Cyber Security

Why Knowledge and Awareness of Cyber Security Is Critical for Remote Companies

Establishing and maintaining a remote business is an exciting proposition. The internet allows for loads of creative ways to bring your unique wares and products to the marketplace. You can have the finest, most professional free Office Zoom backgrounds for your remote business but if you aren’t paying attention to your cybersecurity needs, your business could suffer from malware and other types of cyberattacks. 

The Threat of Personal WiFi

Hackers can use an unsecured WiFi connection to distribute malware and infect your computer. Malware encompasses any software that is designed to threaten, damage or gain access to a computer system and poses a serious threat to a business’s wireless security.

Encryption is a protective measure used against malware by encoding information. The process converts the plaintext into an alternative form, known as ciphertext. Theoretically, only authorized parties can decipher the ciphertext back to plaintext. Teams backgrounds, on the other hand, need no deciphering; they simply communicate your brand’s virtues to the world.

An encryption-free connection allows hackers to monitor all file sharing and traffic that is sent between the user and the server on a public WiFi network. A well-positioned attacker can track the network users connected to the router of an unsecured network and inject malicious Javascript into their devices. 

Threat of Employee IoT Devices

The number of devices that connect to the Internet of Things has exploded in recent years. Even though this kind of advancement leads to limitless possibilities, it can also be corrupted, which can lead to trouble for your business.

IoT devices can act as entry points into a business’s online environment and this can cause unpredictable, cascading effects on the organization’s networks. Hackers can weaponize IoT devices to spread malware through a network, take down websites in denial of service campaigns and launch DNS rebinding attacks that can turn an employee’s browser into a proxy to attack the network.

Employ VPNs

The best Microsoft Teams backgrounds can give your business the air of success and help to create both formal and informal environments, depending on your needs. Virtual Private Networks also help satisfy your business’s needs, in the realm of security. VPNs can securely connect a user to a company’s internal network or to the public internet. Businesses typically use a VPN to give remote employees access to internal applications and data, or to create a single shared network between multiple office locations. 

Cybersecurity is a critical element of remote companies. Having effective cybersecurity measures in place keeps your business’s data safe from threats. Investing in a security structure might involve securing your hardware and educating yourself about hacker tactics so as to better avoid things like phishing email scams. It might involve partnering with larger, recognized cybersecurity firms. Once your security needs are met, you can focus on developing your brand and making a name for your business in the virtual and physical marketplace. Visit a virtual backgrounds website today to access the perfect backgrounds to communicate your values and beliefs to your future clients and partners.