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Okay, fine, so this has less in common with classic Beast Seeker games and shares extra auto mechanics with Pokémon games, however our review highlights just exactly how difficult Beast Seeker Stories 2– Wings of Ruin attempts to catch the hearts of followers of the primary games. Sure there are times when it feels like you’re enjoying a Saturday early morning anime, yet there are some authentic attempts at making sure that this feels like a Monster Hunter game at heart.

You as well as your squadron of monsties (the subjugated versions of monsters) come through right into the open wildernesses, satisfying quests for locals in each of the communities, slaying monsters, and also crafting new devices for your personality. Monsties can also have their genetics spliced to get brand-new lovers, which is terrific if you want to offer your main monstie a brand-new characteristic, like being able to breathe fire. Stories 2 is worth providing an opportunity, even if you’re on the fence regarding its cartoonish look.


Dauntless takes the Beast Seeker experience as well as improves it by taking out the legwork between battles. That indicates you can go to the video game’s busy social sector, Ramsgate, in one moment and then be hunting a Dauntless Leviathan in the next moment.

All the common loot-based incentive is still undamaged, also, and there’s plenty Dauntless Exotic tools and armour to pursue. If you’re not sure concerning handling a huge game like Monster Hunter, after that this is a convenient option as it’s free-to-play. So you do not need to fret about handing over for something you might not gel with.


The suggestion in Toukiden 2 is to slay massive devils referred to as Oni in order to secure humanity from destruction. Basically: take Monster Hunter and swap out the wyverns and also dinosaurs for the horrors of Japanese middle ages folklore and, hi presto, you have Toukiden.

There are many resemblances in between Beast Seeker and also Toukiden that, in differentiating them, you might also be attempting to find the difference in between a Rathalos as well as a Rathian. Both include hunting big snotty beasts, both allow you bring close friends along for the massacre, both let you update your tools and equipment utilizing resources from dropped opponents, and also both originate on portable consoles.

You might purchase Toukiden: Kiwami, which is the enhanced variation of the very first game that was released on computer. But also for a better experience you will certainly intend to try Toukiden 2 as it was made with PC in mind from the start. It is additionally the only open-world game in the Toukiden series so far, which makes it the matching of Beast Hunter: World for its particular collection.


Capcom’s various other creature-slaying PC RPG is Dragon’s Dogma. This is a video game that begins with a dragon ripping your heart from your body. Simply snatches it right out of your chest. What a git. Not surprisingly, you are not especially happy regarding the circumstance, and also set out to find that damn dragon to obtain your lacking vital body organ.

That is not as easy as it … in fact, it doesn’t appear simple in any way, does it? You are going to require to obtain a lot of practice in prior to you– a bloodless dimwit, allow’s not forget– are able to go toe-to-claw with a fire-breathing beast of tale. Weak as you are to begin with, it turns out you are the ‘selected one’ and are capable of taking on hydra, griffins, and chimera with a little time as well as experience behind you.

Dragon’s Conviction ticks a lot of boxes if you are seeking an experience comparable to Monster Hunter that you can play on computer: an open world, massive beasts to install and also stab in the face, a myriad of armour and equipment upgrades, as well as a party of armed fools to lead about. Sadly, that celebration does not contain various other online players, however AI-controlled ‘Pawns’ that learn just how to combat from you (poor things). When you have trained them up, various other players can borrow your Pawns for their own games. It is not a replacement for on-line co-op however, hello, also without that Dragon’s Dogma comes close enough.


The tools you use in God Eater 2 are one of its greatest draws. Called God Arcs, they are developed from the cells of the Aragami– the massive monsters you are sent out to beat. This means you can gather products from the bodies of your big opponents to upgrade your arsenal. Actually, God Eater lives up to its name by allowing you in fact devour the monstrous remains you develop. Nom nom.

While all the weapons in God Eater 2 appear to have been made in the very same factory as various other anime games– they are significant, glow yellow, as well as cause a lot of blood to gush– they are as differed as Beast Seeker’s roster of blades, blunts, and also ballistics. There is a lot of area to be experts right here– you can bill right into battle with a scythe dragging at your heels, stand back and take pop shots with a sniper rifle, or relocate very carefully with a brief blade to pierce adversaries in fast flurries. Not just exist are a bunch of tools to pick from that permit various playstyles, they each have different forms you can transform them into– knowing when to release the appropriate form can give you the upper hand in battle.

An additional element of Beast Seeker: World that God Eater 2 nails is supplying you with thousands of missions so you can farm for products as well as products to upgrade your tools. Some will certainly discover it repeated, others will certainly enjoy the chance to view the numbers tick up-wards as they obtain incrementally much better at dishing out gobfuls of ultraviolence.


Look, in spite of some questionable analyses around, Beast Hunter: Globe has bit alike with Dark Hearts III. Yet hear us out.

With dragon slaying, diving strikes, and plenty of blunts and also blades to be experts in, Dark Spirits III is a suitable alternative to Monster Seeker: Globe. The collection is notorious for its difficult boss battles, nevertheless. You can even reduce the tails off some of the mighty reptiles as well as turn them into weapons, similar to in Beast Seeker.

Where Dark Souls III differs, nevertheless, remains in its bigger passion in worldbuilding, ambience, and narration. As opposed to your progression being thought of as a carved-up hide used as a piece of monstrous armour, Dark Souls III metes it out via the camp discharges that you springboard from throughout each of its locations. There is a higher concentrate on discovering how to conquer locations, as well as an underlying rate of interest in tying together convoluted plot threads between personalities, areas, as well as product descriptions.

That claimed, you get the very same sense of success when you go back to an area with an updated blade and piece with enemies with the convenience of munching on an item of prepared meat. You will still wish to hunt for things, farm them in the past big battles, and also obtain materials to update your gear. One beast also has the head of a crocodile and also the agility of a canine– squint, and you could blunder it for Beast Seeker: World’s feared Odogaron.

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