How To Stop Discord From Opening On Startup?

Find how to quit Discord from opening on startup in 2 simple ways. Do this by disabling Open Dissonance in Disharmony User Settings– > Windows Settings. Boost your computer efficiency and also enhance your Windows load time.

Disharmony is one of the most popular VOIP/ chatting applications around today. Dissonance’s user interface, and also its simplicity of use, has actually aided it to accomplish that title. Using Disharmony is as easy as opening in your internet browser.

You can additionally mount Dissonance on your computer, or even your phone with its mobile app. Typically, it comes ready to go, out the box. There are a couple of default settings that irritate some users though.

By default, Discord opens itself whenever you turn on your computer. While minor, this can really feel a bit intrusive, as well as is almost as irritating as Discord reducing to the system tray as opposed to closing by default.

Luckily, altering these setups is incredibly very easy. In this post, we’ll reveal to you exactly how to quit Discord from opening up on startup.

Discord is a multi-platform app that lets individuals interact using message, video, or voice in real-time. However, one annoying concern in PCs is that the Dissonance application begins running automatically as soon as you start your PC. Since it impacts the Windows tons time and the speed of your PC, it is advisable to quit Dissonance from opening up on bootup. So in order to aid you to fix this problem, we will certainly clarify how to quit Discord from opening up on startup.

What is Discord?

Dissonance is a team communication system to engage with pals as well as coworkers. It allows you to send out instant messages to your friends, has video telephone calls with them, voice conversation, etc, and also even share your display. Disharmony can be downloaded and installed free of cost on Windows, as well as Mac, Android, iPhone, as well as Linux. Additionally, Disharmony works directly from an internet browser, thus calling for no installation.

Originally constructed for the pc gaming community, Discord is now made use of by individuals as a general use platform for all types of neighborhoods. Within Dissonance, web servers are the areas where individuals review and connect about a specific subject. Each web server has its very own members, subjects, guidelines, and networks. Discord may originally appear comparable to the Slack messaging application. But it has a whole lot, even more, to provide in regards to attributes, especially for players.

Why Does Discord Open Up on Startup?

Disharmony has an auto-start feature that automatically releases the application when you activate your computer system. This can decrease your computer, specifically if you have various other software that acts the same. Luckily, you can disable the auto-start function to stop automatic start-ups.

Just How to Quit Dissonance from Opening on Startup

You can solve the issue by applying any one of these techniques:

Disabling the auto-start function in Discord

Removing Disharmony from job manager’s start-up applications checklist.

Utilizing either of these techniques should get rid of the issue. However, you can apply both if the problem persists.

Allow’s dive right in.

Method 1: Disable the Auto-Start Attribute in Discord.

This is an easy method to quit Disharmony from opening up on a start-up that you can use on any type of os. Adhere to these actions to disable auto-start:

1. Release Dissonance on your computer.

2. Most likely to the left pane and click the Settings symbol (equipment symbol at the bottom-right edge beside your character.

3. When the Settings window opens, scroll down the left food selection pane to the Application Settings area. Right here, choose “Windows Settings”.

4. Head to the System Startup Actions area and also disable the “Open Discord” choice.

5. When done, press the Esc button on your keyboard.

6. Now reactivate your computer and see if that protects against Dissonance from launching at start-up.

Method 2: Disable Discord on Start-up in Windows Job Supervisor

Utilizing the task supervisor is a superb means to stop apps from running in the history and also immediately opening on startup. Right here is just how to use it to quit Disharmony from opening on startup on your Windows computer:

1 Press the Windows logo trick + S to open Browse.

2. Type in “job manager” (no quotes) and afterward pick “Open up” on the right-side food selection. Alternatively, utilize the Ctrl + Shift + Esc combination to introduce the task manager.

3. When it opens, browse to the Start-up tab. You should see Dissonance on the shown list.

4. Select “Discord” as well as right-click on it, then select “Disable”. Or, click the Disable switch at the bottom-right edge.

5. Close the task supervisor, reboot your computer system, as well as check and also see if Disharmony no longer goes for a start-up.

Method 3. Making use of ‘Autoruns’ to avoid Disharmony from Startup

You can utilize a third-party application launched by SysInternals to analyze all the feasible windows registry entries for Disharmony and also by hand remove them to stop discord from running on start-up. To get rid of start-up entries of Disharmony, follow the actions below:-.

First of all download and install the Autoruns app from this link (below).

As soon as the file is downloaded it needs to be in a “. zip” format you can use “7zip” or “WinRAR” to remove it.

Once it’s extracted, Open up an executable called “Autoruns.exe” as a manager.

Running Autoruns as manager.

Currently, head over to the “Logon” section. Now discover Disharmony below as well as just untick to stop discord running on startup.


You can configure applications or scripts to execute when logging in to your GNOME session. If you need your application or script to introduce regardless of your desktop atmosphere and even before you’re logged in, you can use other approaches such as system or crontab.

This approach benefits any Linux distribution as long as GNOME is the customer’s desktop atmosphere. Several of the Linux distributions with GNOME as the default desktop environment is Ubuntu, and also CentOS/ Red Hat.

This method creates autostart config documents that GNOME utilizes to launch your application or manuscript. It does not call for the installation of third-party devices such as GNOME Tweaks.

Actions to configure autostart program for GNOME:.

Open Up GNOME Covering Activities.

Look for and also click on Startup Application Preferences.

Click on the checkbox to uncheck or click the Get rid of a button to disable the application from the beginning during GNOME start-up.

Click Include switch to start including a program to run when GNOME begins.

Go into a name and also comment to identify the start-up task.

By hand enter the path to application binary or script in addition to needed disagreements, or click the Browse switch to find the application or manuscript.

See to it the individual has performed approval on the manuscript or application.

Click the Include switch to complete adding the startup entrance to GNOME.

Click the Close button if you’re not adding other start-up entries.

Inspect the generated autostart documents to validate.


The Disharmony opening on startup concern can be rather a nuisance, especially if you don’t know just how to repair it. Fortunately, you now know exactly how to fix it easily. If you have any kind of questions or comments, make certain to drop them in the area below.

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