BJMC course

5 reasons why you should consider pursuing the BJMC course

The rise of social media and digital marketing has increased the demand for journalism and mass communication across the world. The unparalleled scope and career prospects put forth by the digital media industry have prompted students to take up journalism and mass communication courses to explore the field and build a name for themselves.

The BJMC course equips students with the essential skills required to face the challenges of this exciting industry. The enormous impact of communication technology in our lives increases the need for creative and efficient media personnel which is achieved through studying journalism and mass communication.

The growing demand, networking possibilities, career opportunities, etc. make a career in journalism and mass communication worth pursuing. Let’s go through some of the reasons why you should consider doing a BJMC course.

  1. Career opportunities

The media field is vast and presents a wide range of opportunities to eligible candidates. All you need is relevant education to land a job in this field. Additional experience in the form of internships is an added benefit.

You can join advertising agencies, film houses, news channels, newspapers, publishing houses, or even corporates with a BJMC degree. The various popular career opportunities in this field are journalist, reporter, content creator, copywriter, social media manager, public relations officer, proof-reader, and editor, etc. You can also do freelancing work which earns you a high amount of money.

  •  Lucrative salary

Jobs in media and mass communication offer exciting salary packages for freshers to experienced professionals. As the demand and scope of the field are increasing in this digital age, companies are offering lucrative salaries to meet their workforce needs. With years of experience, you can earn competitive salaries similar to any other working professional of your age.

  • Channel of expression

Unlike most other jobs, a career in mass communication acts as a channel for expressing yourself and your thoughts in full capacity. You have a platform to use your creativity, and imagination and bring out exciting and informative content. Journalism is afield offering you the opportunity to voice your opinions on things that matter.

  • Build your networks

Which other field than media when it comes to building your connections and networks? You have the chance to meet many people, both professionally and personally, who add value to your career and life. The field trips and programs you are a part of help you gain insights and learn from your experiences. Building connections is the best way to build your career.

  • Travel and explore

The media industry provides you the opportunity to travel and explore more of the world. As this industry is all about what is happening in the world at the moment, you’ll have to stay alert and present regular updates on various events. You will have the chance to travel, see more places, explore different cultures, and learn new things.

The reasons listed above are enough for anyone to choose the journalism and mass communication degree as it presents interesting and challenging opportunities from around the world.