Powerful Benefits of Advertising with Video

Advertising as a marketing tool has undergone extraordinary changes in the last few decades. If we consider the time frame between the invention of the printing press and 2022, we can see how advertising has changed alongside the evolution of media.

In layman’s terms, the goal of advertising is to attract the target audience by showcasing how one’s goods or services can benefit the user. It is plenty clear that the focus of advertising is on the target audience or the potential customer. It is safe to say that content that grabs today’s shoppers’ attention is the ideal content for an advertiser.

As per various published research reports, the attention span of an average human has been reduced to merely a few seconds. And there are more companies and brands fighting for the same pair of eyes now than ever. 

Video advertising using an online video editor has practically helped modern as well as traditional businesses gain the extent of traction that they otherwise would never have achieved with print or static display ads.

The powerful benefits of advertising with video are briefly laid out below for you to know the immaculate power of an online video editor and video advertising in this era.

The Science of Consumer Psychology

Video has been a significant aspect of marketing strategy in recent years, with 62 percent of marketers claiming that video advertising has improved their business by more than 40 percent.

Audio and motion graphics have a significant influence on a consumer’s mind when making buying decisions. Keeping empirical evidence aside, right now, you can think of at least five jingles and quirky video advertisements seen either on your cable TV or your smart devices on YouTube and other platforms. But, can you as easily think of printed or static ads? Guess not!

Advertising using a video editor or an online video editor has skyrocketed in recent years since businesses are seeing tangible returns on ad spend on video advertisements.

Shareability and Virality

With increasing internet penetration in almost all countries worldwide, it has never been more convenient to share a video with your friends across platforms and devices with ease. You can not deny the fact that you have seen, sent, or received at least one cat or dog video in your lifetime! 

Using an online video editor, advertisers are now creating quirky and funky content that is being shared and amplified by their target audience to gain a huge share of voice in the market.

Other examples include the use of video advertising for crafting innovative yet impactful political messages as well as social welfare purposes.

Video content, due to its inherent nature, benefits from the social media frenzy that happens regularly if not daily.

Information and Education

The rise of edtech in the post-pandemic era shows that we prefer watching a video containing our desired answers at our convenience instead of surfing through dozens of web pages on Google. Simple ‘How-to’ guides have billions of views on YouTube alone.

This proves that advertisers using an online video editor to create video advertisements containing information and value benefits of their product stand a great chance to attract traffic and buzz regarding their product.

Lead Generation and Sales Funnel Management

As we have learned so far, video advertising is an amazing tool for marketers to attract more eyeballs to their products. But what if that does not convert to sales?

The ubiquitous or versatile nature of video advertising allows advertisers to craft videos based on each step of the stage of the customer journey.

You would have seen Amazon recommending short clips of the product alongside static images of the product. In the case of the service industry, say a salon, the engagement rate of viewers watching a tattoo being made in a time-lapse video is astonishingly higher than just a picture of the tattoo after it is completed.

Increased Efficiency of the Sales Workforce

Is your sales team wasting a significant portion of its bandwidth in repeating the features and benefits of your product? Simply embedding a video on your website would help the customer make an informed decision by getting a vast majority of the information required to press the ‘add to cart’ button.

Even after dozens of hours of training for the sales team, they might still run off the script every once in a while and lose out on clients. Video advertisement provides consistency in communication. Maybe your sales team can use its time in assisting buyers who have left the website after adding the product to the cart. 

Search Engine Bias

Search engines these days love video over text or images. They rank pages that include relevant and engaging video content higher than other links on the SERP. SEO is an extremely important aspect of any business visibility. The higher the rank, the more the number of visitors, higher the chances of conversion through the website. The video ad of your product stands a better chance of being noticed on Google or Bing if you have an engaging video of your product while your competitors merely have static images and text.

It is clear that those who are not using video advertising to promote their business are losing out on a ton of valuable customer engagement. Just to verify the sheer effectiveness of video advertisements, simply read about the experiences of founders, marketing managers, and business owners about the return on advertisement expenditure. You will almost always get positive feedback from them. Video content is more interactive, engaging, and appeals to human emotions more than any other form of communication. So, if you have a message to send out to a wide range of customers, you know the format to choose for the maximum impact.

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