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The amount of Star Wars-themed video games is incredible, however, only a few are remembered as really terrific titles. Among them are treasures like Celebrity Wars: Rogue Squadron on the N64, the classic Celebrity Wars: Battlefront II, and the Jedi Knight collection.

Raven Software program’s Jedi Academy is the most recent and most beloved part of the Jedi Knight series. It allows you to play as Jaden Korr, a brand-new student at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy. And it’s a lotta fun!

If you’ve already gotten rid of the game’s main campaign and also are seeking even more activity, be it multiplayer or single-player, the online modding neighborhood has you covered.

Allow’s have a look at several of the most effective mods for a brand-new Jedi Academy experience.

10. The Ladder

Originally created by JediNight for Jedi Derelict, The Ladder is a wave-based survival degree indicated to evaluate your abilities against increasingly tough adversaries.

It was ported to Jedi Academy by respected mod author Circa, which changed some structures as well as a number of code lines here & there to make it work in the lot more recent video games.

This single-player map might have a straightforward idea, yet it can give hours upon hours of enjoyment as you hone your Lightsaber dueling abilities versus hordes of opponents.

9. New Starting SP Mod

One more fairly small however pleasant mod is New Beginning by designer MagSul, which functions as a direct continuation of the Light Side closing of Jedi Academy.

You’ll play as a completely brand-new personality across two levels.

That might sound like inadequate, however, trust me, the first one is extensive enough for hrs of gameplay if you go around exploring everything.

It’s also loaded with interesting easter eggs, personalized possessions, brand-new dialogue, and also a couple special cinematics.

8. Escape: Yavin IV

On the other side of the Force we have Escape: Yavin IV, a straight extension of the Dark Side ending where Jaden Korr succumbs to his dark impulses and takes the Scepter of Ragnos for himself.

Created by The Unbeholden, this brand-new campaign mod adheres to Jaden Korr after being used and also disposed of by a brand-new Sith Lord, who leaves him to rot in Yavin IV for four years.

The initial mod features 13 extensive objectives, custom new Lightsabers, brand-new capacities, as well as upgraded visual impacts.

On top of that, the extra current “Lost Missions” upgrade adds a massive 35 completely brand-new levels for you to delight in. Yes, this one’s big.

Guaranteed to maintain you active for hours.

7. Innovator Conversion Mod

Star Wars’ innovator trilogy gets a lot of negative representative online.

However this is still where a minimum of fifty percent of the fanbase learnt more about Star Wars, and also their visual is just on point.

Well this mod by Circa will certainly let you submerse yourself on the planet of the prequel trilogies by replacing the video game’s base opponents with Trade Federation Battledroids, Super Battledroids, Droidekas and introducing opponents like Jango Fett as well as Matter Dooku.

All the spacecrafs, the weapons, and also even the audio effects are likewise changed to harmonize the innovators’ style.

6. The Dark Leisure activity

While its title might seem like it’s a development for The Sims, The Dark Activity is an intricate project happening a number of years after the occasions of Jedi Academy’s Light Side finishing.

In this cosmos, The Academy continues to battle the damaged residues of the Galactic Realm together with the New Republic.

After a New Republic base upon Goura is inexplicably destroyed forcibly unknown, the Academy sends Jaden Korr’s advisor, Kyle Katam, to explore as well as find the truth.

What will you discover? Well, only one way to discover.

5. Nina Series

The Star Wars cosmos is much more than the battle in between the Sith and the Jedi.

Even if that’s the central focus of its major story.

This collection of modded projects by designer Larry McBruce is just one of the earliest ever to become popular.

It offers a brand-new perspective by having you play as Nina, that’s both a fugitive hunter as well as the youngest sister of the fallen Sith Lord Tavion.

Besides the classic “Nina 1.5” mod, the collection is continued in Nina: Obscure Secret as well as Nina: Genesis.

4. Knights of the Force 2.1

One of one of the most enthusiastic works in progress for Jedi Academy is Knights of the Force 2.1.

This complete conversion mod intends to introduce characters as well as places from all across the 3 major trilogies, Rogue One and even Celebrity Wars Rebels.

I resolve including the variation number here due to the fact that this is actually a restored version of an older mod called Knights of the Force, which had been deserted for fairly some time before the present group started working on it.

I’d anticipate excellent points!

3. EternalJK

EternalJK is an upgraded fork of OpenJK, an enormous open-source customer for Jedi Academy that repairs compatibility concerns with contemporary os as well as equipment.

It’s likewise a pre-requisite for many mods on this list.

If you wish to play Jedi Academy or any of the Jedi Knight video games on a modern-day system running Windows 10, you’ll require this set.

Thankfully configuration is quite simple and also it supplies some guidance, however this is definitely worth discovering exactly how to mount & play with.

2. Celebrity Wars: Motion Picture Battles II

Movie Fights II is conveniently one of the most talked-about and prominent multiplayer Jedi Academy mod of the past years.

It includes a truckload of personalities and also personality archetypes to the video game, so you can see why it gets so much interest.

It additionally presents maps from throughout the Star Wars mythos and even other video games with a fitting aesthetic, amounting to over 100 multiplayer battle arenas.

It sustains several multiplayer modes, as well as substantial 16v16 group deathmatches are widespread in a lot of multiplayer servers.


1. Celebrity Wars: Movie Battles

While Movie Battles II is still the most prominent multiplayer mod, there’s a lot more current endeavor that provides a lot of the very same attributes with an upgraded discussion.

Movie Battles is the spiritual follower of Flick Battles II, making use of OpenJK as its key engine and also remastering the classic multiplayer mod with much better computer animations, HD sound results, songs, and voice clips.

It also supports prequel-like “SFX” Lightsabers, which was sorely missing from the initial.

As well as this also presents some even more battle positions to raise playstyle variety.

Definitely worth a shot, and may the Force be with you.

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