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Also, the designers of Age of Empires hesitated to challenge the collection’s own legacy, with a 4th game finally coming later this year in October, 16 years after the launch old of Empires III. If you can’t wait on Age of Empires IV and also are searching for something similar, we have actually intermingled a fast overview on 5 strategy video games that we think are rather neat, as well as comply with the exact same formula.

We have actually not consisted of titles such as Command and also Conquer or Starcraft II, because while these games are RTS titles they are likewise really notified by their corresponding settings as well as differ in vital ways. Age of Realms is first and also foremost a historic technique video game, so with just a number of exemptions, we’re taking a look at RTS video games that additionally use this as a starting point.


If you take the fundamental mechanical structure of AoE as well as apply the long-term design objectives of Civilization, you would certainly have developed Empire Earth. A superb counterpoint to Ensemble’s behemoth, you begin a game in the prehistoric period and can take it all the method through to the near future.

While this may eliminate a few of the deepness, as well as subtlety Age of Empires, had as a result of its even more focused time periods, you’re still primarily playing out a video game of Civ in real-time which more than makes up for it. Realm Planet 2 innovated a little by breaking up the landmass right into pieces, which you had to manage before you could totally improve them. This gave the map much more strategic significance, specifically as beneficial late-game sources started to appear. We don’t speak about Empire Earth 3, yet you can obtain the first 2 on at a pretty decent cost nowadays.


Made by Brian Reynolds, remarkable designer of People II and also Alpha Centauri, Increase of Nations is extra concerned about attempting to convert the principles of Human beings and turn-based strategy video games in general right into real-time, then trying to handle Age of Realms directly.

Still, the location it landed is very equivalent to both Realm Earth above, as well as the Age of Realms itself, as it likewise extended the entire of human history. You can regulate any type of one of 18 civilizations, each with its own distinct devices and qualities. These civs are otherwise detached from the truth and also you have a lot of freedom in how you establish them as you advance.

0 A.D.

Originally a complete conversion mod for Age of Realms 2, 0 A.D. has developed right into an open-source– and completely totally free– historical RTS game that, overall, has actually been worked with by over 100 individuals in its twenty-year background. It’s still being serviced as well as despite the approaching release old of Realms IV it still continues to be an exceptionally prominent choice to Age of Empires I, considering that the time-frame it concentrates on stops at 1CE. It additionally has a much deeper economic climate system than what exists in the Age of Empires.

At the time of composing, there’s still no timetable for a finished release, and also in 2013, an IndieGoGo project failed to increase the desired $160,000.


There have actually been numerous modern RTS games that have tried to handle Age of Realms, and this Viking-themed offering is probably one of the far better prospects. Where-as the remainder of this listing is essentially contenders from the approach collection’ prime, this is a contemporary analysis well worth your time.

Northgard places you accountable for one of virtually a loads fantasy Viking clans who arrive on the edge of a new, unexplored area.

You’ve reached build up your town, and also tame the land around you, dealing with mythical beasts and other, hostile clans. Its developments come from making use of indirect control, and also a wintertime phase that you need to prepare and get ready for, lest your town catches hunger. Each clan plays extremely in different ways, and also developer Shiro Games has given it a lot of love and support over the years with brand-new web content and video game modes.


A commonly ignored explanation in the background of Celebrity Wars games, Galactic Battlegrounds is noteworthy since it was additionally made by Ensemble. Released in 2001, it dropped a number of years after the workshop released the incredibly preferred Age of Empires II. The TL; dr is that this is primarily Age of Realms with a Celebrity Wars skin, although there is a bit much more nuance to it than that.

It’s not the best Star Wars-themed video game that’s ever existed, despite having the expansion that concentrated on the Clone Battles. The pair only appeared around the time of Episode II’s theatrical release, so generally, it never took advantage of a great deal of the great that’s been performed with the setup in the post-prequel age. Still, it’s readily available on Steam for under $5 and it’s remembered extremely lovingly– there are some terrific mods for it as well.


This is probably the best video game like Age of Realms you’ve never heard of. Created by a little indie group as well as an author by Slitherine, it wears its AOE ideas on its sleeve. It additionally includes a quite stylistic graphics layout, a skilled AI, and also some well-made factions.

You can really play a standard version of the ready free, and then you unlock the other civilizations available as micro-expansions. There’s an altercation bet the AI, as well as online multiplayer, along with survival as well as obstacle set. Empires Apart struggled to take off, also after its switch to a free-to-play version, yet it’s a pretty suitable and under-appreciated attempt to admire Age of Realms’ legacy. As we contemplate the arrival old of Realms IV, projects similar to this are worth bearing in mind.


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