What Doctor Helps With Thinning Hair?

What doctor helps with thinning hair is a typical question about hair thinning and hair loss. The answer is a dermatologist or a trichologist. Consulting a doctor to maintain the health of our hair is just as important as visiting a doctor for any other medical condition which cannot be ignored.

If anyone is suffering from hair loss, dullness, dryness or thinning hair, or any other changes in his hair, there are doctors to provide solutions for such problems. Many people search online for hair specialist doctor in Pakistan and they can find one by following the recommendations mentioned below.

Doctor recommendations for hair problems:

If a patient is suffering from hair loss because of a poor diet or as a result of side effects then he often wonders which doctor to consult for a hair problem.

He can consult a general doctor as he can easily help him because it is also common for general doctors or any other specialties to know about the most common hair loss problems and treatments. They have received basic hair loss treatment training during medical school.

Using hair growth medications is mostly recommended to increase hair regrowth and reduce hair loss.

However, doctors who specialize in treating hair problems are called Dermatologists or Trichologists.

  • Dermatologists are specialized in the treatment of skin, nails, and hair. if a patient prefers to consult with a dermatologist, he should be pretty sure that they are well-trained in all such things and give him pretty good results 
  • A Doctor with a specialty regarding “hair loss” specifically is a Trichologist.  In western countries like the UK Trichologists receive training and requires study for two years, regarding the problem and solution of hair loss 

 Both a Trichologist and a Dermatologist can help to treat hair thinning, dullness and dryness moreover what doctor helps with thinning hair because not all Trichologists are Dermatologists.

 Dermatologists can observe hair texture, and perform regular tests to find out if patient hair damage (frizzes, thinning, and dryness) is because of tension or stress or due to poor diet genetics, or maybe due to a skin or scalp condition.  Some Tests may be performed which include:

  1. Blood test to identify diseases like “Thyroid conditions” may cause hair loss
  2. Blood test to check DHT levels
  3. Blood test to figure out any nutritional deficiency 
  4. Hair Pull Test.

A specialist may perform a scalp biopsy or removal of a few hairs to find out the conditions of the scalp and hair follicles under a microscope to observe the problem and treatment.

Then he would move forward to cure hair loss.

If females are suffering from hair loss the 1st question that comes to their mind is what doctor to see for female hair loss because the sooner, they receive treatment for their hair loss, the better results they get.

Women especially need to maintain thicker hair because of their feminine beauty.

After consulting with the specialist, who will either prescribe a hair loss medication to help with the regrowth of hair or a treatment to help fix any hidden cause of the hair loss.

Consultation for Hair loss

‍During an appointment for hair loss consultation, it’s one’s own choice whether he will prefer a hair doctor or a hair specialist. Doctors will be able to prescribe a suitable medication for their patients to cure hair loss, but they would mostly refer the patient to a specialist.

A specialist can discover hidden causes of hair loss considering the patient’s personal medical history, hair follicle condition, location of hair loss, its extent and timings, or any other hair loss symptoms. A specialist then decides which type of medication or treatment the patient requires.

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