How To Get Clay In Animal Crossing?

When you’re perambulating town slapping rocks, one of the last things you wish to see is clay. Iron is most likely what you’re searching for, but more often than not Pet Crossing: New Horizons will offer up clay. Nevertheless, if you understand what clay can be used for, you may be satisfied winning an inventory loaded with crumbly soil. Here’s every little thing you’d ever need to know regarding the typical crafting material.

Updated January 23, 2022, by Belle Huston: Clay is an important source for many crafting dishes in New Horizons, so it is essential that gamers have a solid understanding of how to get it and also what to do with it as soon as you do! We’ve upgraded this article with headings and additional details to make sure that you will not be left desiring for any type of information.

Where Do You Obtain Clay?

Clay is located by hitting rocks with your shovel. When you struck rocks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they can go down …



Iron Nugget

Gold Nugget

Bells (one rock on your island daily).

Once you understand how to get it, your inventory will swiftly fill up. Luckily, there are a few ways to put clay to great use in New Horizons.

What Is Clay Used For?

Clay is primarily utilized for crafting. It can be used to craft numerous items, including (but not restricted to) …

Classic Pitchers.



Wave Breaker.

Water Pump.

Palm-Tree Lamp.

Just how To Transform Your Clay Into Bells.

If you don’t need any one of these things, we recommend stockpiling as much as feasible. After that, keep an eye on the Best-seller noted at Nook’s Cranny every day. These are items that cost twice their normal amount. At some point, an item made from clay is bound to be the Best-seller. When that occurs, burst out your stockpile of clay and also reach crafting– your patience has actually lastly settled.

While New Horizons doesn’t appear to prioritize the use of clay, it’s still essential to stockpile on the source. If you assume you have sufficient in Storage you can always offer clay for a few Bells. It’s not the most effective use the product, but it is a fast method to get right stuff out of your stock. The best use clay is to craft the everyday Hot Item when pertinent, so stockpile immediately as well as take place a crafting spree when Timmy as well as Tommy need some pots.

How To Farm Clay When You Required A Lot.

Technique 1: See To It You’re Getting One of the most Out Of Your Island’s Rocks.

6 rocks generate on your island for you to hit (though to access several of them you might require a Ladder and/or Vaulting Post). Rocks can providing you an overall of 8 things. Shocked? Most people are! That’s because when you hit the rock, it’ll usually only give you 7 things or less.

To obtain that 8th product, you need to hit the rock without being disrupted. Simply adhere to these step-by-step instructions and the picture over:.

Stand beside the rock at a diagonal.

Dig an opening beside you (on the side farther from the rock).

Dig a hole listed below you.

Stand between your holes, looking at the rock.

Strike the rock as quickly as possible!

This method ensures that your character will certainly stay in the right setting and also never obtain pushed back up until now that they can not reach the rock on the following hit. If done right, you’ll obtain your 8th item!

Method 2: Nook Miles Islands.

When you have actually struck all six of your island’s rocks, they will not supply any type of resources up until the following day. But you might not want to wait to get even more clay!

To locate even more rocks, consider heading to a Space Miles Island. These little, unique islands are covered in natural resources for you to make use of – including rocks! To get there …

Acquisition a Space Miles Ticket for 2,000 Nook Miles at the machine in Citizen Solutions.

Take the Space Miles Ticket with you to the Flight terminal.

Say ‘I intend to fly’ as well as, when motivated, tell Orville to use your Nook Miles Ticket.


Method 3: Time Traveling.

If you don’t wish to invest your priceless Nook Miles on Space Miles Tickets, you might also hit more rocks by taking a trip through time. If you travel to the next day, the rocks will certainly regenerate and give more items when you hit them again.

To time traveling …

Completely turn off Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Go to the Nintendo Change System Settings.

Scroll to the sub-menu classified ‘System’ completely at the bottom.

Scroll down to the option labelled ‘Date as well as Time.’.

Switch off the ‘Integrate Clock by means of Net’ alternative.

Set date and time as wanted.

Resume Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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