3D Cityplanner

3D Cityplanner Reviews 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features

City planning and development is a complex task that requires expertise and technology to execute efficiently. As cities grow larger and more complex, the need for advanced technology to aid city planners has become more critical.

3D Cityplanner is a city planning software that offers an advanced solution to this problem. In this article, we will review 3D Cityplanner in detail, including its features, pricing, and customer reviews.

What is 3D Cityplanner?

3D Cityplanner is a city planning software that offers a complete solution for urban planners, architects, and developers. The software provides a 3D environment that allows users to create, manage, and visualize their projects efficiently. The software is designed to assist users in all phases of the city planning process, from conceptual design to detailed planning and development.

Features of 3D Cityplanner

The software has many features that make it an efficient and effective tool for city planners. Here are some of its notable features:

Realistic 3D environment: The software offers a realistic 3D city planner that allows users to visualize their projects realistically. This feature enables planners to explore different design options and make informed decisions.

Customizable scenarios: 3D Cityplanner allows users to create multiple scenarios for their projects. Users can create different scenarios for their projects, such as economic, environmental, and social scenarios. This feature helps users to evaluate the impact of their projects on the environment, economy, and society.

Collaboration and data sharing: The software offers collaboration and data sharing features that allow users to work together on projects. The feature enables users to share data and collaborate on design decisions, improving the efficiency of the planning process.

Advanced analysis tools: 3D Cityplanner offers advanced analysis tools that help users evaluate different design options. The software allows users to analyze the environmental impact of their projects, traffic flow, and other critical aspects of urban planning.

Comprehensive project management: The software provides a comprehensive project management system that helps users manage their projects from start to finish. Users can track progress, monitor budgets, and manage resources efficiently.

Pricing of 3D Cityplanner

The pricing of 3D Cityplanner varies depending on the package selected. The software offers three different packages, which are:

  • Basic package: The basic package is designed for small-scale projects and costs $5,000 per year.
  • Professional package: The professional package is suitable for medium-sized projects and costs $10,000 per year.
  • Enterprise package: The enterprise package is designed for large-scale projects and costs $15,000 per year.

Customer Reviews of 3D Cityplanner

Here are some customer reviews of 3D Cityplanner:

John, an urban planner, says, “3D Cityplanner has been an incredibly helpful tool for Painters & Decorators Bath designs. The software’s 3D environment allows us to visualize our projects realistically and make informed decisions. The collaboration features have also improved our efficiency and workflow.”

Sarah, an architect, says, “I have been using 3D Cityplanner for the past year, and it has been an excellent tool for my projects. The software’s advanced analysis tools have helped me evaluate different design options effectively. The customizable scenarios feature has also been incredibly helpful in evaluating the environmental impact of my projects.”

Mike, a developer, says, “3D Cityplanner has been an essential tool for my projects. The software’s comprehensive project management system has allowed me to manage my projects efficiently. The collaboration features have also enabled me to work effectively with my team.”


3D Cityplanner is a powerful and flexible project management software for architects and designers. Its advanced features make it easy to organize, manage, and share projects efficiently. The software’s collaboration features also make it possible to work with team members effectively.