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Neon Giant’s cooperative action RPG shooter takes players on a journey through an arcology of cyberpunk following the demise of The Ascent Group.

The game was announced last year. Giant’s The Ascent has become one of the most anticipated indie games thanks to its stunning combat and beautiful graphics. The game will be released on July 29th , for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in addition to the first day of launch in Xbox Game Pass. Let’s take a look at the 13 things you must know prior to buying it.

Story and Setting

The Ascent is set in a dystopian future Arcology produced by The Ascent Group in the world of Veles. The employees of The Ascent Group are basically slaves and even the player. However, one day the company collapses and the arcology is plunged into chaos. As rival syndicates and other corporations try to force their way into the group and take over the arcology, it’s up to the player effectively stop them (and perhaps discover the cause of the Ascent Group’s demise also). The Arcology is said to be an open-world, with no loading screens. The player can swiftly move between areas – such as sewers, industrial zones, etc. through trains.


In terms of gameplay, this is a high-level action game. Players are able to fully personalize their appearance using various hairstyles, tattoos, and more. Explore the arcology, meet various NPCs and take on enemies with a range of weapons. The gameplay is similar that of a shooter with a twin-stick with the option of shooting either high or low while taking cover when needed within the surroundings as well as making use of a variety of capabilities. In addition to combat, players are able to make use of their cyberdeck to hack or detect close enemies.


Neon Giant hasn’t outlined all the various types of weapons players can purchase, however, there are pistols submachine guns, shotguns, and assault rifles as well as various types of grenades. There’s also Melee Combat available, and you can opt for the use of armors to batter enemies by kicking them with your hands. Additionally, you can purchase different backpacks and armors that have their own unique stats. There’s one thing for certain that there isn’t any random loot to be found in The Ascent. The weapons are all hand-crafted, but you might see the more “exotic” or “excessive” kinds of weapons in addition to the standard ones. They can also be upgraded using various resources, and should you choose to venture into areas that are more hazardous, you’ll be able to find more rare upgrades materials.


The enhancements are when the range of builds truly shines. They offer unique capabilities like summoning a robot minion in order to boost the weapon’s damage as well as homing missiles, and an energy field that can be able to heal allies within it. Augments are based on different aspects – as you move up and earn the skill points you gain, you can enhance an attribute, making the Augmentation more powerful. A good example is firing an individual homing missile or sizing the associated attribute to fire multiple off simultaneously.

Enemy Behavior

What’s particularly interesting concerning The Ascent is how enemies behave. It’s possible to walk into an area with a bunch of foes, but they will not immediately begin shooting. Instead, they’ll beg the person in front of you with a threat to flee, this provides to back off, either opting for a more defensive strategy or getting the drop on them using explosives. Because of how the arcology system is built the enemies can appear from various locations, often smashing through walls. While some fight from afar and others rush towards at you, keeping you on your feet. Another great feature is that when the fight gets heated the non-hostile NPCs run away and search for cover which adds to the chaos.

Destructible Environments

When you traverse through each of the various environments the possibility of their destruction is more apparent. The cover is demolished by continuous gunfire or blasts that leave your foes (and your own) exposed. The aesthetics are appealing – a battle in a room with a wall can result in a mess and is accentuated by the stunning massive smoke and the dynamic lighting.


The game allows up to four players to join forces, each using various Augmentations as well as synchronizing their actions in various ways to take on foes. The game can be played solo too. Frick said to Gamingbolt the game is “absolutely an equal experience” in comparison to the co-op. There are some pleasant things to do when playing with other players, such as watching all the characters from the co-op cutscenes.

Xbox Console Exclusive

While it is available for PC through Steam as well as through the Microsoft Store, console players are able to only enjoy The Ascent on Xbox platforms from the moment of launch. For the reason this is so, Frick stated that Microsoft had approached the studio at an early stage during the development process. “They were very impressed with what we had even back then, which of course was a huge deal for us as a brand new indie studio, and we have worked together ever since.” Microsoft has been an “very supportive partner” for the studio throughout its development the years, which could mean an exclusive deal for the long term, however it is possible that the PlayStation launch might happen further in the future (like Bloober’s The Medium).

PC Requirements

The Ascent is a very demanding game, and its PC requirements aren’t any different. At a minimum, you’ll require an Intel Core i5-4670K processor or AMD FX-8350, 8GB of RAM, or a GeForce GTX 660 2GB or Radeon R9 390X with 8 GB. To meet the requirements recommended you’ll need an i7 CPU or equivalent, with 16GB of memory and an RTX 2070 a similar model is required. In both instances 35 GB of space for storage is required.

Nvidia DLSS and Ray Tracing Support

Anyone with an GPU which supports ray tracer will be in for a treat. A recent video trailer Curve Digital showcased the game’s reflections and shadows that are ray-traced and the numerous particle effects and neon lights gorgeously reflecting in the puddles. The footage was recorded using the Nvidia RTX 30 series but Neon Giant hasn’t yet defined the specific requirements for Ray Tracing on PC (especially in terms of reaching 4K/60 FPS when it’s enabled). The positive is that Neon Giant’s DLSS is also available for those looking to improve performance.

Gameplay Length

The real issue is: with all its customisation actions RPG trappings, action RPG motifs and building worlds, how much gameplay can you expect from The Ascent? As per Neon Giant co-founder Arcade Berg in a recent interview with WCCF Tech, the main missions will take fifteen to twenty hours finish. There are “many more” side missions as well as codex entries and treasures to discover. The amount of time are all added up is unclear, however there is plenty to perform outside of the main plot.


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