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Released in 2016, Firewatch is a video game that complies with the distinct story of a fire hunt in a national forest. In regards to characters, there are just a couple of them, and none of them are actually seen – only talked to by means of a walkie-talkie. The video game is exceptionally explorative, permitting players to appreciate the wonders of nature and also examine their abilities in map analysis. The dialogue is additionally pretty amusing with excellent voice acting.

The video game was additionally enjoyed for its tale as well as main personality. The protagonist, Henry, has a little bit of a terrible backstory that is very easy to sympathize with. The tale consists of a little bit of an enigma, with an unknown someone trashing the woodland who is perhaps also hazardous. This kind of walking simulation gameplay and story can be incredible, and there are comparable games out there that fans should look into.

Upgraded on September 3, 2021, by Ritwik Mitra: When somebody speaks about one of the best story-driven experiences of perpetuity, Firewatch is definitely a title that is raised by the majority of followers. It’s impossible to ask yourself simply how a fire search could have an interesting tale, but Firewatch handles to blow everybody’s expectations out of the water with an absolutely fantastic story that will certainly keep fans hooked all the way approximately a quite divisive ending. Players who wish to experiment with more video games like Firewatch must have a look at the adhering to titles to scratch that itch.

Life Is Weird

The time-traveling story of Life is Weird, in addition to strong personality performances, produces a one-of-a-kind title that is impossible to take down at times. This is generally due to the stellar writing of the title that will interest gamers to no end.

It’s a great referral for any type of gamer keeping an eye out for a title like Firewatch. The unique time-reversal mechanics coupled with fascinating tale beats produce an easy game to take a seat and also play.

The Stanley Parable

One of the much more one-of-a-kind video games on this list, The Stanley Parable is a must-play for any fan of distinct narrative titles. It’s the fashion in which this video game utilizes the medium of video games to tell its tale that makes it such an outstanding game.

The hilarity of Kevan Brighting’s narration with each activity that the gamer takes is fairly funny certainly. Inevitably, The Stanley Parable is a comical strolling simulator that is excellent for players watching out for video games like Firewatch that do not take themselves too seriously.

What Remains Of Edith Finch

Released simply a year after Firewatch, What Stays of Edith Finch is fairly comparable as it is a first-person expedition video game. As the player checks out wilderness, spaces, and other areas, the gamers get narration from Edith, the protagonist.

While the gameplay is really similar to Firewatch, the tale is rather various. The gamer learns more about the different means Edith’s loved ones passed away. Like Firewatch, it won lots of honors such as Quality in Narrative, Finest Game, as well as Finest Gameplay.

Layers Of Fear

In the beginning glance, Layers of Worry seems like one of the many first-person horror titles available that market themselves totally on shock worth. Nonetheless, gamers that create this video game off after going by this first impression will certainly remain in for rather a shock indeed.

The psychedelic story of Layer of Anxiety is conveniently one of the very best parts of the entire experience. As long as gamers have the stomach to birth the scarier moments of this title, they’ll have the ability to enjoy among the best video game stories ever before made.

The Novice’s Guide

Another special title made by the designer of The Stanley Parable, The Beginner’s Overview is a deceptively gripping strolling simulator that is worth any person’s time. It could not have been as generally beloved as its precursor, but the title is still a wonderful experience for fans of computer game.

The manner in which the developer, Davey Wreden, covers his own personal struggles around video game advancement in the narrative is quite special. It could not be for everyone, but The Newbie’s Overview is still an outstanding title that is worthy of all its acclaims no matter.

To The Moon

RPG Manufacturer video games often tend to either be low-budget bite-sized experiences … or some truly wonderful experiences paired with exceptional stories. To the Moon falls rather conveniently in the latter group.

The game’s narrative is definitely great and also heartfelt, compeling also the most calm players around to shed a tear. The fact that the game’s finishing is likewise quite fulfilling is the perfect cherry in addition to this remarkable cake.

Gone Residence

One more first-person expedition game, Gone Home was first released in 2013. There are no specified goals in the video game, however more and more parts of the house come to be explore-able as the gamer finds objects.

The protagonist is a 21-year-old female named Katie. She comes home to find her family is not around. It depends on the player to piece together what took place during Katie’s lack.

The Witness

Launched in the same year as Firewatch, The Witness is marketed extra as a problem game than an expedition one. Do not let that fool you however, as the game has an open-world island to explore.

The major character is unrevealed as well as has no memory of who they are or just how they ended up on the island. The player must address grid-based challenges to proceed through the game. It does not have an inspiring narrative like Firewatch, but it is attractive and also explorative similarly.

The Long Dark

Picture Firewatch yet as opposed to taking care of a national park, you remain in an icy land trying to make it through. The Long Dark is a mixture of survival and expedition, with gamers having to make it through freezing temperatures as well as different risks from Mother Nature.

The video game has both an intriguing tale as well as a Survival Setting for any type of gamers who want a challenge. It’s the best title for gamers seeking out video games like Firewatch.


Made by the exact same firm that produced Gone House, Fullbright, Tacoma is an additional first-person expedition game. Nevertheless, this one occurs in an apparently empty spaceship. The players have actually augmented truth that enables them to see what has actually happened on the ship in the past.

The game was released in 2017, and also though it obtained positive testimonials, it did offer fewer copies than Gone Residence.

Everyone’s Gone To The Rapture

This video game, launched in 2015, has actually won awards for its songs, dialogue, composing, as well as audio. It occurs in a little English village during the 80s, and its residents have actually mysteriously vanished. It is up to the gamer to figure out why everyone is gone as well as what actually happened.

Like Firewatch, the video game is a strolling simulator with a ton of creative job took into the atmosphere. It may be instead uninteresting in the beginning glimpse, however the underlying tale of Everybody’s Mosted likely to the Rapture is a thing of appeal and perfect for players choosing games like Firewatch.


Happening in Northern Canada, Kona is a game where players tackle the duty of an investigative, Carl Faubert, who explores weird events entailing criminal damage. Like Firewatch, the video game is rooted in secret as well as is a climatic trip. It also was in fact made with crowdfunding with Kickstarter.

The game really feels more unsafe than Firewatch, nevertheless. Nevertheless, gamers do need to fend off natural threats such as the killer chilly and hungry wolves.

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

For fans of Firewatch that like horror, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter with worth having a look at. The facility is an investigator examining the disappearance of a 12-year-old boy as well as some paranormal phenomena. The video game was really slightly inspired by an old narrative called An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.

A few of the gameplay involves problems as well as stealth. Like Firewatch, the video game is set in an open-world environment.

Dear Esther

Made by the same business that created Everybody’s Mosted likely to Rapture, Dear Esther has gamers check out an unrevealed island off the landmass of Scotland. The only goal is to check out the land. As gamers explore, they open letters a man contacted his deceased wife.

Like Firewatch, the video game puts love into the ambience. It comes across as creepy at times, but it is not horror like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. It is except everybody though, as it is completely concentrated extra on story than gameplay.

Call Of The Sea

Embed in the South Pacific throughout the 1930s, Call of the Sea has gamers check out an island via the eyes of a woman, Norah, searching for her husband’s missing exploration. The title came out in 2020.

While there is first-person exploration, there are also problems. It takes most players regarding 7 hrs to defeat.

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