Best Astrological Remedies For Glowing Skin

In the modern-day world, glowing skin reflects an individual’s personality, looks and future. The sad reality of our world is that glowing skin gets rewarded and preferred over darker complexions or dull skin. No matter how hard we try, a person’s looks matter most times. Unfortunately, no matter how talented one is, one often gets judged because of appearance. This is just how the world we live in works. It is the sad reality of the world. 

Because of the modern lifestyle, it is not easy to maintain that glow. According to an astrologer online, there are several reasons behind it. Lack of sleep, irregular eating habits, lack of natural foods, lack of proper exercise and pollution are some factors that affect our health and, ultimately, our skin. 

Our Looks and How Planets Affect Them

There is no doubt that we are all creations of God and the same in front of him. No matter how we look, fair or dark, whether we have glowing or dull skin, we are not different to him. Being beautiful or lacking beauty is not in our control and mistake, but the effect of the planets. Some planets that affect a person’s skin include Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu and Venus. The placement of these planets in an individual’s natal chart determines a person’s skin. 

Every planet determines different skin colors. Venus represents light colors, while Saturn and Rahu represent dark colors. Jupiter shows yellow and golden shades, while Mars shows dark red hues. These planets impact the facial features, textures and skin of an individual. 

If Jupiter is the dominant planet in the natal chart, the skin will be yellow or golden. In the case of Venus, the individual will have a fair complexion, and attractive personality and Moon dominance represent fair glowing skin with a round face. If Mercury is dominant, the person will look younger than their actual age. 

Planets Responsible For Skin Problems

Skin problems are common in women due to the extreme use of cosmetic items. Most women face similar problems, at least in their lives. Planets like Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are responsible for these problems and impact hormonal balance. 

Let us see how these planets play their part while determining the skin of an individual. You can also check the same on any good astrologer app

  • Moon: The placement of the Moon in the malefic house increases stress and makes the skin dry. It also increases the chances of having dry and dull skin. This is a common issue, especially for women. 
  • Jupiter: The placement of Jupiter in the malefic house increases the level of bile in the stomach, gives way to more gas creation and leads to skin allergies. This causes allergic skin, rashes and several skin disorders. 
  • Venus: If Venus is weak, you will have skin disorders. A weak Venus makes the skin moist and dry, and you will always feel overly concerned towards your skin. 
  • Mercury: Mercury is an important planet when it comes to skin problems. If Mercury is present in the 5th house, it is considered inauspicious, and there are higher chances of skin issues. On the other hand, the placement of Mercury in the 2nd house affects the Moon. It symbolizes skin infections, dry scalps and changes in skin tone. 
  • Rahu: According to an astrologer online and health astrology, Rahu symbolizes unusual diseases like skin cancer and diminishing blood platelets. If Rahu is present in the 2nd house, it indicates pimples on the face, unusual marks and a blend of light and dark shades. 

Best Astrological Remedies For Glowing Skin

For Moon:

  • To eliminate the bad effects of the Moon, perform the Navgrhas Puja, Homam or Abhishek. It also helps make one’s personality more attractive. 
  • Drink more water throughout the day, and do not sleep during the day as it increases dryness. 
  • Increase your intake of juicy fruits such as Lemon, Mango and Orange. 
  • To remove the malefic effects of the Moon, wearing a silver ring will help. 
  • Do not take the stress. 

For Venus:

  • As per any good astrologer app, Venus is considered good friends with the planet Sun. Chanting the Surya Mantra every morning will get you glowing skin. OM GHRINI SURYAY NAMAH
  • Decrease intake of spicy foods and vegetables. 
  • Always donate milk or white colored things, including sweets, white cloth and rice. 

For Mercury:

  • The presence of weak Mercury can change the skin color of the leg. To reverse this, apply warm water and turmeric 2-3 times daily. 
  • Donate sugar, honey, jaggery and flour to the needy. 
  • Decrease your sugar intake. Always keep it in check. 
  • Ensure to keep yourself away from constipation. 

Other Remedies:

  • Apply a mixture of rose water and Multani Mitti on your face once a week. 
  • The mixture of lemon and tomato is great for the skin. Apply it every morning before eating anything. 
  • The paste of raw carrots is also considered great for the face. The results are visible within a week. 
  • It is important to wash your face before sleeping properly. 


If you have struggled with skin problems, it is time to try these effective astrological remedies. No amount of cosmetic or skin treatment can help if the problem lies in your natal chart. Getting your natal chart checked by consulting an astrologer online is better.