Kingdom Valley

What is the Kingdom Valley discount form?

Kingdom Valley Rebate Structure (KDF)

Kingdom Valley Rebate Structure is an extraordinary chance for financial backers to pay in portions. The realm Valley, a top lodging society in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, has reported the issuance of the Realm Valley Markdown Structure (KDF) for financial backers. The structure gives you help looking like paying your plot portion. In basic words, on the off chance that you pay PKR 80,000 through KDF, you can get a receipt of PKR 100,000. Notwithstanding, you ought to realize that the structure applies just to clients of General Block. The clients of business and leader blocks can’t get limits utilizing Realm markdown structures.

The structure arrangement is different for various sizes of plots. Be that as it may, you can get a rebate of PKR 5000/structure.

KDF methodology for 3.5 marla plots

You can purchase four structures if you own a 3.5-marla plot. Each structure has a cost of PKR 20000. Yet, by paying a portion through this structure, you can get a receipt of PKR 25,000. In this way, likewise, you can purchase four structures for PKR 80,000; and through these structures, you can get a rebate of PKR 20,000. In straightforward words, Kingdom Valley furnishes you with a remarkable rebate of 25% on portions that are paid using the Kingdom Markdown structure. The quantity of rebate structures is no different for 3.5, 4, and 5 marla plots.

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KDF system for 10 marla plots

For the portion of 10 marla plots, you can get 6 markdown structures, each having a worth of PKR 25,000. Yet, you can purchase each structure for PKR 20,000. In this way, after purchasing 6 structures for PKR 120,000, you can get the receipt of PKR 150,000. In such a manner, Kingdom valley is entirely considerable to provide you with a rebate of PKR 30,000. In any case, you must be qualified for acquiring a rebate on the off chance that you pay the portion through the Realm Markdown Structure. Besides, you can likewise purchase rebate structures for profiting markdown potential open doors for paying portions of 1 Kanal, 4 Kanal, and 8 Kanal.

KDF system for 1 Kanal plot

If you have booked a 1 Kanal plot in Kingdom Valley, and have issues paying the portion sum, simply sit back and relax, as the rebate type of Kingdom Valley offers you a 25% markdown. For a 1 Kanal plot, you can get 8 structures, each worth PKR 25,000 and a cost of 20,000. In this way, you need to pay just PKR 160,000 to purchase these structures, however, you can get a receipt of 200,000. In basic words, Realm valley offers you a rebate of PKR 40,000 through the markdown structure in paying the portions of a 1 Kanal plot that you have enrolled in the General Block of Realm Valley.

Rebate structure strategy for 4 Kanal plot

For 4 Kanal plots, you can purchase 10 structures to get a rebate for paying a portion of the plot. Likewise, you can get each structure at just PKR 20,000 each, however, each has a worth of PKR 25,000. In such a manner, you need to pay PKR 200,000 for purchasing 10 rebate structures. Be that as it may, you can get the receipt of PKR 250,000. In this way, in wording, the lodging society straightforwardly gives you a rebate of PKR 50000.

Rebate structure methodology for 8 Kanal plot

Now and then, you will feel an obstacle in paying your portions. However, the Kingdom Valley is the main Lodging society in Pakistan offering its clients exceptional rebate rates on 8 Kanal plots through Realm markdown structures. You can get 12 structures against your 8 Kanal plot. The cost of each structure is PKR 20,000; notwithstanding, the worth of each structure is PKR 25,000. In this way, for 12 structures, you need to pay PKR 240,000, however, you can get a receipt of PKR 300,000. All things considered, you can straightforwardly benefit from the markdown measure of PKR 60,000.


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