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Below is a selection of several of our favorite mods from the age-old turn-based technique game, although it deserves pointing out this is a slightly fragmented list due to the somewhat strange nature of the XCOM 2 DLC collection.

The difference between vanilla XCOM 2 as well as War of the Chosen is a bit like night and day, so the modding purposes for both variations of the video game can be quite different. A mod for one won’t necessarily help the various other without some tinkering. Some mods on our checklist have versions available for both, as well as we have actually marked them where pertinent.


Getting every one of your soldiers to the evac factor and needing to go via the long roping out computer animation with each one of them is tedious to the point of abuse. Evac All adds a helpful little button that makes every device in the evac area rope out at the same time. Not just does it look cooler, it additionally conserves a minimum of a minute. I can not advise this enough as a lifestyle mod.

This mod additionally has a War of the Chosen version available.


3 words: Diablo Design Loot

With brand-new add-ons that offer tool holders unique perks and also abilities as well as numerous brand-new stat-boosting add-ons, this is ideal for maintaining the sense of threat and reward entering the late game when intel and products begin to really feel repetitive. And also the sheer number of things obtaining added is amazing:

96 new upgrades for main weapons

81 brand-new upgrades for armors

45 brand-new upgrades for guns

45 brand-new upgrades for swords

87 new upgrades for gremlins

45 new upgrades for psi amps

45 brand-new upgrades for grenade launchers

Grimy has actually additionally made a PCS Loot Mod that functions alongside this and makes the Skulljack useful throughout the video game as well as an Alien Rulers Loot Mod, though that calls for the Alien Rulers DLC (which every little thing need to have by now if you’ve acquired War of the Chosen).

Mentioning, there is also a Battle of the Chosen variation for this mod.


In the mid to late game Elerium Cores are as rare as Bitcoins and also the Research center can sit still for months at a time if you’re unlucky. And also without fresh cores, you’ll fall behind on unique armours, heavy weapons, speculative ammunition and grenades. Elerium Grounds lets you– once you’ve completed the pre-requisite study– build Elerium Cores to your hearts material (for a cost).

It also allows you to upgrade the Spider and also Exo fits, maintaining them as legitimate shield alternatives for the late video game. Nevertheless, if you desire, both parts of the mod are downloadable individually. While it will reveal a little caution icon when loaded with WotC, it can be played with no concerns.


The (in) renowned Long Battle mod returned alongside the launch of the workshop for XCOM 2. Formally sanctioned by Firaxis themselves, Pavonis Interactive have essentially consisted of an overhaul DLC absolutely free.

Long War 2 consists of a longer project, brand-new classes with special abilities and also mechanics, new infiltration systems that call for sending out numerous squads, a tactical introduction AI, SMG tools, as well as new adversaries.

The brand-new courses have more customisation options with a 3rd choice offered at every rank (which can be downloaded and install separately as the Long War Benefit Pack). My individual favourite part of the Long War mod are the leaders. Devices can be learnt the Guerrilla Training College to obtain unique abilities that profit the squad. However, only one leader can be handled each objective so you need to be careful that you lay the concern on.

If you want to breathe new life into vanilla, this is one of the most vital mod for you. Pavonis Interactive’s Long Battle mod for Adversary Unidentified was amazing and so is this.


This is a more recent mod that’s already confirming rather popular. It’s a cosmetics mod that allows you to kit your soldiers out in numerous armours influenced from the Mandalorian race from Star Wars. Collections from across the numerous periods have been included, which will allow for some varied as well as– frankly– bad ass XCOM soldiers.

It most be noted that there are a couple of advised mods that you ought to get along with this, such as the ‘Totally Undetectable Heads’ mod. This is due to the fact that the vanilla heads/hair can clip via the new versions, so if you want to keep the immersion you’ll wish to vanish those heads.


Fizz! Oh, wait, failed to remember to place something in the Resistance Ring. Whoosh! Whoosh! Dammit, bond readily available. Fizz! Whoosh! Research study completed. Whoosh!

You understand. Going back and forth between spaces as well as the geo-scape can be like drawing teeth when you’re attempting to obtain something done fast. Instant Avenger Menus eliminates the change animations as well as simply allows you come down to business to beat the aliens!

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