Digital Storytelling

Weekly, I post on my social media and my blog point I try to plan ahead what I’m going to post in my blog. It’s also a day-to-day blog, so I snappily pivot if there’s content I find intriguing or a new challenge turns up. The term digital liar covers the short stories and instant opening on social media and the adding instant visual liar. Occasionally, my jotting can have a remedial effect. If it’s an unwelcome challenge. I try to turn it around and find commodity positive.

I started on a vagrant life 20 times ago in 2000 but ultimately decided to live in the Dominican Republic, where I’ve lived as an ex-pat for 15 times and had an original real estate business. Just after a high academy in 1988, I worked for my family’s business, the Pressalit Group in Aarhus, Denmark, for 5 times, including a 2 times trainee period in Hamburg, Germany. Also, I started at University in Copenhagen and finished my law degree in 2000. My guests traveling during the epidemic, my unborn peregrination, the vagrant and ex-pat life, and the challenges and prices that come with that, I cover in my jotting.

The online business I’m erecting and the outfit and tools I choose to work with are all to show that I can write and tell stories from anywhere. I’ve gone through five veritably different main phases shaping my background for writing in the family commercial business, at University, traveling as a rambler, ex-pat life with an original small business, and lately, starting a new phase working ever with online content creation. I can go in the direction of being an author described more on my particular website and on my new digital liar website I’m developing, more in the direction of working with digital marketing, including copywriting. All creative jotting is different from

My purpose with my jotting is to be amusing, and perhaps the anthology can learn commodity from it or be inspired. Please read further about my jotting in the attached composition.

Entrepreneur Stories

I feel I’ve a lot of gests to partake. Through social media, blogs, papers, and a forthcoming ebook, my liar may serve as an alleviation for those working through depression, going through transition, or wanting to travel further. I hope it may help others to read stories from someone who’s continuing to discover oneself. I’m not trying to give business advice as I can’t offer much of that, but rather I can tell stories of gests I’ve had the last 20 times and new gests going forward.

I use the term entrepreneur astronomically and include the social entrepreneur hoping to appreciatively impact society or the artist working with the primary thing of creating art. Anybody who’s enterprising and, for a case, someone who prevails despite challenges like a physical handicap, internal illness, language, artistic differences, or differences in views on diversity. Through jotting and digital liar, I blog about the development of my online business and the challenges I encounter around legal issues, accounts, digital marketing, and technology.

Creative Writing

First, I’m writing an ebook in the tone- help kidney. Latterly, I’ll experiment with further creative jotting, perhaps poetry or short stories. I’ve also considered writing a novel. Locales for the stories could be in all the places I’ve been spending further time in the last 20 times Cuba, the Cayman Islets, the Dominican Republic, and Miami in the United States. As an alleviation for my jotting, from July 2022, I’ll be traveling to Denmark and England, where I’ve family as I’m part Danish and part English. And during 2022, I plan to visit Spain to look into possible unborn occupancy there.

Also, I plan to travel to Miami in 2023 and another corridor of the US before returning to Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic. On the LinkedIn Learning platform, I’m following the literacy path Develop Your Writing Chops, including a course by Shani Raja, Writing with Faculty How to Come an Exceptional Pen, and following his principles of simplicity, clarity, fineness, and evocativeness. I’m working on using that system in my jotting. I’ve decreasingly been using digital marketing and will blog about my uninterrupted literacy and strategy, styles, and tools, including my literacy around copywriting.

My First Ebook

I’m writing my first ebook, and it starts when I was in Miami in March 2020 on a visit, and the epidemic started unfolding. I’ll cover issues around internal health from my own experience with a period of severe depression and gradationally perfecting but passing lapses before ultimately recovering. I describe the decision to close my business in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, restructure the business which my mate has continued as a real estate broker, and also start as a solopreneur with a position independent online business with a blog and jotting.

During the epidemic, I traveled internationally from Miami to Santo Domingo, also from the Dominican Republic to Denmark via Miami and London, staying three months in Denmark, and eventually back to the Dominican Republic via Hamburg and Madrid. The ebook will include how I’m developing my business through jotting and traveling, the tools I use, and the process. I unfold on learning about digital marketing. In Santo Domingo, I possessed and managed a coworking space, which concentrated on virtual office results with meeting apartments. Now I embrace the concept of “ work from anywhere,” a transition I describe.


I hope to describe how effects develop in ebooks every 1-2 times, covering motifs around particular development, small business development for online solopreneurs, trip, digital marketing, and the conception of working from anywhere and covering the online tools I use and creative workspace surroundings I visit. In my jotting, I also cover ebooks, audiobooks, and podcasts. I’ve to planted useful and inspiring and blog about what I plant intriguing from the reading and listening.

Every day I try to write, and I spend some time learning tools and reading material applicable to my jotting. I hope that fastening on one thing, writing in different forms, will make the rest of my life and business easier and some effects indeed gratuitous. Yes, I heeded the audiobook interpretation of The ONE Thing by Gary Keller about how purpose leads to precedence and precedence leads to productivity. Likewise, The ONE Thing says that rather than working towards being “ chastened,” one should work towards having certain productive habits. When a person has clear, productive habits and routines, their life will ultimately come simpler.

My Tool Box

I’m erecting my online business using Google Workspace for office tools, QuickBooks Online for an account, and GoDaddy for web hosting and web erecting together with WordPress and Visual Composer. For dispatch marketing, I use Mailchimp and have a database with numerous transnational connections. These are all tools I’ve gradationally come familiar with. I remember a quotation by tech entrepreneur Mark Cuban for entrepreneurs regarding technology; “ use what you know,” and working singly, I’m fortunate to have that choice.

Lately, I started working with Dashlane Word Director to manage all my watchwords, and to ameliorate my jotting and editing, I’ve started using ProWritingAid. This integrates well with Google Croakers and, apparently, is good, especially for creative jotting. I want to learn further about SEO and will test several tools for analytics. I’m using LinkedIn Learning as a literacy platform, and as a subscriber, I follow GoDaddy, WordPress, Mailchimp, and QuickBooks Online for courses they offer applicable to my jotting and online business.

Creative Workspaces

When I start traveling further internationally again, I’ll visit workspace surroundings that I find intriguing and write reviews about them. The criteria for the workspaces I write about are more in the line of being retreats, and I like it to encourage invention, diversity, and creativity. I tend to try and do as important as I can around my jotting on mobile bias and condense it, when necessary, on my laptop so my workspace can be anywhere I feel comfortable. I follow the CEO of LiquidSpace, Mark Gilbreath, on LinkedIn, who talks about the “ flexible office frugality.”

They say the trend is going towards a reasonable continued use of traditional office space for collaboration and business-social commerce but a more cold-blooded approach. Further and further people may not want to work in a traditional office at each, and I’ll have reviews of anything indispensable that is, as much as possible, different from a traditional workspace. I may indeed include some spaces that aren’t really workspaces but inspired me. So it’s veritably fluid and may not be the traditional understanding of workspace. I’ll try to cover creative workspaces that appeal further to my target followership.

Providing Services

I review the tools I use and the creative workspaces I visit in my digital liar. My following on social media is transnational, and I grow my followership steadily. I work with hashtags, keywords, and transnational SEO to increase business. My target followership is transnational and comprises digital gadabouts, ex-pat entrepreneurs, and business trippers, all having common interests around trips, digital marketing, and particular development. Please follow my blog and my social media. For more information visit wire media!

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