Diploma In Advertising And Marketing

The Benefits Of The Diploma In Advertising And Marketing

Role of Marketing

Marketing is a professional field that entails researching and analyzing the people, the environment, their current as well as potential needs and accordingly curating the appropriate product mix, determining apt pricing strategy, distribution, and retail strategy & media strategy along with handling post purchase customer satisfaction and thereby ensuring profitability.

Marketers market their product & services either to customers through B2C marketing or to businesses through B2B marketing. Major aspects of marketing are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Place 
  • People
  • Process 

Role of Advertising

Being part of marketing, Advertising entails understanding the insights about the target audience, market & the product and accordingly design a communication so as to create convincing message that seek the attention of the right target audience utilizing apt media vehicles, thereby ensuring sales of product or service.

While advertising is responsible for driving response about product or service, marketing is accountable for revenues through sales.

Benefits of diploma in advertising and marketing:

  • Producing Brand Evangelist (loyalty): Marketing and advertising is involved in not only selling of products and services but also in customer satisfaction through understanding the targeted customers, thereby enabling brand evangelism. 
  • Positioning to justify pricing: While marketing involves devising of pricing strategy, advertising is accountable for creating a brand positioning that not only justifies the set pricing, but also fashioning a necessity for that product at that particular price point.  
  • Creating Product differentiations: In a competitive scenario, products do not have much difference. However, advertising & marketing facilitates in conceiving a distinct product image that separates it from the rest of the similar products.
  • Industry ready students: Diploma in advertising and marketing mentor students with programs that are industry focused. The colleges ensure excellent internship opportunities, whereby students not only handle real-world problems but also gain global perspective. Thus, students are better prepared to face the corporate world.
  • Improved Skill Sets: Diploma in advertising and marketing is not fixated on classroom training but aims to inculcate & develop variety of skills like communication, decision-making, planning, strategic, analytical, and organizational skills so that students can face & manage any problems confronted in the workplace. 
  • Develops personality: The course helps in development of student’s personality through enhanced communication skills, reasoning skills, presentation skills, networking, problem solving skills, decision making skills & leadership skills.
  • Networking: Diploma in advertising and marketing facilitates students to comprehend the importance of developing & nurturing connections, building relationships with professionals from diverse verticals, industries, and sectors. These connections will not only support you in your professional life but also will offer guidance when required.
  • Develop leadership skills: Diploma in advertising and marketing inculcates analytical strategic thinking thereby enabling managing of teams, planning & handling projects along with making an informed decision, thus building leadership qualities that will propel students up the career ladder.  
  • Job Opportunities in multiple fields: Varied job opportunities are there on completion of Diploma in advertising and marketing:
  • Digital Marketer: He is responsible for promoting product and services across diverse online marketing platforms utilizing varies techniques like: 
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 
    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns
    • Mobile Marketing 
    • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Marketing Manager: He is accountable for developing integrated marketing strategy so as to accomplish profits by acquiring and retaining customers along with promoting products and services.  
  • Media Buyer: He collaborates with media planners and is responsible for buying cost effective media vehicle ensuring that the brand communication spreads to the maximum target audience at the best possible cost. He is involved in negotiations along with monitoring of advertising space on client’s behalf. 

Register and enjoy a successful career building brands.

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