Deep Rock Galactic Error Cube

Deep Rock Galactic is cluttered with plenty of one-of-a-kind sources that take on a myriad of uses and worths. The single most useful resource in the game, nevertheless, is quite an enigma. They’re called ERR:// 23 $ Y%/, yet is more commonly described as Mistake Cubes

In this Deep Rock Galactic guide, we’ll break down specifically what Error Cubes are, how to discover them, and also just how much they are valued.

What are Mistake Cubes in Deep Rock Galactic?

Mistake Dices are rare artefacts in Deep Rock Galactic that give you a huge experience boost (4,000 XP) at the degree’s end. That makes them the most beneficial “mineral” in the video game. For contrast, Bittergem, which has a 1/21 opportunity of showing up, awards between 1,000 XP as well as 1,500 XP.

Mistake Dices appear as tiny black and white cubes, looking just like an all-black Rubik’s Dice with white grooves. They are practically a mineral, because you need to extract them out of their ore down payments. These deposits look like spiky grey rock formations with pink auras. Upon extracting such a protrusion as well as getting the Error Dice, the glowing rock will certainly discolor to a typical gray.

Error Cubes are very uncommon, having a simple 1/26 opportunity of showing up in any type of given level, and also they can be discovered in any kind of worldly area, as well as within any kind of goal type. Naturally, even if a Mistake Dice appears in a degree doesn’t indicate that you will locate it, so it may appear even rarer.

Already, Mistake Cubes only offer two purposes: to grant unusual experience boosts at the ends of levels and counting towards the “What Are These Points?” trophy/achievement, which needs you to discover five of them. Its big experience payment suggests it is important for leveling up promptly, serving the indirect purpose of being good for weapon unlocks also.

Ghost Ship Gamings has hinted that the Mistake Cubes might be lore-important in Deep Rock Galactic, though they haven’t yet in-depth why. It’s believed to have the exact same origin as ERR:// 19%T #/, or the Error Helix, which is a rare structure that has only ever before been located in the Contaminated Exemption Area, which promises, yet has not been confirmed.

That’s all there is to understand about Deep Rock Galactic’s Error Cubes right now, yet with any luck, in the future, we’ll see its backstory and makes use of further created. Until after that, it remains the game’s greatest mystery.

If you’ve been exploring the globe of Deep Rock Galactic, you will have stumbled upon a wide variety of minerals as you explore and strip entire systems of their sources. Nevertheless, none of these various other products are almost as unusual or useful as the evasive Mistake Cubes.

How to find Mistake Cubes.

These odd products are the hardest to locate worldwide of Deep Rock Galactic, having a 1/26 opportunity of generating in a given goal. It can generate in any type of level or atmosphere. However, even if it does spawn in a level, there is no guarantee that you or your team will come across the deposit, so it can appear also rarer than it actually is.

Like any other mineral in Deep Rock Galactic, Mistake Cubes need to be mined from ore down payments. You’ll know that a deposit has an Error Dice within it since it will be a strange rock formation containing grey spikes with an intense pink mood protruding of the cavern wall. Mining from these developments will certainly get you an Error Dice, a black and white dice appearing like a monochrome Rubik’s cube plaything.


What are Mistake Cubes used for?

If you locate among these radiant pink rock formations, it is well worth making the initiative to mine them for the Mistake Dice. Collect 5 of them, and also you’ll unlock the “What Are These Points?” prize. They likewise give a huge experience increase at the end of each level. Grabbing among these unusual products will provide you an incentive of 4000XP when you finish the objective.

These are the only uses of the Mistake Dice currently, yet future updates could include them in crafting dishes and even the tradition of Deep Rock Galactic.