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Scary games don’t commonly share the limelight with major AAA titles, in spite of telling some of one of the most one-of-a-kind tales in a computer game. Although you’ll discover even more horror video games on PC, the PS4 still offers a treasure trove of spooks and also terrifies. Here are our best PS4 scary video games, with everything from Bloodborne to Inside.

Most of the titles listed below are merely walking simulator games with little in the method of technicians. Tale is the emphasis for most of this overview, so if you’re searching for a little more action, make certain to have a look at our listing on the most effective PS4 games generally.


Feeding the distress of Cyberpunk 2077’s hold-up, Viewer goes down gamers right into the slums of 2084 Krakow, Poland. The video game is made even more well-rounded with its thorough cybernetic world, an overwhelming story that has two different ends, and also a cast that consists of Blade Runner alum Rutger Hauer. Following a puzzling telephone call from his long-lost child, Daniel Lazarski is cause the renter building shanty towns of Course C, where a strange murder situation unravels including a cut head, a group of anti-corporate terrorists, and a menacing cybernetic beast.

As an Onlooker of the Fifth Polish Republic, Daniel is one of the most fully equipped person to address the case. Using his trusty technology and bio view implants, he can find various forms of proof quicker than the nude eye. Plus, his additional Desire Eater abilities enable him to connect into any kind of target or witness to experience their memories. Observer is distinguished from all the rest of the best Cyberpunk video games not just for its original narrative but also for the endless cast of characters that compose the Course C structure.


Both Outlast as well as Outlast II are exemplary of the scary computer game. Like much of the very best survival games, the player in both iterations has no tool and also should perceive the world via a video camera, paying homage to the cult timeless Blair Witch. Regardless of the first video game having a relatively excessive story entailing a psych ward and an MK Ultra cover-up, its follow up only renewed the narrative through a helicopter collision survivor and his quest to save his spouse from a menacing backwoods cult. With a future VR experience heading, entitled The Outlast Tests, it’s the most effective time to study these interactive found-footage work of arts.

Get back at

Left underrated and forgotten to the past, Get Even is a narrative staple in survival scary video gaming. Though the video game does utilize an immense quantity of jump terrifies throughout the playthrough, they are used as though evokes the main premise of the tale: Conflicting memories as well as the obstacles of recollection. From the very beginning of the video game, it’s clear not every little thing Cole Black views is genuine on the surface. The gamer is given a phone with various point of views, like infrared and surface area tracking, as well as a silenced pistol.

Get Even harkens on choice and also repercussions. As gamers dive deeper right into the memories of Cole Black, they begin to untangle the darker enigmas as well as terrifying truths that border his tale. While it might have been released back in 2017, Get back at still exemplifies video game horror through an original story as well as everlasting themes on exactly how our options inevitably shape that we are, which in the long run can never ever be modified.


Moons of Madness

For the planetary horror enthusiasts, Moons of Insanity is the ideal mix of SOMA as well as Event Perspective. Rock Pocket and also Dreamloop Gamings created a work of art of interactive Lovecraftian horror, sending gamers to the crimson earth as a troubled astronaut called Shane Newehart. The tale takes place in the imaginary cosmos of Funcom’s The Secret World, with the previously mentioned video game’s Orochi Team playing a huge role in Moons of Madness. While IGN might have given it a lowly 5/10 evaluation rating, this cosmic scary experience is still worthy of the many long hours of ever-descending chaos it so eloquently gives.

Memory loss: The Dark Descent

Revered not just as one of the best PS4 scary video games but among the best horror games of all time, The Dark Descent takes players down a path of winding and grueling insanity. Amnesia, as the name indicates, tells the tale of an amnesiac named Daniel, that has actually awoken in a castle with no recollection of just how he arrived. The much deeper he roams right into the bowels of the Brennenburg Castle, the much more his mind begins to unravel.

Offered the game’s survival horror ambience, players have no other alternative but to get away from numerous enemy creatures, major amongst them being the now-iconic Gatherers. These monsters aren’t the only terror prowling at night, as so expertly confirmed by the video game’s peace of mind meter, drawing attention to the ever-descending insanity Daniel is privy to as the tale proceeds. Much like Outlast, Memory loss has actually remained a staple in the scary genre. Despite the fairly lackluster follow up, A Machine for Pigs, the collection has constantly inspired different productions given that its 2010 debut and, with the upcoming sequel Rejuvenation slated for a fall 2020 release, it’s the perfect time to once again lose oneself in the depraved darkness of Brennenburg Castle.

House Sugary food House

Given birth to by Thai folklore, Residence Sweet Home is an eerie horror journey that makes use of myths as well as tales as its driving setting of horror. The tale tracks Tim on a pursuit to locate his spouse, that has actually suddenly disappeared adhering to a disturbing discovery. As Tim dives deeper into the enigmas that furthermore pestered his better half, so as well will he come to be shed and neglected in a tangled web of angry ghosts.

Residence Sweet House is often ignored, generally as a result of its indie condition, yet this is precisely what makes it so superb. The instilled little bit of Thai intrigue broadens the experience. The only disadvantage to the game is the exceptionally limited playtime. Still, Yggdrazil Group has actually developed a scary masterpiece, one that also spawned a sequel, which unfortunately is just available on Steam.

Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture

What sets Everyone’s Mosted likely to the Rapture aside from all the rest of the best PS4 horror video games is its lack of a dark as well as tortured ambience. Instead, these principles are given birth to a lot more so by means of the shed residents of the small English town gamers will certainly be adventuring throughout in the video game. The tale complies with the after-effects of a rapture-like occasion, similar to a computer game variation of HBO’s The Leftovers. The gamer has to interact with various items and floating orbs of light to progress through the narrative by discovering what brought about the disappearance of a whole community. Though it might lean extra towards experience as well as art-house pc gaming over scary, the variety of dark and also disturbing tales learned from the tremendous exploration just increases the truth of being entirely as well as completely alone.


Like Outlive and also Amnesia prior to it, SOMA is a testament to the power of horror gaming. With motifs that harken on awareness and humankind, it’s definitely not a ready the faint of heart. After awakening in an underwater center, Simon Jarrett must not only reveal the factors for his existing however additionally for his very existence. The gamer is dependent upon only stealth as well as puzzle-solving in order to advance with the entirely bonkers tale, which will ultimately leave gamers without words in its devastating conclusion. What made SOMA such an immediate success was not only the adeptly crafted gameplay and story but additionally a superb advertising campaign that gave possible gamers the best dose of insight and intrigue.

The Wickedness Within

Made by Shinji Mikami and published by Bethesda, The Wickedness Within and its follow up are survival horrors that do away with the standard first-person perspective. Rather, gamers are beautified by the liquid activities of Sebastian Castellanos, lead investigator for the Krimson City authorities. Complying with a regular examination of a harsh mass murder, the investigative, together with his cops counterparts, Juli Kidman and also Joseph Oda, drops unintentionally into an otherworldly dimension, not unlike Silent Hillside’s own Otherworld. It is right here where Sebastian is divided from his group as well as should discover a method not just for getting back to them yet additionally for getting away the demonic realm. Both The Wickedness Within and its sequel generated recognition for a selection of in-game principles, primary among them its development of the scary genre and meshing of story with gameplay to maintain gamers concentrated on the activity.


Inside is planned for more youthful target markets, yet it still clarifies upon the horror experience via the mixture of puzzle platforming. It comes through the makers of Limbo, yet one more puzzle-platformer that makes use of horror tropes to enliven the experience and include a fresh twist to the category. In Within, gamers manage a young child in a dystopian globe, addressing challenges to advance via the numerous degrees as well as locations connected with this limbo-like reality. Playdead’s adeptly crafted horror problem game is a well-shaped experiment that paid off, gathering not only appreciation however likewise a variety of concepts regarding the nature of its story. That is the boy? Where exactly is he traveling to as well as from? The flexible nature of Inside’s narrative just raises the experience.

Those Who Continue to be

Slated for its PS4 launch on Might 15, Those That Remain is extra like a spiritual follower of Silent Hill. Offered its based adventure technicians together with the dark as well as clouded atmosphere that borders it, Camel 101’s game is a breathtaking new means of experiencing interactive horror. As disclosed in a Polygon attribute, Camel 101 founders as well as brothers Bruno and Ricardo Casteiro explicitly state Those That Remain is not specifically a horror game, but a lot more so a psychologically strained and also atmospheric experience structured with repercussions as the driving motif.

The narrative of Those That Stay tracks Edward Turner’s investigation right into the location of a missing out on woman. The situation attracts him to a dark and, in the beginning, seemingly barren Washington town called Dormont. In the city, depravities of unidentified scope watch over the protagonist every which way. It may not be a scary video game in the eyes of its designers. Still, any scary fanatic will immediately glimpse the many facets reminiscent of the suddenly canceled Silent Hills P.T.


If problem is a measure of success, after that Bloodborne might be the best PS4 game you will ever play as it requires all your time and effort. Software, recognized for its relationship with making remarkably unpleasant experiences, like Satanic force’s Spirits and Sekiro, brought this thriller to life.

Bloodborne is a Lovecraftian-style activity RPG with a storyline that takes place in the falling apart city of Yharnam. The city residents change right into brainwashed, savage beasts after being contaminated with an unusual pester. The video game begins as you reach the worn out city and stop the damage before it’s too late. Your objective is to recover the town to its initial glory. It’s ruled out a scary game, but it applies a couple of traditional horror story factors as well as themes that prompted us to add it to this listing. The many animals as well as beings that reside in this unbelievably detailed world are very troubling. Bloodborne is probably one of the most challenging titles of the highest-ranked PS4 scary games. Nonetheless, our team believe it’s a challenge that deserves it since you are engrossed in an intriguing plot coupled with outstanding imagery.

If you’re a fan of the scary category, you do not want to lose out on the favorably terrifying games PS4 offers players. You can delight in a selection of game alternatives, varying from real horror that’s turned to the core to threatening games that will certainly shock you while keeping your complete interest with the action.

Our checklist includes every horror video game we stumbled upon, whether it’s scary or frightening, engages you from the extremely beginning to the end, or includes some unusually vile graphics. Whether you can’t quit playing since you yearn for weird narratives or you’re out looking for a brand-new nightlight to place your mind comfortable, these games are sure to keep you up via the witching hour.

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