Reword Your Content 5 Tips to Make Your Blog Content More Appealing

If you want to become a blogger, you’ll have to follow a specified structure to meet the appealing sense of your audience. 

You often post a blog, but it needs some updating to be more attractive. The structure, flow, wording, format, and many other elements compile up to make a readable blog.

Your blog post shouldn’t be generic; it should spark the charm to attract an audience. A blog post should cover all the points related to its topic. Plus, we have to optimize the search engine for better visibility so the audience can reach out to our article.

In this article, we will present five practical tips to reword your content so it can become more appealing. Whether you’re writing content from scratch or rephrasing a piece to improve its quality, these tips would be helpful.

5 Tips to Make Your Blog More Appealing

These tips would surely help you make your blog more effective and appealing to your audience without affecting its context.

  1. Research Your Topic

The information keeps constantly updating, especially if you’re writing about technology-related. If your blog post is not getting as much engagement as it used to, it’s probably happening because you’ve missed out on something in which your audience is more interested.

The biggest mistake made by most researchers is that they rely on the top-ranking sources only. It is vital to go through different forums. 

You can learn what the audience is looking for and how it relates to your blog’s topic by going through discussions on forums like Reddit or Quora.

  1. Update and Edit

Once you have performed your research, the next thing is to feature this information in your blog post. Search engine crawlers are constantly running through the web pages, and they’ll know if you’ll update content on your blog post. 

So, you can edit your content to feature fresh pieces of information in your previously posted blog. While editing and updating your old blog post, ensure not to feature any spammy or irrelevant information. 

Featuring irrelevant information would repel your audience instead of compelling. The audience will believe your blog is more deceiving rather than being informative about the mentioned topic. 

Therefore, you must ensure that the newly researched information fits your updated content’s flow and structure.

  1. Make it Readable

The content should always be written after analyzing your targeted audience. Perhaps your blog is not gaining traffic because it is very technical or complex to read. In that case, it is best to paraphrase online to make it easy to read with straightforward vocabulary.

Paraphrasing is a helpful technique to get a better ranking and audience engagement. By using a fresh and easy-to-understand set of words, your audience will remain interacted for longer. Moreover, it updates the search engine that your content has been refreshed.

  1. Attractive Headlines

The headline is the key element that brings someone to your blog post. If your headline is not appealing, the audience will not bother clicking on it. It should spark an attractive sense to gain the attention of your audience. 

It’s best to relate the blog’s headline with your audience’s query or interest, so they can instantly click on it to review its contents. 

The same concept should be followed with headers featured in the content. The hierarchal structure should be followed, relating each subheading to the main topic.

  1. Adjust The Structure

The structure of your content is another element that affects the readability of your content. Writing lengthy paragraphs and large bulks of text is not ideal as they are very confusing to read. It ultimately affects the flow of the content.

Make sure to maintain a paragraph in a maximum of three to four lines, with proper breaks in the structure. You can also use bullet points to denote characteristics or key points in your blog points. This way, your audience can quickly go through your blog post, and it assists them in reading in intervals.


Writing a blog post aims to guide your audience on a particular topic or niche. The whole focus should be on the readability and relevancy of your content with your audience’s interest. 

To achieve the readability factor, we discussed five practical tips in this article that can make your content more appealing to read. We hope this article was insightful to help you get better engagements and higher rankings.


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