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Myst is a renowned graphic adventure video game that was first released in 1993 on Mac OS before concerning Windows the list below year. The game was a big success, coming to be the very successful PC video game of perpetuity – a title that it held till The Sims was launched as well as at some point surpassed its sales figures. Myst’s success was mainly down to its remarkable island, which looked amazing for the time, as well as its properly designed problems that were wisely integrated right into the settings. All these games are chosen after a lot of hard work by verifying against many filters. Most games in this list can provide you with similar entertainment like Myst game.

Myst has had a plethora of remasters and also re-releases over the years, and it has recently come to Microsoft’s membership service Video game Pass. Myst’s incorporation in Game Pass will bring a whole new audience to Myst, and numerous players will be creating an itch to play some more outstanding problem video games.


Riven is an obvious choice for followers of Myst, as it is a sequel to the classic game. Riven was launched four years after Myst in 1997 and threw gamers right into a brand-new set of islands for gamers to explore as well as resolve countless problems.

Retrospectively, many people think about Riven to be just as excellent, if not far better than Myst – though this was far from the situation at the time. Riven was heavily slammed in 1997, as it featured an extremely similar brand name of point and also click gameplay to Myst, which some individuals really felt had ended up being out-of-date.


Obduction was launched in August 2016 and, like Riven and also Myst, was created by Cyan Worlds. The game begins with the gamer being moved to an unidentified place and requires them to resolve a variety of problems to discover their method of residence.

Obduction battled to get to the heights of Riven as well as Myst, but it was still fairly well-received, exemplified by its matching 76 critic rating and also 7.6 customer score on Metacritic.

The Witness

The Witness had a lot of interest as well as the hype behind it leading up to the game’s release, mainly thanks to its designer and supervisor Jonathan Blow, who is best recognized for his service the innovative indie game Braid.

The good news is, 2016’s The Witness really did not dissatisfy – the game places players on a beautifully created island that is filled to the brim with challenging problems to solve as well as secrets to discover. IGN was specifically free of The Witness and lately rated it as the 53rd best video game of perpetuity.

The Space

The Space was first released in September 2012 on iOS as well as became one of the most extremely concerned mobile video games of its period. The Area has actually considered that had several sequels and been released on many other gaming consoles, aiding the franchise reach 11.5 million sales in 2016, making it among the highest-selling problem video games of all time.

As the name recommends, The Room puts gamers in a room with a bit more than a box in it; this box has far more to it than it initially appears, though, as it is the resource of all the video game’s puzzles. In spite of every one of the puzzles being carried out right into a box, The Room has terrific depth and range to its puzzles that will keep gamers engaged up until the end.


RiME is yet one more video game on this list that strands gamers on a mystical island. The adventure puzzle game is divided into 5 huge degrees as well as includes a reoccurring spirit that works as an overview. RiME distinguishes itself from the previous entries on this checklist with its third-person perspective, though its focus on ecological puzzles is similar to Myst.

RiME was favored by critics, exhibited by its 82 Metascore on Xbox One.

The Secret of Monkey Island

Myst was far from being the only effective graphic adventure in the 90s, as the decade was loaded with critically acclaimed, beloved factor and click journey games. A significant amount of these games originated from LucasArts, including Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, as well as The Secret of Ape Island.

There are millions of fans of this game who consider this one as the best alternative to the Myst series. You can also try it and suggest it to all your friends who may like to try some news games.

The Secret of Ape Island has many differences to Myst, yet any individual intending to attempt more challenge games from the 90s should absolutely provide the initial Monkey Island a shot. Although The Secret of Monkey Island has a terrific series of complicated challenges, it’s the game’s wit that attracts attention – mostly thanks to one of pc gaming’s most legendary protagonists, Guybrush Threepwood.

Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle is, like The Secret of Monkey Island, a LucasArts visuals experience from the 90s that has many distinctions to Myst but is essential for any type of problem fan.

Whereas Myst needs the gamer to take a trip to numerous ages, Day of the Tentacle has three protagonists that travel via time and also need to collaborate to quit the evil Purple Tentacle. Like Myst, Day of the Tentacle Remastered is currently offered on Game Pass.

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Quern– Unequaled Ideas

Besides the video games that were made by Cyan Worlds themselves, Quern – Undying Thoughts uses the closest experience to Myst on this checklist. The video game’s similarities are right away noticeable from its visuals, soundtrack, as well as sound impacts, while the style of problems also shares numerous resemblances with both Myst and Riven.

Quern– Unequaled Thoughts can obtain tiresome at times, with much of the runtime being spent exercising where the challenges are instead of exactly how to fix them – though it’s still an excellent challenge video game that Myst followers will love.

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