How To Tell What Motherboard I Have?

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What Motherboard Do I HaveIf you require to inspect what motherboard you have, however you’re unclear of how to do so, in this overview, we have actually listed a few different techniques to aid you figure out what motherboard is in your computer.

Essentially, checking your computer system’s specs is a relatively straightforward process. Discovering what cpu or graphics card you have or just how much memory is in your system can be achieved in a couple of easy clicks.

However, figuring out what motherboard you have is a bit more difficult. Luckily, it is still rather very easy to identify what sort of motherboard is in your computer system and also, in this message, we have actually offered multiple means you can do so– each with step-by-step instructions.

While computer components such as your RAM and also graphics card are easy to determine in your system summary, points are not always as simple when you need to examine your motherboard design.

Depending upon your motherboard as well as operating system, there are a couple of even more steps involved. However thankfully, it’s still simple sufficient for beginners to find out. Below’s how to promptly as well as conveniently respond to the concern: “What motherboard do I have?”

Just how to Learn What Motherboard You Have With Windows Tools

If you have a Windows 10 PC, there are some integrated devices you can use to learn your motherboard version and also various other details.

Here are two of the most hassle-free methods …

Exactly how to Examine Your Motherboard With Command Motivate

You can quickly examine your motherboard version as well as identification number making use of Windows Command Trigger. On Windows 10, kind cmd in the Beginning menu search bar and also pick the most effective Match.

Another technique to open Command Motivate is to use the Run faster way, Windows + R, type cmd into the popup home window, and press Get in.

You will not need to run Command Trigger as a manager. As soon as your command window is open, you can motivate Windows Management Interface Command (WMIC) to inspect the producer, version, name, and also various other attributes of your motherboard.

To do this, merely enter the complying with straight right into Command Prompt:

wmic baseboard obtain item, maker, version, serialnumber.

Keep in mind not to include any kind of spaces in between modifiers like item as well as maker– different them with just a comma.

Examine Your Motherboard Version With Windows System Info.

Windows System Info can additionally offer you with your motherboard details. However, this technique is hit-and-miss. It appears to be compatible with specific motherboards in our examinations however fails to determine others.

If you have a suitable motherboard, this is the simplest method to inspect your motherboard design and brand name on Windows.

First, open Run using Windows + R. When the Run window opens up, type msinfo32 and also press Go into.

This will open up the Windows System Info overview.

Your motherboard information must be defined alongside Wall Producer, BaseBoard Item, and Wall Version. If the fields state that the info is not available, you must use one of the other motherboard examining methods in this write-up.

Motherboard Checker Programs.

If you wish to use a program to check your motherboard info, there are some totally free alternatives you can select from.

Exactly how to Find Out What Motherboard You Have With CPU-Z.

If Command Prompt can not obtain your motherboard info or you would like a much more complete review of its requirements, you can utilize CPU-Z. This free software program will certainly offer you a comprehensive rundown of your computer’s equipment elements.

You can download the program on the CPU-Z website. Once you install and also start the program, it will right away evaluate your elements to identify them.

To discover even more regarding your motherboard, merely choose the Mainboard tab.

Here you will certainly see information such as your motherboard’s producer, design, chipset, and also much more.

Check Your Motherboard With Belarc Expert.

If you want to figure out the serial number of your motherboard, Belarc Consultant is one more useful program.

The software application is free to download from the Belarc Consultant internet site.

An advantage of Belarc is that it does not send your data to any type of web servers. Rather, once the evaluation is full, you will see the recap in a local file with your internet browser. To examine the type of motherboard you have with Belarc Advisor, launch the program.

When you permit it to run, it will certainly go through a collection of scans. You can choose to miss details actions like your network check.

Once the actions are total, Belarc will open the results in a browser tab. The outcomes include details regarding your operating system, hardware elements, connected tools, and login sessions. Nonetheless, to watch your motherboard summary, try to find the directly the right that states Key Circuit Board.

This is where you’ll find your motherboard info, such as its design name, identification number, as well as its bus clock speed.

Exactly How to Physically Check Your Motherboard Type.

If you can’t presently use software to examine your motherboard type, there’s always the choice to inspect it physically. You ought to choose this choice if your computer won’t turn on or the motherboard is not currently installed. It’s not the favored technique if you have a laptop computer given that elements may be placed before the motherboard itself.

The specific area of the model name on your motherboard will differ according to its layout as well as brand name. Even the check we carried out on 2 ASUS motherboards located that the design number lay in somewhat various areas for every.

Your motherboard model is normally located where there suffices room for the large message to be published. This can be listed below your RAM slots, in between your CPU as well as GPU (as holds true with the Asus Prime B350-Plus), or under your GPU (as holds true with the Asus Prime B350M-A).

If you’re not precisely sure what’s where on your board, take a look at our overview on parts of a motherboard and also their functions.

You can inform the model name in addition to various other text because it is usually the largest text on your motherboard.

Another location you can locate your motherboard model information gets on the box it was available in. Certainly, this is just if you still have it lying around. A tag outside of package will certainly consist of the version and also identification number.

Additionally, a sticker label on the back of the motherboard commonly supplies the serial number. However, this is the hardest part to get to if your motherboard is already mounted.

Discover What Motherboard You Carry Linux.

If you make use of Linux, the process of finding out what motherboard you have is equally as easy.

Initially, open your Terminal in Linux using Ctrl + Alt + T. Next, enter the complying with command:.

sudo dmidecode -t 2.

This will bring up a recap of your motherboard, including its brand, version, and identification number. If you are using a digital maker, the product name will certainly determine this.

Nevertheless, if you are running Ubuntu on your actual computer system, you will see your motherboard design as well as serial number info.

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