Wood Pin

Show Off Your Unique Style With Custom Wood Pin Badges from Vograce

Are you looking for an eye-catching way to accessorize your outfit and express your unique style? Vograce offers custom wood pin badges that not only look great, but have a stylish twist. Our pins are made from high quality metals, adorned with intricate details such as silver or golden metal accents, and can be customized in any design you choose. With our customizable options, you will show off your fashion sense and creativity like never before! Whether it’s sharing an inspiring message or symbolizing something meaningful in your life, these one-of-a-kind pins will make all the difference when it comes to standing out with a truly personal touch.

What are Vograce wood pin badges and how are they made?

Vograce wood pin badges are unique pieces of art that will make a great addition to any outfit or accessory. Their wooden pins feature intricate and delicate designs that can range from animals, to trees to abstract shapes. Crafting these pins requires time, precision, and skilled workmanship. All of the wood pins are made with quality wood, ensuring they will last a long time. Each one is hand-sanded before going through a multi-step finishing process where paints and sealants are added for protection. Every Vograce pin has its own distinctive look, which makes it an ideal choice if you’re looking for something special that no one else has. They also make great gifts because each piece can be customized with colors, patterns, or messages to fit the occasion. So don’t hesitate – pick up a beautiful Vograce wood pin badge today!

Why choose Vograce for your custom wood pin badge needs?

Vograce is a top-tier custom wood pin badge supplier that stands out from the competition through their commitment to quality, service, and value. Vograce specializes in designing and manufacturing wooden pins with fast delivery times and exceptional attention to detail. All of the custom wood pins are made with premium-grade materials that are designed to last, no matter the conditions they’re exposed to. Whether you’re looking for custom art pins or engraved wooden markings, Vograce has an impressive range of options, so your project will be just how you imagined it. When you choose Vograce for your custom wood pin badge needs, you’ll know you’ve made a quality investment that will give you peace of mind for years to come.

What types of designs and styles are available from Vograce?

Vograce offers an extensive collection of beautiful wooden pins. From hiking maps to family photos, their stylish designs are perfect for adding a personalized touch to any outfit. Signature pins decorated with intricate patterns and delicate details offer something timeless and elegant. If you’re looking for something low-key and classic, Vograce has got you covered with whimsical animal pins featuring charming illustrations of cats, birds, and more. For an added flair of luxury, Vograce also offers custom pins adorned with glitter or metallic finishes. To truly make a statement, choose from their vast selection of trendy geometric shapes that come in all kinds of stellar colors, from bold reds to pastel blues. 

How to order a custom wood pin badge from Vograce

Vograce offers a unique and exciting way to order your own custom wood pin badge. Choose from an array of design options that make each badge one-of-a-kind, or create a customized item just for yourself with the many available customization options. With Vograce, you’re sure to receive a top-notch product that is stylish, high quality, and long lasting. Ordering is simple – simply select the type of wood pin you’d like and any other options that you might want, such as additional colors or magical logo finishes.

Customer testimonials

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to gain more trust for your product is through customer testimonials. Wooden Pins makes it easy for customers to share their experiences before and after making a purchase, allowing other potential customers to make informed decisions. The testimonials speak volumes about the quality and craftsmanship put into every single wooden pin. With so many of our loyal customers sharing great things about their journey with us, it’s no wonder people all over the world are coming in to see just what a difference our pins can make. After one experience with us, you’ll understand why Wooden Pins stands above all others!

Frequently asked questions

Wooden pins are often used for craft projects and other pieces of artwork, although their uses aren’t limited to just these purposes. Common questions related to purchasing wooden pins include how many should be bought in one pack, what type of wood they’re made from, and how long will the pins last? Usually, the price of a single pack of wooden pins varies based on the quantity needed, however, most manufacturers generally include enough pins to complete most craft projects. As far as the type of wood they’re constructed out of; beechwood is commonly used as it’s ideal for crafting pin backs due to its strength and durability, but, in some cases, birch and pine may also be used instead. 


Custom wood pin badges from Vograce are a fun, stylish way to show off your unique personality and make you stand out from the crowd. They look great on jackets and backpacks, but can also be used to decorate hats, scarves, belts, and all sorts of accessories – whatever suits your personal style. With so many creative possibilities to explore, custom wood pins are an excellent choice if you want to express your individuality through fashion or just add a bit of extra flair and creativity to your look. Not only that, but with Vograce’s secure payment options and fast shipping process, you can get started making the perfect custom pin for any occasion. So why not give it a try today? You never know what amazing designs you could come up with!