Best Samurai Games

Seeking an excellent samurai video game on computer? Samurai are the topic of nonstop fascination for many players thanks to their elaborate armour, lancinating weapons, and the stories that have been told about them in various other media thanks to supervisors like Akira Kurosawa and Yôji Yamada. Nonetheless, there are remarkably few committed samurai video games, particularly below on the most effective platform of all: COMPUTER.

To right that incorrect, we have actually dug through every electronic shop and also upcoming launch in search of the absolute best samurai video games around. With few choices to select from we have actually needed to get a little bit innovative with our selections, so anticipate some video games that just include samurai in minimal duties, video games with characters like samurai, ronin video games, and also stacks of different styles. Everything from hack-and-slash games as well as approach leviathans to action-adventure video games as well as multiplayer fighters is on the cards for this samurai video games listing.

Join us as we malfunction eight of the top samurai video games on computer, from old video games standards to brand-new samurai games.


If you seek a samurai video game that dials in on the unique weaponry and also fighting style of these warriors then For Honor is probably your best choice. This multiplayer battling video game includes Wu Lin warriors, Knights, Vikings, and also Samurai, and thanks to the For Honor class system you can also pick a particular kind of samurai warrior as your main.

There’s the versatile Kensei, a solid all-round samurai warrior who annihilates their opponents with a nodachi sword; or the Orochi, an assassin that has actually mastered the art of counter-attacking with a katana. If you favor heavier devices then you can attempt the kanabo-wielding Shugoki, that clubs his opponents right into a bloody pulp. Ultimately, there’s Nobushi, that uses a naginata post tool to control space as well as trim adversaries from a safe range.

For Honor is likewise delighting in a Rainbow 6 Siege-like renewal in appeal, its gamer count rising progressively considering that launch, so you can be sure of discovering a match.


Nioh is a samurai Soulslike that mixes background with the Japanese supernatural to create a truly twisted vision of the Sengoku period. You play as William, an Anglo-Irish sailor who shows up in Japan in pursuit of a person, yet it’s not long prior to you become embroiled in a fight in between Tokugawa Ieyasu, supernatural beasts, and also Edward Kelley, another Westerner driving the dispute making use of wizard powers.

Nioh takes a great deal of design cues from the Hearts collection, such as its challenging hack-and-slash battle, bonfire-like shrines where you can conserve progress, and also the fact that you’ll have one opportunity to recover every one of your XP from your body after dying before losing it for life.

The clash of fiction as well as truth indicates you’ll be battling other samurai warriors in addition to inhuman devils, ensuring battle is diverse as well as you never ever run out of new enemies to refine your katana abilities against. This samurai video game additionally includes plenty of historical numbers from the Sengoku duration, using a fun entrance factor if you’re not a history buff.


The only technique game on this listing, yet likewise among the best technique games of perpetuity, Total amount War: Shogun 2 sees you assume the role of clan leader and general of one of nine major clans from the Japanese provinces (12 if you include DLC). You’ll require to oversee the advancement of settlements, grow your military, increase your economy, and also technological research study, all while attempting to handle diplomatic quandaries and stop political subversion.

Relying on which clan you determine to rule with you’ll likewise have considerable staminas and weaknesses to circumvent throughout your campaign. As an example, if you choose to manage the Mōri clan you’ll have a lengthy background of naval victory to draw upon, while the Takeda clan flaunt the very best mounties in the game. No samurai video game offers a greater introduction of the feudal Japan than Overall Battle: Shogun 2, making it an outright has to for followers of this duration.


Onimusha: Warlords is the Homeowner Wickedness of samurai games, and thanks to a recent HD re-release, among the very best Onimusha video games is lastly offered on PC.

In Onimusha: Warlords you fight versus crowds of demons as swordsman Samanosuke Akechi in a pursuit to rescue Princess Yuki of the Saitō clan. The story obtains quite intricate from then on, but the gameplay is rock solid– you combat satanic forces with a katana and also a selection of magical tools, absorb their souls, as well as use them to update your collection. There are also challenges to resolve, supplying an enjoyable break from demon-slaying, and periodically you’ll gain control of Kaede, your kunoichi assistant with a completely various collection of acrobatic capacities and tools to master.

The pre-rendered backgrounds as well as repaired electronic camera definitely offer the HD PC release of Onimusha: Warlords an outdated feel and look, yet that belongs to its beauty.


Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada might not be comparable to several of the best video games from its sibling franchise business Dynasty Warriors, yet it does integrate most of the very best elements of those video games with a tale that centres on the Sanada clan throughout a heavily thought romantically Warring States duration.

This is a Warriors video game, so among the main attracts is the big, noisy battle sequences where you can decimate loads of enemies by mashing a couple of secrets, or supply penalizing Musou transfer to complete difficult enemies off. Beyond fight you can explore Castle Towns that offer a glance of day-to-day life during this time around, albeit via the series’ highly elegant lens.

But it’s the historic story at the heart of Spirit of Sanada that makes it one of the most effective samurai video games on computer. Over the course of the game’s campaign you’ll adhere to all 48 years of Yukimura Sanada’s life, the genuine samurai police officer who was regarded as the last Sengoku hero and among the best warriors in all of Japan– it’s a psychological tale of valor, morality, and household, so we will not spoil it for you.


If you desire a sofa co-op fighter with definitely bushido visual then Samurai Gunn then take a look at Samurai Gunn. This hidden treasure of local multiplayer games pits between 2 and 4 warriors versus each other in a tiny platform-strewn field of fatality– each player has a sword as well as a gun with only 3 bullets, so you far better make each shot matter.

It’s simple chaotic enjoyable in the same blood vessel as Towerfall: Ascension, as well as the marvelous water fountains of crimson that emerge from your targets only contribute to the contentment of beating your buddies. There’s a sequel in the works, as well, so you could want to claim Samurai Gunn 2, which guarantees to include stacks more co-op features to the brawler.


Much like Sid Meier’s Pirates! Sword of the Samurai was an old PC video game that was means ahead of its time as well as sorely forgotten when it initially launched back in 1989. Developer MicroProse’s ambitious samurai simulator has because discovered its means to electronic distribution systems like GOG as well as Steam, meaning it’s lastly simple to get a copy of it.

Sword of the Samurai casts you as a new member of the samurai class, having a hard time to acquire honour during the Warring States period. Your ultimate goal is to join all 48 clans and end up being a noble leader, yet prior to you can do that you have a great deal of other pressing matters to take care of, such as beginning a family members to ensure you have an heir to change you in case you pass away in fight.

You’ll have to proceed from vassal to retainer, then get advertised to lieutenant, and at some point to daimyō of your clan, as well as the most effective method to curry favour is by growing your army, confiscating land, as well as showing your swordsmanship in battle. The whole time you require to be mindful not to do any type of dishonourable actions like executing opponents or kidnapping crucial people, and also relying on exactly how you’re found and also how negative your activities were you may have to dedicate seppuku or perhaps encounter having your whole household implemented, which ends the game.


Means of the Samurai has its fair share of issues, however it does take place during one of the most interesting parts of Japanese background: the decline and fall of the shogunate. You play as a rōnin that has simply arrived in the imaginary port town of Amihama, and it’s up to you to develop your own story by siding with among the 3 intrigues: pro-government troops, anti-government rebels, or the opportunistic British Navy. There are a total amount of ten closings to find, and also just how you pick to engage with the globe through events and also NPCs you fulfill throughout Amihama impacts what path your samurai winds up taking.

It’s far from excellent and even a little ridiculous in position, however there are stacks of cool suggestions buried in Method of the Samurai 4 that make it an intriguing RPG. Dedicate a criminal offense as well as you can be removed and based on water torture, which has some highly unforeseen implications. Also, if you do not intend to get embroiled in the various dramas of the port community after that you can just concentrate every one of your interest on developing your own dojo. Whatever this samurai video game does not have in gloss it more than offsets in personality.

Which’s your great deal, all the most effective samurai games we can find on PC. If you’re fancying one more career then make certain to evaluate our ideal authorities games and also finest pirate video games list– we even have a listing of the best ninja video games on computer. In the meantime, clean those crimson flecks from your blade, unlace that cuirass, as well as lighten.