Games Like Slime Rancher

Sludge Rancher is one of the most popular indie games to integrate farming and monster subjugating gameplay with vivid open-world exploration and also charming scum animals.

So while developer Monomi Park is hard at the workplace on the upcoming sequel, Sludge Herdsman 2, we thought we ‘d share some gaming referrals for Slime Herdsman followers.

In this list, we’ll highlight the very best games like Slime Breeder to play in 2021, including cost-free video games like Slime Breeder as well as games similar to Sludge Herdsman.

We’ll be upgrading this listing in the future with brand-new titles, so ensure to check back as well as let us recognize if we missed any of your favored games like Slime Breeder!

Island Saver

Our very first referral for Sludge Herdsman followers is Island Saver, a free-to-play action-adventure video game that shares lots of gameplay similarities with Monomi Park’s hit ranch simulator.

In it, you discover a dynamic as well as happy open world containing multiple islands looking for help as a result of plastic waste and also various other garbage objects that have actually washed onto land.

Like Slime Rancher, your personality is armed with a vacuum-like trash blaster that sucks up close by clutter as well as poisonous opponents called Litterbugs.

As you make your way all over the world, you’ll gather coins that can be made use of to purchase upgrades for your personality and also enhance the islands’ amenities.


Similar to charming scums, there’s more to Bugsnax’s yummy-looking pets than meets the eyes.

What exactly? Well, we’ll let you learn on your own given that the video game’s mystery is a big part of what makes Bugsnax so interesting to play.

In it, you play as a journalist tasked with looking into the strange Snaktooth Island to sleuth out why its residents have gone missing.

Along the road, you’ll experience charming food-like creatures that can be baited right into catches, fed delicious dressings, and tricked into revealing brand-new keys concerning the world.


Journey to the Savage Planet

Trip to the Savage World is a comedic first-person adventure game that sees you went down on a vivid alien planet known as ARY-26 to catalog the local wild animals and also figure out if the world is fit for human emigration.

Like Sludge Breeder, the world is loaded with tons of platforming traversal difficulties that need you to make use of various gizmos and also tools to get to brand-new locations, including a jetpack and grapple gun.

The unusual earth is also populated by an array of alien lifeforms with distinctive characteristics that create them to act either friendly or strongly towards your character.

It’s a fantastic ready try out various weapons, consumables, as well as things since particular mixes will cause special feedbacks from the unusual lifeforms.

Subnautica: Below Zero

The follow-up to the preferred first-person survival crafting game Subnautica sees you going back to earth 4546B a simple 2 years after the occasions of the initial.

While examining the disappearance of a rescue group, your personality stumbles upon a brand-new icy area situated on the planet’s surface as well as lays out to uncover all of its enigmas.

In order to make it through, you’ll have to depend on the atmosphere’s natural deposits to craft bases, submersibles, as well as weapons in addition to keeping your personality fed as well as hydrated.

Just Like Sludge Breeder, Subnautica: Below Zero has an open-ended style that lets you set your own goals by focusing on exploration, upgrades to your base and personality, or merely advancing the tale.

The Wild in mind

Several of the very best fun you’ll have in Sludge Herdsman is gobbling sludges with your gun as well as firing them back out at various other scums or objects in the atmosphere.

This is very similar to video games like Pikmin, where the goal is to harness these lovable creatures and utilize them to get rid of various difficulties such as an obstacle or enemy blocking your path.

One more game that explores this suggestion is Bush in mind, an indie action-adventure problem video game concerning two youngsters checking out a secret globe with an army of enchanting creatures called Spritelings.

While relatively weak alone, in lots Spritelings can hold their very own in fight and also perform tiresome jobs; what’s more, you can grow seeds to hatch more Spritelings as well as boost their numbers additionally.


Supraland is a first-person puzzle-platformer that incorporates the best parts of Website, Super Mario, and also Zelda while also sharing some similarities with Scum Rancher.

In it, you handle the function of a red stick figure plaything whose globe revives and also right away turns to mayhem after a battle in between red and blue intrigues arises.

Just like in Sludge Herdsman, environments exist as sprawling jungle gyms that call for unique devices and devices to go across, compeling you to accumulate coins, defeat enemies, and also solve problems to proceed.

Additionally, the video game includes some of the most effective platforming controls in current memory as well as offers a densely jam-packed sandbox open-world filled with tons of great keys and also references to other video games.


There aren’t several games that combine farming and beast taming in addition to Sludge Breeder, with Ooblets being among minority exceptions.

This light-hearted life sim draws impact from prominent collection like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, as well as Pokémon while injecting its own cozy appeal and aesthetic.

In it, you think control over a personalized personality living in a world where humans and also adorable creatures called “ooblets” live in harmony with one another.

Like Scum Herdsman, there’s a great deal you can do with your adorable family pets, consisting of sending them to battle, throwing dance celebrations, as well as producing brand-new ooblets variations by planting seeds in your personal yard.

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is an additional outstanding farming video game with life sim as well as RPG components that takes place in an intense as well as vivid country community.

Comparable to Sludge Herdsman, the gameplay is divided between handling and upgrading a ranch, making use of resources to craft brand-new tools, and also exploring nearby caves.

There are also NPC villagers that will ask you to finish different favors, and other side tasks to check out such as angling and also looking after stock.

It also takes a comparable open-ended strategy in relation to development, allowing you to concentrate on what you love doing most and also take points at your very own pace.

Stardew Valley

Although Slime Breeder as well as Stardew Valley may not have a great deal alike graphically speaking, both supply an one-of-a-kind and engaging farming sim experience.

With that said stated, Stardew draws most of its motivation from the Harvest Moon series while charging you with bringing your grandfather’s old farm back to life one crop at a time.

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