Tenant Screening Software: 5 Tips To Pass Screening Process

If you’re a construction business, then you know that finding the right tenant is essential to your success. Not only do you need to make sure that they have the financial resources to cover rent and other costs, but also that they will be a good fit for your business and property. Choosing the wrong tenant can lead to months of wasted time and money. 

That’s why it’s important to screen tenants thoroughly before making a decision. There are many Best Tenant Screening Services available online, so how do you choose the right one for your needs? Check out our 5 tips below!

1. What is Tenant Screening and why do You Need it?

Tenant screening is the process of knowing and understanding your Tenants to ensure you make a good investment. Tenant Screening can also include Tenant Background Checks which we will discuss in more detail later.

Tenant screening is about gaining knowledge of your Tenants before making a decision to rent to them. Tenant screening is important in order for you to make the most cost effective investment possible.

When conducting Tenant Screening there are many factors which you can consider, however we will discuss some of the top reasons why Tenant Screening is important:

2. Loss of Investment

Tenant screening is about making an informed decision. What Tenant Screening allows you to do is to ensure that Tenants are able to pay their rent on time, everytime. Tenant screening also ensures that Tenants are less likely to cause damage to your property or simply stop paying rent once they have moved into your property.

Tenant Screening also allows you to make a decision on the Tenants based off of their Tenant Score which we will discuss later in this article. Tenant Screening is an important process as it ensures you make a good investment and that you have Tenants that are going to help your property generate revenue for as long as possible. Tenant Screening helps Tenants find Tenants!

3. Tenant Background Checks

Tenant screening also allows Tenants the opportunity to see if they are ready for tenancy. Tenant screening is about gaining knowledge of Tenants in order to help them with their life and give them the tools they need to be successful Tenants in society. Tenant screening is about Tenants being Tenantready!

Tenant screening allows you the ability to perform Tenant Background Checks in order to ensure Tenants have a clean record and that they are ready for tenancy. Tenant Screening allows Tenants the opportunity to find a good home which will help them in their future endeavors, Tenant Screening allows Tenants the opportunity to be tenant ready!

4. Tenant Fraud

Tenant screening is a great way for you to avoid Tenant Fraud. Tenant Fraud is a multi billion dollar industry and can have devastating effects on Tenants, landlords and society as a whole. Tenant Screening helps prevent Tenants from Tenant Fraud. Tenant screening is a way for you to avoid Tenant Fraud, Tenant Scams and Tenant Suicides which also happen on a daily basis throughout the world. Tenants commit fraud against other Tenants, landlords and society as whole. Tenant screening helps prevent this from happening.

5. 1 in 4 Tenants

Tenant Screening is also a great way to understand and dedicate yourself to 1 in 4 Tenants who suffer from mental health problems. Tenant Screening helps Tenants find Tenant ready properties where they can go and live their life without any hassles or worries, Tenant screening gives Tenants an opportunity to get Tenant ready!

Tenant screening is about providing Tenants with Tenant ready properties where they can go and live their life without any hassles or worries. Tenant Screening is also about helping Tenants find Tenancy so that they can be Tenant ready for society!


Tenant screening can be a complicated process, so it’s important to take the time and do your due diligence. We want you to have all of the information in order to make an informed decision about what will work best for your business.

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