Goldcrest Vacation Homes Murree

Goldcrest Vacation Homes Murree


Goldcrest Vacation Homes Murree is a select private task created by Giga Gathering that is an extraordinary travel industry objective for the whole family. It is undeniably situated at Patriata-Islamabad Street, and this undertaking’s NOC will before long be supported by skilful power. These excursion resorts feel like home, offering comforts and conveniences, including resort-like room administration, express clothing, and housekeeping offices. Now you can easily hire Estate Agents Canary Wharf without any trouble of finding them through your connections.

Goldcrest Getaway homes is a low-ascent working to supplement the regular environmental elements making it eco-accommodating. The end-all strategy involves two structures with the ground, first and second floors, and confidential porches with rich offices and conveniences.

This blog will feature every one of the huge insights regarding Goldcrest Getaway homes, similar to proprietors and engineers, NOC, area, maps, availabilities, end-all strategy, and installment plan. You may also like to Invest in Park Zameen Town..

Goldcrest Vacation Homes Murree Owners and Developers

The designers of Goldcrest Vacation Homes Murree are the Giga Gathering of Organizations, which was laid out in 1965. These engineers have developed from a material organization and ventured into bullion exchange, gold refining, land improvement, and development organization. Giga Gathering intends to foster property of significant worth and quality all over Pakistan.

Giga Shopping center Islamabad is its ideal and most notable land advancement. Giga Gathering is prepared to grow its aptitude in making symbols in Pakistan. The pioneer behind the Giga Gathering of organizations is Haji Abdul Rahim.

Giga Group Projects

Al Ghurair Giga Group is a large corporation with years of experience in real estate. The following are the successful projects by the Giga Group of companies:

  • Giga Mall
  • D Mall Islamabad
  • Crescent Bay Karachi
  • Pearl Residency Karachi
  • Canyon View Islamabad
  • Lignum Tower Islamabad
  • Goldcrest View Islamabad
  • Goldcrest Views 1 & 2 Dubai
  • Goldcrest Highlife Islamabad
  • Defence Residency Islamabad
  • El Cielo Apartments 1 and 2 Islamabad
  • Goldcrest Souq Mall and Residency Lahore

Goldcrest Vacation Homes Murree NOC

The No Complaint Declaration (NOC) of Goldcrest Summer homes is destined to be endorsed by the able power. Each lodging task’s legitimate status assumes a pivotal part in making it a productive venture. These Getaway homes are created by the Giga bunch, whose all-past ventures are supported.

Goldcrest Vacation Homes Murree Location

The area of Goldcrest Getaway homes is at Patriata-Islamabad Street, close to the Murree Shopping center Street and Angoori Street. It is effectively available from Samsi Market Murree. Besides, it is inside the area of Bhambrot Sayedan. Considered a solid spot guarantees a tranquil climate.

Goldcrest Homes Accessibilities

The following are the access points of Goldcrest Vacation Homes:

  • Located at Patriata-Islamabad Road
  • 50 min drive away from Bhurban
  • 5 min drive away from Angoori Road
  • 21 min drive away from Patriata Chairlift
  • 45 min drive away from Murree Mall Road
  • 47 min drive away from Muree Expressway
  • 35 min drive away from Sozo Adventure Park
  • 60 min drive away from Islamabad Serena Hotel

Goldcrest Vacation Homes Murree Master Plan

The all-inclusive strategy of Goldcrest Summer homes depends on an area of just about 300 Kanal. It offers country estates that are completely outfitted, propelled by resort-style ways of life. Every condo would be outfitted with finely planned furniture that characterizes extravagance and solace. You can also check Lahore Smart City

Goldcrest Vacation Homes Apartments

Following are the various residential options that can be availed in this project:

1-bedroom Apartments

They are accessible in sizes 920 and 714 sq. ft. These lofts can be reserved by paying a down and out installment.

2-bedroom Apartments

2-room lofts are accessible in the spans of 1107 and 1200 sq. ft.

3-bedroom Apartments

They are available in sizes 1817 and 1417 sq. ft. They are of the following type:

  • Studio

The studio lofts are accessible in 887 and 709 sq. ft.

Goldcrest Vacation Homes Murree Payment Plan

The installment plan of Goldcrest Country estates will be accessible on a 3-year simple portion plan. The installment plan will be adaptable and helpful for financial backers. Subsequent to paying a 10% upfront installment, you can book your property.

The excess sum can be paid in portions of 3 years. In the event that you decide to pay the aggregate sum at the hour of booking, you can profit 10% markdown. Further subtleties of the installment plan can be straightforwardly obtained from the engineer’s organization.

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Salient Features of Goldcrest Vacation Homes Murree

Goldcrest Getaway homes is a family-situated project that will give families an objective that is protected, secure, and gated with reinforcement power and day-in and day-out CCTV reconnaissance and security.

The following are the salient features of Goldcrest Vacation Homes:

  • Gymnasium
  • Private Terraces
  • Room Service
  • Backup Power
  • Bonfire Areas
  • Barbeque Areas
  • Ice Cream Shop
  • Health and Fitness Club
  • Housekeeping Facilities
  • Excellent Rental Returns
  • Underground Car Parking
  • Jogging and Walking Tracks
  • Miracle Garden & Fountains
  • Facility & Tenancy Management
  • 24-hour CCTV Security and Surveillance


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