Dedicated Server Hosting for Gaming

What Are the Benefits of Having Dedicated Server Hosting for Gaming?

Recent statistics reveal the gaming market is exploding, and worth almost $100 billion. Gaming is not just for kids either. In the United States, 79% of gamers are adults.

A critical component of attracting gamers is to offer a superior experience, which means solid, reliable performance. There is nothing more frustrating than playing a game that keeps having technical issues.

What you need is to use dedicated server hosting, and here is why.

Why Use Dedicated Server Hosting?

Except for administration requirements, dedicated servers do not support direct output or input, but they do simulate game worlds. For a player to see or interact with a game, they must connect with separate client programs to the server.

Dedicated servers have high levels of CPU and RAM, advanced hardware, and strong Internet connections. That is why the video game industry loves them because they enhance the overall performance of the game they are taking part in. With a dedicated server, all types of games offer a better experience for the user with no glitches, lagging, crashing, or lost data while playing.

The Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

A significant advantage is that you get better performance. Hands down. They increase loading speed and lower the chances of a user being kicked out.

The best gamer knows this, so why do people still use peer-to-peer types of servers? Peer-to-peer servers are games that seek the best host itself. In theory, a peer-to-peer server should work fine, but unfortunately, that is not the reality.

So why use anything except dedicated server hosting? There is a simple answer. Peer-to-peer is less expensive.

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Increased Security

It’s not just about better performance. Dedicated server hosting has much better security, which you may gather by its name.

“Dedicated” means no one else can access it. That is precisely what you get! You won’t share a dedicated server with another individual or with a malicious program.

You can enjoy the game and not worry that your online activity is unsafe.

More Control

By not sharing a dedicated server, you also get more control. Sometimes you could even customize or change the set-up of the game. However, increased control is a significant benefit here.

It is up to you who can enter the server. This is the opposite of what you get with shared hosting, where you could get kicked out, even while your connection is perfectly fine. But with dedicated servers, you are in charge, and you do not have to worry about such things occurring.

Reliable Infrastructure

Dedicated servers are physical. Their location is in a data center, and those facilities usually contain redundant power sources. Even if the power grid fails, the server will keep working.

This is far more reliable than you would get with other types of servers, like web hosting.

Experience Better Gaming

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