Best Beat Saber Mods

Beat Saber is one of the excellent virtual reality games ever made. How awesome is it to unleash and hit Sabers in a set pattern while avoiding obstacles? That’s fantastic! Even though Beat Saber does not need much physical exertion, it uses music to draw you into the game. While the game’s developers are working to include more music, it is a slow process. Mods allow you to tailor the entire game to your specific requirements. Those who are unfamiliar with mods can always download various mods. So, here is our list of the top Beat Saber mods without further ado.

Best Mods for Beat Saber

Let’s start with the prerequisites before moving on to the finest mods. To use any mods, you must first establish a Beat Saber account. Then, by downloading the mods into the Beat saber files directory, you can install them. Certain mods necessitate the installation of other mods, which must be downloaded separately. On the other hand, the mod helper combines all of the mods into one. It contains all of the mods that are currently available for Beat Saber. You may get Mod Assistant by signing up for a GitHub account. Let’s take a look at all of the top Beat Saber mods.

BeatSaver Downloader

As the name implies, Beat Saver Downloader downloads custom tracks into the Beat Saber. You can use Beat Saber to search for and download various custom tunes. Here’s how to do it:

  • You may find these tracks by heading to the left side of the game and looking for the Mods area.
  • Then, under Custom Music, click to search and browse a variety of songs.
  • And then click the download icon to get it.
  • You can also check for popular songs during the week or search for your favourite music.

Model Downloader for Beat Saber

This custom mod allows you to download and customize your sabers, avatars, and the platform you’re standing on. In Beat Saber, it also adds note blocks. Before installing a mod, the Model Downloader reminds you of the mods you have installed and the mods you need to install.

Score Saber

Score Saber is an excellent mod for competitive players who always keep an eye on the scoreboard. You may level up your game and compete against others from all over the world with this mod. You can upload your score on the leaderboard and see who the other top scorers are.

Mapping Extensions

Are you sick of strolling in a single lane while trying to keep up with the music? Mapping Extensions is a mod that completely transforms the map you’re playing on. Your lanes are changed by the map and replaced with artistic lanes. One of the custom maps in Beat Saber allows you to play on a six-lane. With a custom map accessible on BeatSaver, you can even play on 100 lanes.

Noodles Extension

This is yet another Beat Saber mod that allows you to play around with your maps. With the Noodles Extension, you can change everything about a map, even the flying blocks. You can adjust your map for an appropriate aesthetic or artistic setting. You should go to the GitHub page for a demo.js map that contains all you need to know about making maps with the Noodles Extension. To make modifications to the map, open the file in Visual Studio. If you utilize both the Noodles Extension and the Mapping Extensions at the same time, you’ll have some troubles with custom maps.


The ideal mod to use with Noodles Extension is Chroma. With colorful and flashing lights all over the map, it creates a nice mood. Some custom maps necessitate the use of Chroma. As a result, having it installed will be beneficial. Some Beat Saber players install both mods and use them to customize their homemade maps. This gamer, for example, created a custom map using Chroma and the Noodles Extension. And the end effect appears to be rather impressive.

OBS Control

This is a mod for anyone who likes recording their games while listening to it. With OBS control, you may instantly record your heated BeatSaber session as soon as you start the game. It’s a Beat Saber add-on mod that links to your OBS. You can record gaming using OBS control or Zingabopp and then download it to your mobile.


It’s a mod that allows you to scribble in Beat Saber whenever and wherever you choose. With your Saber, you can scrawl phrases or draw shapes and characters. You have various possibilities, from the brush’s size and kind to its color. You can also use the eraser to erase anything you’ve scribbled. These handwritten objects can also be saved and loaded at a later time.

Saber Factory

Saber Factory is a mod that lets you customize your Sabers. The Saber can also be customized with additional effects. While you can customize your sabers, you can also download different Saber models from the Saber Factory. With this mod, you may use enormous hammers, energy swords from Destiny, Minecraft-styled swords, and a variety of other awesome sabers.

Most mods will stop working after BeatSaber receives an update. So keep an eye out for changes by going to GitHub or downloading Mod Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download songs for Beat Saber?


There are ways to download songs for Beat Saber. One way is to create custom levels using the Level Editor and then import the songs into those levels. Another way is to use SongLoader, which allows you to search for and download songs from within the game. You can also find fan-made song packs on various websites online.

How to mod Beat Saber?


There are ways that you can mod Beat Saber. You can add new songs, modify the colors and effects of the cubes, or even create your levels.

To add new songs, you’ll need to download the song files and place them in the Beat Saber folder on your computer. Then, open up the Modkit application and select “Import Song.” 

To modify the colors and effects of the cubes, you’ll need to download the Custom Color Modifier app. This app allows you to change all aspects of cube coloring and lighting, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, etc.

How to install custom songs on Beat Saber?


There are a few ways to install custom songs on Beat Saber. One way is to download the song files and then copy them into theBeat Saber AppData folder. Another way is to use a file hosting website like Google Drive or Dropbox to host your song files and link them in the Beat Saber options menu. Finally, some websites allow you to download and import custom songs directly into your Beat Saber account.

How to play custom songs on Beat Saber?


There are a few ways to play custom songs on Beat Saber. One way is to use the built-in editor to create your pieces. Another way is to use software like “Beat Saber Mod Manager” or “BPM Studio” to import custom songs into the game. A few websites offer premade song packs to download and import into the game.

Where to Find Beat Saber custom maps?


There are a few different sources for finding Beat Saber custom maps. One option is the Workshop on Steam, where you can browse and download user-created levels. Another excellent resource for finding custom maps is the Beat Saber Modding Group on Facebook. This group is dedicated to sharing new stories and mods for the game, and it’s a great place to find some of the best custom maps out there. Finally, several YouTube channels curate or showcase custom Beat Saber levels, so you can explore those as well.

Where to Find oculus quest Beat Saber custom songs?


The Oculus Quest Beat Saber custom songs can be found on various websites. The best place to start is the Beat Saber Modding Forum, where you can find custom songs, mods, and tools to make your songs. You can also find some Oculus Quest custom songs on YouTube. Just search for “Oculus Quest Beat Saber Custom Songs,” and you’ll find plenty of results. Finally, there are also a few websites that offer paid downloads of custom songs. But be careful – not all of these sites are legitimate or safe. So do your research before downloading any files!

Where to find the best Saber custom songs update?


Several resources for finding Saber custom songs updates are listed below.

Saber Custom Songs Database: This website is a resource specifically for Saber custom songs updates. It includes a listing of recent updates and a forum where users can upload and share their songs.

Saber custom songs group on The Russian social media site is devoted to sharing Saber custom song updates. It includes a variety of resources, such as links to download sites and videos demonstrating how to install songs.

Youtube: A quick search for “saber customs” on Youtube will yield a variety of results, including both official releases

What is the beat saber mod installer?


The beat saber mod installer is software that allows for installing mods for the game Beat Saber. Mods can change the appearance of in-game objects, add new songs, or change gameplay. The beat saber mod installer is available on Windows and Mac platforms.

Mods are created by individuals or groups and can be shared with other players through websites or forums. The player must first download it and extract the files to a specific location to install a mod. The beat saber mod installer makes this process easier by automating the installation of mods.

How to get custom songs on Beat Saber oculus rift?


There are a few ways to get custom songs on Beat Saber oculus rift. One way is to find someone who has made custom songs and ask them to share the song with you. Another way is to create your custom song using music production software such as Ableton Live or FL Studio. Finally, you can download premade Beat Saber songs from websites like Reddit or YouTube.

How to add songs to Beat Saber oculus quest?


To add songs to Beat Saber on the Oculus Quest, you’ll first need to download them from the internet. There are websites where you can find custom Beat Saber songs, but we recommend Song Request Live.

Once you’ve downloaded the desired songs, place them in the “Songs” folder located in the “Beat Saber” folder on your Oculus Quest. You can then open Beat Saber and enjoy your new songs!

From Where you Can Download Beat Saber soundtrack?


There are a few different places you can download the Beat Saber soundtrack. Its easy to find it on YouTube, where a few unofficial channels have uploaded the entire soundtrack.

Alternatively, you can also find the soundtrack on Spotify and other streaming services. If you’re looking for a physical copy of the soundtrack, it’s available for purchase on Amazon and other online retailers.

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