Best RAM Drive Softwares You Should Use In 2022

A RAM Drive Software program is a kind of application that briefly transforms your RAM into a secondary storage space tool as well as conserves specific files on it. The size of your RAM depends upon the dimension of the virtual storage area that can be created. These apps only use the extra RAM that is unutilized as well as shops temp data that are regularly accessed.

Did you understand that your RAM is 200 times faster than your HDD as well as at the very least 100 times faster than your SSD?

This suggests you can fetch the data kept in RAM at incredible speeds as contrasted to that stored on your hard disk. Currently it is not possible to keep all your data on RAM because of its unpredictable nature however you can reserve some part of your extra RAM for keeping those files that are regularly utilized. This can only be done by utilizing RAM Drive Software program that would certainly cause applications and also data reacting at a much faster rate. Additionally, the a lot more RAM you have, the extra can be booked by RAM Drive Software as a momentary virtual storage tool.

Several of the procedures that call for frequent access to files on your disk drive are playing video games, surfing the net, audio as well as video modifying, databases, as well as CAD applications.

Keep in mind: A Ram Drive Software program works oppositely in regards to the Pagefile.sys. The former transfers data from your hard drive to the extra portion of the RAM while the latter reserves a room on the hard disk and transfers the RAM information on your hard disk when the RAM is running low on memory.

Why Should We Use A RAM Drive Software?

  • There are particular advantages of making use of RAM Drive Software program on Computers with a significant amount of RAM.
  • Boosts handling rate as several of the regularly required files can be accessed much faster. This additionally boosts the tons times of your applications and also video games.
  • Safety and security is enhanced due to the fact that all the data kept on the RAM is wiped out the moment it loses power.

Uses the unused RAM that makes your computer much faster.

  • Increases your Hard drive life as the variety of read and compose operations reduces with a few of the information being accessed as soon as well as duplicated to RAM where it can be accessed several times without utilizing the hard drive.
  • Rise In Disk Creating Speeds as all the incoming data is very first saved on your RAM and after that contacted your hard drive when. This enables your computer system to assist in hefty read and compose operations effortlessly.

Finest RAM Drive Software You Have To Use

Since you understand what RAM Drive Software Application is as well as why it is so important to have one on your computer, let’s have a look at the most effective RAM Drive Software program, and after that you can choose the most effective one on your own:

Checklist of Contents

Why Should We Use A RAM Drive Software Program?

  • Primo Ramdisk
  • AMD Radeon RAMDisk
  • Gilisoft RAMDisk
  • Ultra RAMDisk
  • Qiling Disk Master Free
  • StarWind RAM Disk
  • OSFMount
  • SoftPerfect RAM Disk

1. Primo Ramdisk

Primo Ramdisk

Primo Ramdisk is an incredible RAM drive software that has an easy-to-use user interface as well as is created to make your computer much faster. It makes use of the unused room on your RAM as well as shops documents like cache and cookies which are regularly used by applications or surfing the net. This makes the response time of apps as well as games much better than before.


  • Assists make use of undetectable RAM
  • Dynamic Memory Monitoring
  • Allows Customers to select Quantity Tag and Drive Letter.
  • Supports FAT/FAT32/NTFS file systems.
  • Cost: $29.95 for one computer (Individual or Expert)

Click here to visit the web site.

2. AMD Radeon RAMDisk.

AMD Radeon RAMDisk.

The following one on the listing of ideal RAM drive software application is the AMD Radeon RAMDisk application which provides a flawless video gaming experience and also smooth surfing on the web. This application was developed to enhance the analysis and also writing rate of files on your system memory which would automatically boost the efficiency.


  • Speed up loading times of application & games.
  • The complimentary version makes use of approximately 4 GB only.
  • Allows individuals to use even more RAM with paid versions.
  • Cost: Free for 4 GB, $10 for 12GB, $13 for 24 GB, $15 for 32GB and $19 for 64GB.

Click here to go to the official website.

3. Gilisoft RAMDisk.

Gilisoft RAMDisk.

Moving on we have Gilisoft which is one more remarkable RAM drive application that creates an online disk space in your extra RAM that comes in Windows Explorer and also other apps. This digital drive can also be shown others on a network. The disk developed is quicker than any kind of hard disk and also helps to acquire a higher-performing PC. Users can select the dimension of the online drive produced together with its drive letter as well as data system.


  • Enhances surfing rates.
  • Improves gaming efficiency.
  • Expands the life of your hard disk drives.
  • Individuals can duplicate, relocate and delete files on this disk.
  • Price: $39.95.

Click on this link to see the main internet site.

4. Ultra RAMDisk.

Ultra RAMDisk.

Ultra RAMDisk is a RAM drive application that eats the least quantity of CPU resources and also uses your additional RAM area into a temporary hard disk drive. This helps to lower performance problems to a fantastic extent and enhances PC’s response time. It supports all Windows OS variations from XP to Windows 10.


  • It sustains drive production up to 16TB.
  • Can be made use of for 128 devices.
  • Create your own Drive Letter and also Volume Label.
  • Dynamic memory allowance.
  • Rate: $29.95 for 1 PC, $49.95 for 2 COMPUTER, $69.95 for 3 PC.

Click here to check out the main site.

5. Qiling Disk Master Free.

Qiling Disk Master Free.

The Qiling Disk Master is an exceptional collection of apps bundled as different components in one master application. This application assists the individuals to create a disk backup with various functions like schedule backup, compression, password protection, and also disk imaging. It likewise supports disk defragmentation as well as disk recovery functions like information restore OS recuperation environment, as well as system migration.


  • Supports Data back-up as well as File recovery.
  • Disk Clone as well as Disk Management.
  • Other misc devices like creating bootable media and also HDD wellness information.
  • Price: $0.

Click here to check out the official internet site.

6. StarWind RAM Disk.

  • StarWind RAM Disk.
  • Image: StarWind.
  • StarWind RAM Disk app provides virtual storage to its customers which supplies high-performance storage, this type of storage is unpredictable yet can be successfully utilized for screening, fixing situations, and various other misc usages. This RAM drive device is offered free of cost as well as sustains all kinds of RAM tools.


  • Enhances your PC’s existing performance.
  • Easy and easy to use with a few mouse clicks.
  • At no cost and also very easy to download.
  • Rate: $0.

7. OSFMount.


OSFMount is a multi-tasking software that was originally developed to help users mount local disk image documents. However with several updates throughout the years, certain brand-new modules have been included and one of them is producing a RAM drive. These drives are mounted in your RAM and give a speed advantage over SSDs and also HDDs. Applications that use cache data like games as well as browsers are significantly gained from this software application as it saves all the cache documents in the RAM drive which is simpler and also faster to accessibility.


  • Supports Windows 7,8 as well as 10.
  • Can install images of compact discs in ISO layout.
  • Aids to place local disk photo files.
  • Rate: $0.

8. SoftPerfect RAM Disk.

SoftPerfect RAM Disk.

Photo: SoftPerfect.

SoftPerfect RAM disk develops a digital disk in your existing RAM which acts comparable to a logical drive as well as can keep particular files and also cache that are frequently utilized. It also decreases the number of read/write on your physical hard disk and also prolongs the sturdiness of HDD and also SSD.


  • Create as much as 26 RAM Disks.
  • Volatile in nature and will shed data after power loss.
  • Disk Picture adjustment tools.
  • Price: $50.

The Last Word on What is Ram Drive Software and also List of Best Ram Drive Software.

RAMDrive software program is a vital program that aids to enhance the speed and also performance of your PC as well as at the exact same time prolongs the life of our disk drives. With such advantages, this has actually become one of the must-have applications in all computer systems similar to an anti-virus. If you are searching for a cost-free application the Qiling Disk Master is a multi-purpose app that gives additional functions including the RAM Drive module. And also if you prepare to invest a few bucks after that Primo RAMDisk is the ultimate software that will certainly assist boost the efficiency of your computer.

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