNITE.

To receive the Unite license to Zeraora, Pokemon UNITE members can log in to the Nintendo Switch game version right now. Players can link their accounts to the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of the game to get Zeraora when it launches. Trainers can also expect Sylveon and Mamoswine to be the next playable Pokemon.

Pokemon Go

From August 20 through August 31, 2021, Pokemon GO will feature Pokemon from the Galar region. In the wild, Wooloo and Skwovet can be found, while Falinks, a Galarian Legendary Pokemon, will make its debut in five-star raids on August 20 through 26, followed by Zamazenta on August 26 to September 1.

Pokemon Masters

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of Pokemon Masters EX, a new legend event, Howling Shield of Eternity and the power of Dynamaxing will be added to the game. Players can now help Gloria, Hop, or Leon to find the Legendary Pokemon Eternity. It has arrived on the island with a mysterious meteor. Players will be rewarded with the sync couple Hop & Zamazenta and gems for their participation in the event. Sygna Suit Leon & Eternatus, a sync pair scout will be making their debut during the event so that Trainers can add them into their team.

Trainers are advised to keep an eye on the two-year anniversary celebration for N and other sync pairings. N will wear a new outfit and be paired up with a Pokemon that can do damage to all foes simultaneously.

Pokemon Café ReMix

The touch-based puzzle game Pokemon Cafe Mix for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices will be getting a redesign this fall. New puzzle elements, more Pokemon, and new dress-up options will be included in the updates. There will also be more ways to grow and develop staff Pokemon.

Pokemon can now enjoy the delicious meals prepared just for them. This makes them more friendly and eager to be staff Pokemon. Pokemon Cafe ReMix will introduce new puzzle skills to make it easier to solve puzzles, and the ability to combine megaphones to increase their power. Pokemon Cafe ReMix will accept golden acorns that have been collected in the Pokemon Cafe Mix.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl News

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