What Do You Need to Know about Short Domain Names?

The domain name serves as the online address of a website. The domain is a memorable name that people type in the search engines while looking for a website. When you register a domain name, it will become unique to your brand and no other company in the world can use the same domain name as yours. 

The domain name is an online resource that helps people look for the perfect website without any problem. The domain name will help users identify one IP address or multiple IP addresses. The domain name has two-part and they are separated with a dot. The first part is the primary domain name and the latter part is the extension. 

You can buy great domain names for your business from a reputed domain registrar. However, keep in mind that there is nothing sort of permanent cost to owning a domain. You need to pay monthly or yearly fees to continue using the domain for your business. Additionally, the renewal fee is generally greater than the domain registration fee. 

What is the Perfect Length for the Domain Name?

As per many reports, short domain names are more useful than long domain names. However, you need to consider a holistic approach. The short domain names are not only memorable but easy to type and spell. The ideal length of the domain name should be anything between 5 and 8 characters. 

Nowadays, most business owners focus on choosing short domain names. As per reports, businesses avoid choosing domain names that are 12 characters or longer. 

Now that you know what short domain names are, you need to know their perks. Here are some advantages of short domain names. 

They Can Build Connection Easily 

Short domain names are generally 5 words or less. They are extremely easy to remember, interpret, and concise. If you’re planning to use traditional marketing techniques such as business cards, billboards, yard signs, and flags where the space is limited, you can easily print your short domain names on these materials. However, make sure the name you choose should be capable of gaining the attention of the users. When your brand name is simple yet strong, you will be able to develop a strong relationship with your potential customers and clients. As per Marketing Profs, maintaining a good customer relationship is important

They are Authoritative 

One of the benefits of short domain names is that they are authoritative, unlike the generic domain names that are too concerned. Online users will just need to type the URL and they will receive the information they were looking for. As the domain name is short, they can type it on the search engine easily. 

Unlike long domain names, short domain names are memorable. Many people face problems remembering the long domain names. On the other hand, the short domain names will also help you showcase your point to the customers effectively across different platforms. 

They are Easy to Type 

When you choose short domain names for your business, your customers won’t face any problem typing the name on the search engine. This is an important factor as more than 45% of online users prefer domain names that are short and easy to type. 


This is everything you need to know about short domain names. If you need the best short domain name for your organization, don’t forget to contact us and we will help you.