Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips for Home

We all have the same goal: to construct our ideal house, where we will spend the rest of our lives surrounded by the people we love. Property agents may or may not pay any attention to the Vastu of a house, although they are responsible for ensuring that your ideal location and surrounding amenities are provided. This can be a grave error, as the Vastu of a home is one of the most critical factors determining the quality of life of the people there.

These days, everything is found on astrologer app. Even the directional facing of the home. The primary point at which energies enter the house is through the front door. The home’s orientation concerning the sun is the most fundamental and frequently overlooked aspect of any piece of real estate. It is the direction you face as you exit the building through the primary entrance. The Vastu of the house can be determined, at least to some extent, based on this.

Proper Placement of the Rooms

When it comes to ensuring a good Vastu for the home, the next step is the internal placement of the different rooms. Let’s look at the best orientation for each room, shall we?

Location of the Prayer Room (Puja)

Every home, irrespective of the faith they follow, should have a separate section for offering prayer. This should be done facing northeast to ensure the best possible Vastu for the house. Because it is Lord Shiva’s domain, it is symbolic of divinity. You can strengthen your connection to the divine energy here by praying while you are in this area.

This configuration is recommended for every home, regardless of the direction the house faces—the west zone’s alternative to the first-best puja room in terms of available options.

If you do not have a dedicated space for prayer, you can turn the northeastern corner of the living room into a prayer space by positioning a stand for an idol of God on the wall of the northeast room.

If you ask astrologer or have an astrology chat, you can grasp how this works.

Position of the Master Bedroom in the House

A master bedroom is a place that stands out as a particularly unique sector. It is where you will sleep, refresh yourself, and recharge your batteries in preparation for the following day’s activities. You must be able to get some rest in your bedroom.

To ensure this is the case, the best location for your main bedroom is one that faces southwest. It offers perfect balance with the Vastu for home. If that option isn’t available, you can try your luck in the west, the north, or the south of the location instead. Check to see that your bed is not positioned so that it faces the door of the bedroom or that it is directly underneath any beam.

You should also seek the assistance of Vastu experts to determine where you should sleep to achieve the best possible results.

Positioning of the Bedroom for Children

When performing Vastu for the home, paying attention to the Vastu in the children’s bedrooms is essential. The Vastu of a room can significantly impact the child’s growth and development, so special care must be taken with a child’s bedroom design. The north zone is the best possible location for a bedroom dedicated to a child, followed by the west zone. Thanks to this, they can better concentrate on their studies and develop memories.

Also, stay away from the south zone entirely, and make sure that the room your children are sleeping in does not have a television, a mirror, or anything else that could be a source of distraction. It is beneficial for children who are still actively engaged in academic pursuits, such as young children.

Location of the Cooking Area

The kitchen symbolizes food, providing nutrition and defense against various diseases. In addition to that, it contains an essential component of nature, which is fire. Therefore, a Vastu-compliant kitchen is vital to ensuring the best Vastu for the home. For the best possible outcome, it is recommended that you position yourself in the direction of the fire element itself. Therefore, proper placement, according to Vastu, is critical, and it is recommended that one face the part of the fire itself.

If you want the best possible outcome, position the kitchen in the south zone, more specifically in the south of southeast (SSE). If unavailable, you should place the same thing in the northwest corner instead.


Regarding the family’s health, a kitchen with poor Vastu can bring about several problems.