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The Riders Republic is essentially Ubisoft trying to take another shot at the 2016 steep slope by cramming more extreme sports on the larger map. It’s a good objective. I felt that Steep was generally okay although it wasn’t all that memorable. With snowmobiling and biking thrown in alongside snowboarding, skiing paragliding, and wingsuiting (is that the correct term?) and even jet-powered wingsuiting it’s promising more activities to do, and a vast location to perform it.

There are plenty of races to choose from there’s no doubt about it. I was able to play with our closed beta earlier this week and the first part of the intro flings you through a series of races that teach you to perform tricks on bikes, skis, and snowboards. It’s easy to guess what the rest you’ll earn points through tricks such as rail slides and backflips, and complete challenges (like doing a specific trick, or completing an exact time as well as winning with an easier difficulty) as well as earn points and money and move up to better equipment and participate in more races. There’s also a microtransaction shop to purchase additional clothing and skins.

When you’ve got a few wins in your pocket, you’re now allowed to run around the world. There are numerous races scattered throughout the map. They weave with American national parks such as Grand Teton, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite, Zion, Mammoth Mountain, and more. Arid deserts, snowy mountains with thick forests, cliffs and waterfalls, valleys and rivers and just about any terrain that you’ve always dreamed of playing extreme activities on, over or in there and it looks amazing.

Every moment, the world is swarming with other enthusiasts of extreme sports (I think the vast majority are either bots or “ghosts”), so when you’re yelling down a mountain track on your skis, you’ll notice people in wingsuits whizzing by and cyclists and skiers doing flips in your direction. If you’d like to compete with other players concurrently instead of racing ghosts there is a 64 player “mass race” available every couple of minutes.

Join a race across the globe or even be themed: everybody will be wearing an outfit of dinosaurs, or the giraffe outfit or other fun. There are races that abruptly switch between bikes and skis, then returning to skis and sometimes, even a bike powered by rockets. It’s fun to try and adjust from jumping off a cliff using a snowboard, only to end up getting jet wings on and needing to jump through hoops instead of grinding rails.

After a couple of hours of playing, I became exhausted of racing and racing in the same way, even wearing the costume of a dinosaur. The Riders Republic Map is large and fun to explore. Once I had unlocked the jet-powered wings after getting enough stars in contests and races, I took off to find something to do, other than endless races. Here are some new sports I came up with the process.

New Sport: Landing Pad

My favorite sport is landing on an extremely difficult spot, that has a landmark symbol. Find one that’s on an elongated spire of rock or a cliff that is not climbable. This is the most vital part: get precisely on it on the first attempt. This will help make the rest of the game more enjoyable.

After you’ve found it you can select the icon to receive the credit for locating it, then watch the cutscene (or leave it out), and then remain at the top for a few minutes while watching many other players (or maybe their ghosts) attempt to get on the spire, too.


I’m a big fan of collectibles as any other person, and I have some collectibles that I’m planning to complete before Riders Republic launches in October including visiting all locations and locating all the gear drops that are hidden.

However, I must mark the boundary somewhere and figured out the location. I’d noticed a few little, glittering balloons of mylar everywhere on the map, and finally drove by one riding my snowmobile. These balloons are collectible and if I had 100 or 50 scattered throughout the map, I’d want to find them and then take them all. There are, however, 500 balloons made of mylar. 500!

This is just outrageous. Perhaps there’s a huge reward for finding 500 balloons and popping them, but imagine the rigors of it. Imagine being in 479 balloons. Knowing that there are only 21 balloons on the huge map, you’d need to look for them in inches by inches. There’s no way.

Therefore, I’m trying to do the opposite. I’ve already popped one, and I will not pop anymore. It’s more difficult than you imagine! One time while skiing I had to make a lurch towards the right in order to keep from popping a balloon and I ended up crashing into the trunk of a tree. Another time, while jet-winging, I almost fell into a balloon and had to steer towards the cliff’s edge to stay clear of it.

Balloon-avoiding is an extreme sport today. Riders Republic launches on October 28.

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