How To Use Msi Afterburner?

When overclocking your GPU on Windows, you can’t fail with MSI Afterburner. Yet what is this program, and also exactly how do you use it.

GPU overclocking is, for a lot of individuals, a scary idea. But it doesn’t really require to be one. As long as you know how to do it as well as where to limit on your own, you can forge ahead a little and also improve performance without actually hurting your hardware.

MSI Afterburner is not only one of the best GPU overclocking tools in the area, but a fantastic source for all of your GPU adjusting needs, whether those consist of overclocking, underclocking, undervolting, lengthy etcetera.

Still, it can be tough to enter at first, particularly if you’re a beginner in this entire overclocking motif. What’s MSI Afterburner specifically, and exactly how do you use it?

What is MSI Afterburner?

MSI Afterburner is, fairly possibly, one of the most previously owned GPU overclocking devices offered today for Windows. The initial variation of MSI Afterburner was launched in 2010 and is developed by MSI, or Micro-Star International, a Taiwanese modern technology company concentrated on computers.

And of course, it’s that MSI, the one that makes computer pc gaming equipment, graphics cards, motherboards, as well as whatnot. So does MSI Afterburner only work with MSI-made graphics cards?

Not at all.

MSI’s tool prides itself on being an all-in-one overclocking utility that works with any type of graphics card, regardless of if it’s an Nvidia card or an AMD Radeon card, and additionally services graphics cards not made by MSI. As well as most importantly, it’s totally free and also has a lot of added performance besides just being an overclocking device.

The overclocking part of MSI Afterburner is actually based on a rather old overclocking energy called RivaTuner. That person actually came out in 1997, however, it was last upgraded in 2009. RivaTuner gives the foundation for numerous overclocking energies, consisting of EVGA Accuracy X as well as ASUS GPU Tweak, however likewise MSI Afterburner

Back in its day, RivaTuner was the bee’s knees, however many people have actually picked MSI Afterburner by now. RivaTuner is still around– while the major RivaTuner software is unmaintained (although nothing practically stops you from utilizing it), RivaTuner Statistics Web server, a frame price and equipment display tool that was originally a buddy to the major RivaTuner device, is still proactively kept, and also even ships with the MSI Afterburner installer.

How Do I Install MSI Afterburner?

You can grab the current variation of MSI Afterburner from MSI’s website. You do not need to look for any type of special versions or anything of the sort– just grab the installer and also go to town. If you occur to require an older version of the program, you can grab older versions from FileHorse.

From there, run the installer. It will ask you if you wish to set up MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner Statistics Web Server, or RTSS, which comes packed with the installer. RTSS is actually not necessary to the software’s functionality, but it does permit you to reveal data and frame prices overlaid during games, which is a rather cool functionality you have, especially if you’re trying to document something. That’s true as much as you.

As soon as you have actually selected them, simply run the installer, undergo the rest of the instructions, and also wait until it’s completed. Congratulations! You have actually now mounted MSI Afterburner on your computer.

Exactly how Do I Use MSI Afterburner?

MSI Afterburner can do a great deal of stuff. Below are some of the things you can do with it, and just how you can do them.

When initially opening the program, you’ll be welcomed by a UI that kinda resembles a car and truck dashboard. It has a hefty style on top of it, which type of advises me of the kinds of styles Windows 98-era Windows Media Player made use of to have.

Ahead, you’re going to see stats on your GPU– the clock rate it’s currently running, and also what temperature it’s performing at. The bottom component has some sliders, which we’re going to get right into in deeper information in a bit, yet primarily, those sliders are what will allow you to overclock as well as underclock your GPU, and also do various other things to it.

On the left side, you’re going to see several switches. The spaceship-looking logo design will open up the Afterburner website, the “K” logo will certainly open MSI Kombustor, the information switch will certainly reveal you info regarding your CPU and GPU. From there, we have the OC Scanner device, which is indicated to instantly scan your GPU (utilizing an algorithm made by Nvidia for RTX 20 series cards) and also try to find the greatest possible overclock as well as use that to your GPU. From there, we have the settings button and the “monitor” switch, which will show you a graph of your graphics card’s temperatures.

After that, the best side has a number of numbers. Those are called “accounts.” Basically, whatever tweaks you do to your GPU, you can save them as an account so you can simply click it and promptly apply it at any moment.

If the default format is unsatisfactory for you, you can additionally change that. Just most likely to Settings, User Interface, and also select one of the many pre-loaded motifs.

How to Overclock Your GPU With MSI Afterburner.

There are 2 methods to overclock your GPU utilizing MSI Afterburner. The first one entails utilizing the OC Scanner function. As we said earlier, this is a device that will immediately scan your GPU for the very best overclocking setups.

First, click on the OC Scanner button, and also tap on the Scan switch. This procedure will certainly take a number of mins, so sit down and have some coffee while you wait on it to be done. Once it’s done, it’ll apply what it considers as the very best possible settings for your GPU.

MSI Afterburner OC Setups

You can additionally by hand fine-tune sliders to overclock your GPU. For that, move the Power Limit/Temperature sliders up in order to enable clearance for overclocking (both sliders are pinned per various others by default, so relocating one up will certainly move the other).

After that, tweak the Core Clock (MHz) slider up. You can additionally modify the Memory Clock. While doing this manually, it’s an excellent technique to do really light tweaks as well as mess around to locate a great balance between system security as well as an efficiency– without harming your hardware.

Exactly how to Change Your Follower Curve

You can likewise make use of the program to customize your follower curve. You can modify the speed your follower will certainly go, as well as at what temperatures it will certainly go off. To do this, just most likely to Settings, and also click on the Fan tab. After that, toggle Enable customer-defined software application automated fan control on. This will make the fan curve chart show up.

Fan Curve Config Afterburner

You can amount to eight nodes in the follower contour and modify it however you like. A steeper follower curve will keep GPU temperatures reduced, but it can likewise place extra wear and tear on the fans themselves, so you’ll need to discover a good happy medium if you wish to manually change it.

Just how to Limitation Your GPU by Power Consumption/Temperature

We mentioned previously that you can use the Power Limit/Temperature sliders for overclocking purposes. Yet you can additionally use it for keeping power usage or temperature levels on check at not a great deal of efficiency loss.

MSI Afterburner Power Limitation

For doing this, rather than moving the sliders up, you’ll wish to move them down instead. For instance, if you do not desire your graphics card to eat a great deal of power, you can relocate the Power Limitation slider down to something like 75%, so the card will not rise from whatever limits you’re developing.

MSI Afterburner Opens the Overclock Floodgates

MSI Afterburner is a trendy piece of software application that I would claim every computer gamer needs to have on their computer system. It’s light, and it allows you to not only overclock your GPU yet modify it to heck as well as back so it runs simply the means you desire it to run.

We simply gave you a few suggestions on how can you use it, but really, this is practically a tinkerer’s tool. It may have a small understanding contour to it initially, yet it’s indicated for you to mess around as well as find out what you desire to do with it.

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