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Techvercity – Your Unique Online Tech University is created to provide all kinds of tech-related information in form of articles and guides. It includes tips, tricks, guides, games guides, mobile guides, Social media & Internet guides, and almost everything related to Technology.


Cary Grant is the Owner of Answer Diary, also one of the best content writers in multiple niches.
Most of the articles on this site are written by him, also taking care of different responsibilities like advertisement-related queries, planning to arrange funds to take Answer Diary to next level.
He is also the Owner of “Level Zero Perfection” LZP, the most powerful company on a mission to create general and pure niche sites at the highest levels. Daniel Lincoln is also a partner of Cary Grant in this business, special owner of “First News Wallet”

Daniel Lincoln is the owner of First News Wallet, Special Author on Answer Diary, Also partner of Cary Grant in ANO Services to provide best and high quality SEO Services in the UK and Worldwide.
He is the founder of “Wallet of Daniel”, an online content creation company that owns many sites providing high-quality content to millions of internet users already.

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Only technology-related content si accepted on this platform, you can find all important categories and a few posts as examples on the home page.

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All kinds of irrelevant content that are not connected to Technology are not accepted.

Casino, Gambling, Betting, adult games, and other similar content is also strictly banned.