Purchase the Latest Method Wheels

Planning to Purchase the Latest Method Wheels? Here are Some Suggestions!

Functionality, quality, durability and high performance – these are all traits that explain why Method Wheels have been so successful over the last decade. Very few other companies in this niche have sold as many different models of off-road rims as they have, and yet Method continues to become better by engaging in consistent R&D.

Yes, Fuel Wheels is breathing down their necks! But Fuel also manufactures several different types of wheels while Method has remained true to its origins by churning out superior off-roaders over the years. These 2 competitors are very similar in certain ways. Fuel was officially launched as a breakaway faction by its holding company, MHT Luxury Alloys, in 2009. Method came into being in 2010 and was founded by racing veterans who understood the psyche of clients who preferred to immerse themselves in the cult of off-roading.

Another big name, ESR Wheels, also has a range of very high-grade rims that are designed to conquer any surface. However, when it comes to the crunch, serious racers and off-roading aficionados go for Method’s products. 

Like every year, Method launches several new ranges and models to stay relevant and to ensure that their product range stays fresh. Already, they have lined up a few head-turners for 2023. They still support racing teams of varying sizes including Toyota Gazoo Racing, Cody Bradbury and even Subaru Motorsports.

With all these extra brownie points, it is but natural that you would like to go for the latest and best-rated Method Wheels. However, the company is still heavily reliant on its online sales and does not have too many brick-and-mortar retailers across the United States.

To some, this might be a slight hiccup. Perhaps a visit to California’s AudioCity USA will help you; it is our favorite retail outlet and has been selling aftermarket specialties plus sundry other automotive spares for 33 years now

As bloggers who review wheels and tires, we have received great help and advice from this outlet. We’re sure you too will find what you are looking for!

The top 3 Method Wheels you can consider for 2023

If you have decided to move on from your old Fuel Wheels and jump onto the Method bandwagon, consider the following options.

  1. Method 316 (in gloss black): This is one of their latest launches and is still being rolled out to outlets across the country. Available only in 20 inches for now, the 316 has 3 finishes – gloss black and titanium, and matte black. The all-new 10 spoke design has been introduced once again after it was discontinued for some time.

These can serve you both as standard & off-road rims. Manufactured using A365-T6 aluminum, the 316 range is an excellent choice for your full-size SUVs and ATVs. Besides, this model has one of the highest weight ratings of all rims in this niche – an astounding 2600+ pounds per rim.

It’s an incredible model that exceeds almost everything ESR Wheels has to offer! Additionally, the price point is extremely attractive.

  1. Method 502 Rally: This is hardly a new model but it has received some clever nips and tucks and has been launched anew. This iconic rally wheel set comes in sizes of 17 and 18 inches. Several colors are available, and this is one of the few models that exceed the exacting standards the SAE 2530 demands!

Like some top Fuel Wheels, the Method 502 rims are lightweight and ultra-durable. They are celebrated mostly by owners of Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicle owners as the rims have been designed to fit their Brembo brake sets. 

Full disclosure: we had purchased a 17-inch 502 in bronze in 2019 for our battered Subaru Forester. They are yet to show any signs of distress!

These superlative Method Wheels will not let you down! Try them out today at AudioCity USA’s brand-new showroom or at your favorite retailer.

  1. Method 305 NV: If you are truly and madly passionate about off-roading, you have to try out the 305! Search for the 18-inch models first, admire how the 12-spoke design has been implemented but without taking away anything from inherent simplicity, and how well the beadlock simulation works.

The 305 NV comes in several different colors. Besides, the 2023 upgrade adds another the company calls the ‘Double Black’ finish. Note that these rims are more expensive than the previous 2 models we discussed.

Sounds good! But what’s the deal with AudioCity USA?

Glad you asked! This is one of the most reliable retailers across all 50 States and indeed has loyal clients from all of them. Now that the retailer has moved to a showroom that’s a lot bigger, you will have the added benefit of carefully checking your favorite Method or ESR Wheels at leisure.

Some advantages of buying these rims from AudioCity USA are the following:

  • Aftermarket fitment guarantee. It simply means that their professionals will aid you in selecting the right set of wheels for your vehicle.
  • Faster shipping than most other major dealers.
  • If you decide to buy a package of wheels and tires, you automatically qualify for free wheel balancing and alignment. No questions asked!
  • The lowest prices you will ever find! This is another guarantee that AudioCity USA provides. 
  • Financing options in partnership with Progressive Leasing. You can easily avail of their ‘lease to own’ program!

Remember that the market’s flooded with duplicates of Method Wheels; each year, these dodgy models look more and more similar to the original giants in off-roading but without their qualities.

Avoid those fakes by opting to purchase from AudioCity USA’s website or their premises on Telegraph Road in Santa Fe Springs!