Best Headphones For Music Production

When checking your most recent blends or taping in the studio, a pair of the most effective studio headphones, in our opinion, is a must-have. Any kind of songs producer worth their salt will inform you that they check to utilize as many different systems as they can lay their hands on a pair of studio monitors, a Bluetooth audio speaker, even an auto stereo. And also, obviously, the best top quality studio earphones their spending plan will certainly extend to.

A wonderful set of studio earphones is most likely a manufacturer’s most made use of the product in their workshop. They’re a crucial tool for evaluating the stereo picture, low-end, and also great detail within a mix. Just like workshop displays, it is very important to choose the best set of studio earphones, however, it is a really individual option.

In the studio, the most effective display headphones for you will be the ones that you can mix on as well as craft one of the most epic seeming result possible. Maybe you’re searching for a pair of studio earphones solely for blending, or something that you can use for day-to-day music-listening responsibilities also. If you’re trying to find a pair of workhorse canisters tough enough to deal with life on the move, workshop headphones can do that too – as they’re generally built to a higher criterion than many general-listening canisters.

To assist with your option, this guide to the most effective studio earphones includes our leading picks. We have actually evaluated every design and also have actually highlighted the strengths, weaknesses as well as suitability for different music self-controls below.

Our price comparison software program has likewise found the most effective prices on the internet now, so you can be sure you’re getting a bargain when you’ve selected the pair for you. If your budget is smaller sized, then no concerns – take a look at our overview to the best budget workshop earphones.

We have actually consisted of some purchasing suggestions at the bottom of this guide, so if you’re right here to get more information regarding the most effective studio earphones, hit the ‘purchasing recommendations’ button above. If you ‘d rather obtain straight to the products, then keep scrolling.


If your spending plan is on the smaller sized side, after that our choice for the very best workshop headphones has to be the Sennheiser HD-206. These are pocket-friendly headphones that have been around for ages, yet the total efficiency that they offer is anything however deal bucket. These headphones are terrific for usage in the studio, plus they’re very light, comfortable and also durable for those additional long days of recording and also blending.

Our mid-range pick has to be a set of the Sony MDR-7506s. They have actually included in tape-recording studios, radio terminals and DJ booths for the last 35 years, and also remain to be regarded as one of the very best. For under ₤ 100, it’ll be difficult to locate canisters just as good as these.

As you relocate additionally up the cost range, the choices get a little more difficult. We ‘d gladly suggest the Focal Pay attention Expert as our choice for those with a bit more money to sprinkle, however. They’re competitively valued and have a superb pedigree (Focal is among one of the most highly-regarded display makers available), and we question you’ll find a far better pair of headphones for similar cash.

1. Focal Listen Specialist Studio Headphones

The very best studio headphones for all music production needs

The Focal Pay attention Professionals are specifically what they claim on the tin; perfect for both listening and pro tasks. This places them strongly top of the course in the all-rounder group. Generally, the fit is snug, however not as well limited that long periods in the blending saddle are intolerable.

Actually far from it, the lengthiest amount of time we had them on for was around 3 hrs, with the major issues just being pain in the back and also the absence of blinking. While lots of engineers as well as audio professionals could choose open-backed designs for their absence of tiredness, the closed Listen Pros do admirably in this regard.

We found the response of these canisters to be flawlessly balanced, with incredibly neutral, punchy bass with lots of expansion, complete, clear mids and shimmering, smooth highs. Full with an attractive inured situation, we do not think there’s a much better overall studio headphone available at this price.

2. Sennheiser HD-206 Workshop Headphones

The very best workshop headphones for making songs for less

If you’re in the market for a cheap pair of earphones for day-to-day studio use, you require to have a look at the Sennheiser HD-206. Birthing the well-respected Sennheiser name on the headband, the exceptionally tough and long lasting HD-206’s are comfortable to wear for prolonged durations.

Extremely accurate for the money, the HD-206’s measure up greater than positively to much costlier peers. The bass feedback particularly is rich and crisp, with lots of information additionally to be located in the mids as well as highs – making these potentially several of the best guitar amp headphones.

The hypoallergenic ear pads are greater than sufficient for shutting out nonessential sound whether in the studio or out on the move, as well as at this price, you require never are afraid recklessly tossing these in your laptop bag. Grab a pair before Sennheiser understand exactly how great they are as well as raise the cost.

3. Sony MDR-7506 Studio Headphones

Still topping the charts after 35 years

The Sony MDR collection has been around for many years and also has a strong studio pedigree, borne out by decades of daily usage in the recording and also broadcast sectors worldwide. The existing version, the MDR-7506 is a fantastic mix of convenience, functionality and also value.

Incredibly comfy to use for extensive durations, these are made to expose what’s wrong with a recording as opposed to what’s right. On a par with other canisters costing two times as much, the audio is punchy and also clear throughout the range (with a moderate boost in the top mids), while handling not to be overly-flattering.

So altogether the reality that these workhorse cans are offered for well under a hundred quid is not to be sniffed at.

4. Sennheiser HD-25

The most effective workshop earphones if you want a tried-and-tested DJ fave

An additional long-standing studio preferred, HD-25’s are acclaimed by pros for their capability to deal with high audio pressure levels and also deliver outstanding sound reproduction. A stalwart of the cubicle thanks to their split headband, rotatable earpieces and online reputation for durability, the HD-25 delivers punchy as well as exact sound in a light-weight yet durable plan.

Classified as an on-ear layout, since the pads are round and rest on the beyond the ear instead of enclosing it totally, the HD-25 is currently available in three flavours (Light, Criterion and Plus) at three price points, for general studio/DJ duties you truly can’t go wrong with a pair of Sennheiser HD-25’s.

5. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Workshop Headphones

Among the best overall headphones for songs manufacturing

The editioned M50 (‘ x’ = removable wire) is a preferred model throughout the audio globe, completing straight with Beyerdynamic as well as AKG. They are comfortable, fold and also bend in all the best locations, as well as are fairly light (285g).

The sound high quality is great overall, though they do avoid a comprehensive, airy HF region. The mids are clear and also forward, while the bottom-end expands down with no peaky resonances. As with all the reduced impedance designs here (these are 38 ohm), they are easily driven beyond our convenience threshold.

6. Audio-Technica ATH-R70x

The best workshop headphones when you require open-back reference cans

Open-back layouts like the ATH-R70x tend to be favoured for long mix sessions as they’re generally lighter and also much less fatiguing than closed-back containers, which is excellent information as this design has actually been established specifically as a recommendation headphone for mixing.

At this rate as well as above we have actually utilized models with more apparent ‘air’, but we do not consider this a deficiency– if anything, it suggests you’re less most likely to end up with a dull mix. Down the various other end the feedback is no much less smooth with all the extension you require without the tiniest hint of boom or incorrect fatness.

Moving up, the reduced mids continue unwrinkled, without low-cost scooping back (an articulating frequently used to mask uneven reaction) so you can actually hear what’s taking place, for far better or for worse. It’s all about the mids and low mids for us, and with the R70x all the juice comes through without issues; whatever appears plainly marked as well as unmuddled, unless the source is otherwise.

It’s a high-impedance design, so you’ll need a suitable earphone amp to link them to for finest outcomes.

7. Beyerdynamic DT1770 PRO

Leading studio earphones for blending low-end frequencies

Beyerdynamic is an audio heavyweight, responsible for the common DT 100 tracking containers that were everywhere in the 1980’s as well as 90’s as well as are still readily available today. Their present variety is huge, but designed specifically for blending, the DT 1770s are extremely well balanced throughout the distinct spectrum.

The mid variety is without distinct stage shift, enabling the clearness essential for professional usage. The sound stage forecasted right into your head is as enjoyable as it is exposing. They offer a highly thorough sight right into your sound, from delegated right, front to back, and also right into the corners.

Being a high-impedance layout, you’ll need to drive them hard, however from distinct reverb tails tucked behind an active mid range, to tiny distortions as well as clips, they replicate whatever your signal chain is capable of providing. Audio repair, blending and tracking all substantially gain from the quality the DT 1770s deal.

8. Austrian Audio Hi-X65

Hi-performance open-backed workshop containers from ex-AKG staff members

Relative beginners to the professional earphone market, Austrian Sound fielded their newest studio-centric, open-back style in July of 2021 and have currently scored a direct hit with doubters and consumers alike. Superb, balanced audio that continues to be neutral yet extremely detailed, combined with solid build high quality, all results in a delightful paying attention experience whatever the setting.

Collapsible building for included mobility, twin removable cords of different 3-metre and 1.2-metre lengths to match a selection of tasks and soft, slow-retention memory foam earpads for prolonged convenience all include in the charm.

If you remain in the market for a costs pair of earphones that succeeds for blending as well as crucial listening, the Hi-X65’s tick a lot of boxes.

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