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Dungeons & Dragons is a time-honored staple of tabletop gaming, the renowned, initial instance in which maths, madness, and melee fulfill in the center. That being said, there are lots of other instances of fantastic video games out there! When you’ve worn down the Monster manual and also escapades of Baldur’s Entrance, right here’s 10 of the best fantasy RPGs – that aren’t Dungeons & Dragons.

Well, we’ve sometimes been a little loose with the term “fantasy,” though the majority of these are healthy comfortably within that definition. Yet we’ve also got more savage takes, steampunk globes, and also timeless Arthurian myth, for those that like their tables rounder than many.

1. The 13th Age

13th Experience takes comparable technicians to D&D, strips them, and adds really expanded narration flavor as well as technicians. For instance, with the ‘icon’ auto mechanic, characters have distinct links to the environment. Everything offers adequate ground for storytelling, both in and out of battle.

Furthermore, there’s some wild hijinx to be had with several of the 13th Adventure projects. The legendary Eyes of the Stone Thief adventure component includes an actual dungeon that crawls up from underneath the planet as well as swallows whole cities – incorporating them right into its deathly bowls. It’s a module packed with chaos, monolithic beasts, and also vengeance.

Or The Strangling Sea, which takes place in the aptly dubbed Stranglesea: where the decayed carcasses of boats drift quietly, ugly beasts delight in passers-by, and ships launch through creepy song.

13th Age publisher Pelgrane Press also recently launched the upcoming tabletop RPG The Yellow King, which sees you checking out eldritch scariest amongst various twisted dream worlds.

2. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4E

Not all players like their dream loaded with dragons and also golden-haired heroes. Some of us choose gruesome rat individuals. Or explosive headshots.

Reduced fantasy to its core, the Warhammer globe drifts much more towards Evil Dead after that it does the soaring fairies and worthy sources of Middle-earth. Peculiar to its British origins, it’s also blackly comic and soaked in the lurid impacts of heavy metal.

Although it has orcs and elves and spells, the globe of Warhammer is actually established a little later than your common traditional fantasy price.

Weapons, for one, are offered – although not respected, since yet. Magic as well, is not accepted, but viewed as harmful – linked to the forces of Chaos that permeate right into the Warhammer globe. Pressures which, if they touch you, trigger gruesome mutations and madness. Because of this, casting a lowly spell might cause a dimensional break opening that ingests you whole. The repercussions in Warhammer are much nastier after that in D&D as a whole.

Last but not least, you can play non-heroic classes, like the modest peasant, or a scholastic. Within these are numerous occupation alternatives. Probably you ‘d like to be a rat-catcher, geared up with a tiny, savage pet dog. Whatever course you select, you’re rather most likely to pass away. A lot. Yet is it fun? Oh yes.

3. King Arthur Pendragon

Long live the King! If starting treacherous missions for your lord and your lady-love in a world of cursed woodlands as well as soaring castles allures, this is the RPG for you.

Each gamer is a knight starting under Uther Pendragon. As is practice, you’ll be accumulating great, godly actions and also glorious fight victories. As well as, if all mosts likely to plan, you’ll be sculpting your name onto the Round Table itself in addition to the mythic heroes of yore.

King Arthur Pendragon eschews dungeon crawls in favour of quests, political as well as military machinations – and even spiritual trips. In in between adventures, you can catch your very own estate, obtain married as well as also have kids. Often, characters obtain retired, and the player begins playing their beneficiary. Campaigns take place throughout literal generations.

Remarkably clean, not just does it rotate only around a d20 system (significance you won’t specifically need a chest of dice to play, unlike D&D), yet its Characteristics and also Passions statistics specify personality as well as moral predicaments very properly.

Absolutely one to play if you’re searching for something really different, and also possibly soaked extra worldwides of history over that of monsters. That stated, there are some genuinely wonderful mythic monsters and also nasties to satisfy on the planet of King Arthur Pendragon.

4. Symbaroum

Made in Sweden, Symbaroum is a dark fantasy set in a deep and dark woodland chock filled with old damages as well as prizes. Its landscapes are haunted, its personalities traumatised, as well as its monsters are pure, unbridled problem fuel.

In a land where Blight rules, and left untended enough time, it’ll warp your gamer characters into something awful. It reminds me of the initial Dragon Age game in regards to motif, and then some.

There are inns embeded in the branches of jagged trees, starving trolls and blight-infested creatures that are tall, ashen as well as covered in horns. It’s even got a titan, gaping wyrm called Uncle Linton.

That stated – brooding landscape apart – this is certainly one for even more combat/exploration based players. Although it’s story and setting is great, there’s not as much of a focus given on examination and also communication, as in some other titles. Likewise the art by itself suffices to haunt your desires.

5. Blades at night

One of the finest tabletop roleplaying games out today, in Blades at night, you are a criminal, as well as you’ll be managing break-ins on the nasty streets of an industrial-fantasy city.

There are a cornucopia of criminal offenses, cursed enigmas as well as bloody loyalties to be had. The globe itself is dark, packed with literal ghosts (plus phantom style) as well as deep corruption.

Your goal is to rise to the top of the criminal underworld through managing a variety of work and squashing your competitors.

Rather than a barbarian or wizard, you’ll be playing among a series of shabby criminal archetypes. These consist of the likes of the Whisper, an occult-fused sort that can require ghosts to do their bidding process.

Mechanically, it’s much less complex than Dungeons & Dragons, depending rather on a small d6 dice pool.

As you ‘d anticipate in the setting, there are plentiful of possibilities to obtain playing with dangerous gadgets as well as occult lore. Perfect if you enjoy outlining, scheming (especially if all of it goes wrong) and getting your stab on.


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